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Find work life balance speakers & well being keynote speakers. Hire our workplace well being speakers & work life balance experts & specialists for corporate wellness & well being events & gatherings. Book Canadian guest speakers for corporate work life balance. speakers bureau Canada has top work life balance speakers & best well being keynote speakers for workplace well being conventions & symposiums. search our public speakers, Wellbeing experts that deliver presentations, speeches & talks to provide insights & improve skills for work life balance at awareness days/weeks/months events in the workplace.

Dr. Mitchell Abrams

Physician, Social Architect & Educator and Expert on Energy, Work Life Balance, Health & Wellness

Dr. Taslim Alani-Verjee

Passionate Psychologist, Anti-Opression and Mental Health & Wellness Expert

Dr Shahana Alibhai

Professional speaker, family physician and mental health expert.

John Amatt

Adventurer - Leadership, Change and Accountability Expert

Carrie Anton

Gold Medalist - Diversity and Accessibility Expert

Scott Armstrong

Entrepreneur, Productivity and Innovation Expert

Michael Bach

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author, Global Executive - Inclusion And Diversity Expert

Aren Bahia

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist - Connection, Purpose, Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert

Joanna Barclay

Corporate Culture Change Expert and Mindful Conscious Leadership Consultant

Catherine Bell

Best Selling Author, founder and CEO of the Awakened Company

Sajel Bellon

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

Mark Bentz

Paralympian - Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellness

Dr. Jasmin Bergeron

Certified Speaking Professional, Professor, Bilingual, Dynamic and Energizing

Cheryl Bernard

Olympic Speaker, Resilience, Business and Preparation & Excellence Expert

Alexandre Bilodeau

Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

Tim Borys

Professional Speaker, Coach, Author and CEO

Kevin Burns

Safety in the Workplace - Safety Leadership, Injury Prevention & Safety Culture Expert

CJ Calvert

TEDx Speaker. Author of Bouncing Back - Stress, Change, and Burnout Expert

Jason Capson

Coach, Author, Fitness And Nutrition expert

Jeffrey Cartwright

Mental Health, Emotional Wellness & Conscious Leadership Expert

Julie Cass

Metal Wellness Expert, Business and Leadership Strategist, Best-selling Author

Michelle Cederberg

Change Agent - Peak Performance, Workplace Productivity, Energy at Work, Health and Wellness Expert

Raz Chan

Martial Arts Champion, Performance and Productivity, Resiliency and Stress Management Expert

Boris Cherniak

Corporate Comedy Hypnotist - Award-Winning Entertainer

Michael Chiasson

Motivational Speaker - Inspiring Musician, TV Host & Writer

Dr Rafael Chiuzi

Organizational Psychologist, Assistant Professor And Organizational Behaviour expert

Steve Collette

Franchising, Team Building, Entrepreneurship & Philosophical Approach to Business, Wellness and Life

Jon Cornish

Canadian Football Hall of Famer and CFA Charterholder

Sabrina Craig

Director, Doris Anderson Woman of the Year Award Holder

Linda Crawford


Judy Croon

Comedian - Stress Management and Humour Expert

Cindy Crowe

Identity and Purpose Coach, Interconnectedness Expert, Lodgekeeper, Author, and Public Speaker

Carole Anne Devaney

Master of Ceremonies, Seniors, Family and Parenting Expert

Robert Dunlop

Author, Educator, Assessment-Evaluation & Technology Consultant

Dr. Linda Duxbury

Human Resources Specialist - Workplace Culture, Employee Management, Life Balance & Change Expert

Linda Edgecombe

Resilience, Energy, Performance and Leadership Expert

Lisa Elle

Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Strategist & Financial Author

Brett Elmgren

Executive Coach, Leadership Development , HR Strategist And keynote Speaker

Robin Esrock

Renowned Travel Writer, Bestselling Author & TV Host

Guy Felicella

Harm Reduction Advocate, Advisor and Addiction Educator

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