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Thank you for considering Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) to help you find the perfect speaker for your event. We take pride in representing Canada’s most unique and diverse range of talent, and we are committed to collaborating with you to find a speaker who will deliver a memorable and engaging presentation for your audience. We are passionate about our work and the important role we play in assisting organizations to collaborate with speakers that will deliver an impactful and memorable experience for their attendees.

Our goal is to align with your speaker requirements so that we can provide you with speaker recommendations or contact one of our speakers to propose your event to our speaker(s). We can then gather their fees and availability and act on your behalf to manage logistics travel, recordings and any other special requests you may have to align them with your program. Here are some additional insights and advice to help you make the most of our offerings and services:



  • Our services are free to host organizations as we deduct our commissions from the speaker. Speakers charge the same to you directly as they would through the bureau.
  • The speaker will offer us a portion of their fee as we get them opportunities they otherwise would not get, and we manage their bookings and the logistics involved for each event.
  • We collaborate with speakers who are often flexible with their rates.
  • We can often hear back from our speakers within 24 hours.
  • We become are part of your planning and the delivery of the event.
  • We protect you for the event for cancellations on your end or the speakers.
  • We help you find quality speakers within each budget and are the right fit for the event all in one place.
  • We save you time and money by shortening your research and delivering a speaker that will create the memorable experience you hope to create for attendees.
  • We offer tested and proven speakers have insider knowledge regarding industry. trends and about our speaker being successful on the topic and with your audience.


  • As a multi generational family run business, we offer tested and proven strategy from the past and insights and strategy for the current trends shaping society, corporate culture and personal growth.
  • We are flexible in our processes to accommodate each organization and their requirements for contracting, payment and collaborating with the speaker.
  • We are committed to your outcomes and become a part of your experience for each event and collaborating with the speaker.
  • We are a dynamic team of industry experts that are driven to provide speakers that will impact attendees, creating change for individuals, organizations, and Canadian culture.
  • We have one of Canada’ largest network of speakers in Canada, as well as direct connections to agents around the world representing some of the world’s top speakers.
  • We can collaborate with other bureaus and agencies to secure any speaker of interest outside of our roster.
  • We are authentic and continuous learners. We work in a learning environment to gain insights, knowledge and best practices without notoriety or bias affecting our approach to each conversation.


  • We can have one of Canada’s largest networks of speakers, carefully curated for Canadian organizations.
  • Our speakers have a professional approach to each event.
  • Our speakers collaborate with organizing teams directly to research and prepare the content of their presentation.
  • They engage each audience by blending storytelling and humour with their personal experiences and areas of expertise to deliver practical solutions that can be implemented right after the event.
  • We represent unique and diverse talent from across Canada who are accessible to collaborate with you before and after each event.
  • We carefully curated a roster of Canadian speakers to appeal to Canadian audiences, organizations on a variety of topics that address current trends who have stories that resonate with each audience.
  • We only work with speakers who can customize and tailor keynote presentations to create a memorable experience with practical solutions audiences will walk away with and can implement right after the event.
  • We organize our roster to represent speakers at different price points, making our speakers accessible so we can serve Canadian organizations at each event no matter how large or small the audience or budget.
  • We update our roster to serve each Canadian organization based on the wide variety of requests we receive.
  • We continuously seek out new talent and are expanding our network and forming our roster on a daily basis.
  • Our speakers will not market their books or products during their presentation.
  • Our speakers share the same goal as SBC and event organizers, to deliver a memorable and impactful experience for each attendee.


  • We send speakers that are suitable for your audience and event.
  • We consider topics, audience profile, and event themes.
  • We offer speakers at different price points.
  • We can focus on budgets, celebrity appeal, bilingual requirements, or specific subjects.
  • If your budget is limited, we can send speakers that are local to your event.
  • If you are looking for a specific speaker we did not offer, please provide us with the name as we more than likely have direct contact with the speaker or their agent.


  • Each presentation is customized to the audience, event themes and the desired learning outcomes identified for the session.
  • We offer virtual, keynote, workshop, and training formats.
  • Speakers can adjust presentations to different session durations.
  • We showcase major topic ranges on our website.
  • Our speakers are dynamic and often present on topics not enlisted on the website.


  • We recommend shortlisting 2-3 speakers and checking availability.
  • Speakers are booking up quickly, so it’s essential to check availability ASAP.
  • We can revise our offerings to align with your budget, topic themes, and location.
  • We can propose the event to any speaker and negotiate fees on your behalf.
  • We can research options on your behalf on any topic.
  • We can contact speakers of interest or debrief our recommendations on a call with you.


  • SBC is committed to ensuring that our agreement/contract processes are flexible and accommodating to each organization’s needs.
  • We respect confidentiality of any organization collaborating with us and our speakers and have a separate confidentiality agreement if required. We also have a confidentiality clause in our agreement.
  • If we have collaborated with you in the past, we will use the previously negotiated Agreement as a template for this event.
  • We also have a standard agreement that we can use for each organization and event. If you prefer to use your own agreement, please let us know after you have selected your speaker.
  • If you have a complicated vendor or agreement process, we hope to create a long term withstanding agreement for the first time we work with you to work with you efficiently and with ease in the future.
  • For Government Agencies or Departments, we have a specific agreement that we can utilize, or we can follow your process for a Statement of Work, followed up by your Agreement ours.
  • Our goal is to make the agreement/contract process as easy and efficient as possible, so please let us know how we can best serve your organization’s needs.


  • Our invoice will state the term of when payment must be received.
  • We can support your process and your organizations policies regarding processing invoices and payment.
  • We try to pay speakers 7 days after each event.
  • In most cases, we invoice a 30 day pay term 45 days before the event takes place.
  • Speakers Bureau of Canada is PST-exempt in British Columbia, Manitoba & Saskatchewan provinces.
  • All other provinces are subject to applicable taxes for PST/HST/QST. Applicable taxes for in-person
  • events will be set by the province where the event is taking place.
  • If you are GST-exempt, we will require a GST exemption letter from your organization.
  • We prefer to be set up as a vendor in your system as we use Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) as our primary source of Payment.
  • We also accept cheques, email transfers and Credit Cards.
  • Credit Cards have a 2.9% processing surcharge fee on the total amount.


  • We support each client in their speaker research to find qualified speakers on every topic within different price points.
  • Sourcing out speakers for full programs at events.
  • Negotiate fees and provide valuable information.
  • Assist with speaker availability and scheduling.
  • Manage communications and coordination during the begging stages up until the event takes place.
  • Connect you with speaker(s) for a pre-decision call.
  • Contact multiple speakers without them knowing which client is interested in them.
  • Notify speakers they are not selected without the speaker knowing who the client is.
  • Streamlining processes for a smooth experience in collaborating with the speaker and acting as a mediator to support speakers and clients in case of any discrepancies.
  • Advocate for recordings, special request, and discounted book purchases.
  • Protecting all parties in our agreements and adhering to industry standards for all processes.
  • We manage the contract, invoicing, and payment process.
  • Holding funds on behalf of the client until the engagement takes place.
  • Provide approved promotional materials and speakers A/V and introduction to meet your deadlines.
  • Have quick access and support for other speakers in the rare case of a speaker cancellation.
  • Help build speakers profiles and marketing materials.
  • Introduce clients to speakers they would not hear about or access without working through the bureau.
  • Help speakers gain more exposure to new audiences within the industry.
  • Manage our speakers schedules and coordinate with clients and speakers efficiently to work on short notice and leading up to each event.

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