"It’s not about somebody telling you what to do; it’s about somebody who knows the questions to ask, to guide you to the answer, so that you end up owning the outcome". - Doug Lawrence

Doug Lawrence

Mentoring and Engagement Expert

Doug Lawrence is the founder of a Human Resources solution provider focused on effective mentoring. Doug is an International Certified Mentor Practitioner (ICMP) and an International Certified Mentor Facilitator (ICMF). He has over 30 years of mentoring and leadership experience in federal, provincial and private sector environments and is recognized as a thought leader in the mentoring space. Doug authored the book entitled, “The Gift of Mentoring”.

There is a paradigm shift in mentoring. Traditional mentoring was something like “this is what you need to do because this what I’ve done for years.” Today mentoring is a two-way trusted relationship, an exchange between a mentor and a mentee. People want to be mentored, not managed. Doug Lawrence has worked with organizations to establish mentoring programs/mentoring cultures and provides one on one professional mentoring with people at all levels in an organization on an international basis.

Doug Lawrence currently serves on a number of Boards locally and internationally. Doug believe that mentoring is important and brings value to every organization and every individual it touches. He work with mentors who want to make a difference in the world, and help people and organizations be the best that they can be. He believes that the power of mentoring helps people discover how they will solve their issues themselves and their teams.

Doug was instrumental in developing a curriculum to train people on how to become effective mentors. He has also created the International Certification for Mentors in partnership with Acquiros. Doug’s passion is contagious. He is committed to helping organizations and people be successful and has dedicated his life to the mentoring of others.

Doug Lawrence has established a presence in a number of countries, UK, Panama, Brazil, West Africa, Dubai, and various locations in North America in order to share the gift of mentoring . His Accredited Mentor Training Program was recently recognized in the 2017 Leadership Excellence Awards and was ranked in the top 10% in the Top Leadership Partner category at the Awards ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.

Topic Presentations

This topic provides an overview of how mentoring can bring business value to your organization. We explore a number of different aspects such as talent shortages, aging work force, lack of leadership talent to name but a few. This is a high level overview of the business problems and how mentoring can help resolve some of these issues. This is an interactive presentation.

This topic speaks to the growing issue of disengagement in the work force and how it can be dealt with through the “gift of mentoring”. We explore the various stages if disengagement and discuss how mentoring does factor in as a potential solution. We look at how the creation of a mentoring culture can create that positive work place with a focus on a learning and development environment. This is an interactive presentation.

This topic takes a look at Transformational Leadership and Mentoring in a side by side comparison. We explore some of the other leadership styles but focus in on the transformational style more so in this presentation. This is an interactive presentation.

This topic takes a look at the importance of leadership development in an organization and how mentoring can play a huge role in the success of that program. We take a look at the global picture regarding leadership talent and how mentoring can create a culture of leadership development. This is an interactive presentation.

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The Gift of Mentoring

I am honored and humbled to be able to share some of my experiences as an effective mentor with you. Effective mentoring is a life long journey of learning and developing personally and professionally. I hope that you will grow as much as I have with the guidance provided through the "Gift of Mentoring".

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