Patricia Morgan

Resiliency, Happiness and Seniors Expert

With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Patricia Morgan speaks to thousands of people each year.  She works with organizations that want to help strengthen their people’s personal resilience. Audiences describe Patricia’s message as meaningfully fun, surprisingly insightful and delightfully uplifting. Because of her presentations style, she lightens your load and brightens your outlook. Morgan  had careers as an Early Childhood Educator, College Instructor,  Family Counsellor, Career Counsellor and Group Facilitator.  She worked for organizations such as the Calgary Counselling Centre, Parent Support Association, Contemporary Woman Project and an EAP provider. Morgan is an active member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). She also holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Clinical and Humanistic Psychology, and is a Certified Canadian Counsellor (CCC).

Patricia Morgan has authored hundreds of articles and eight books including From Woe to WOW: How Resilient Women Succeed at Work, the Canadian Best Selling mini-book, Frantic Free: 167 Ways to Calm Down and Lighten Up and the critically acclaimed,  Love Her as She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions, which was featured on national radio and television, including a documentary.

Patricia Morgan has developed stories and solutions  as a result of her extensive research and training.  Morgan is honoured to help people cope with their challenges, strengthen their resilience and celebrate their accomplishments. She is passionate to make a difference through helping individuals and organizations through inspirational and educational insights for resilience, communication, happiness, and wellness. Patricia Morgan  is the recipient of the Spirit of CAPS  as a result of her contribution to excellence in the speaking profession. She is the creator and mentor of the Fast Track program for emerging professional speakers. Patricia was also honoured by Global TV and the Calgary YWCA as a Woman of Vision.

Patricia Morgan’s Certifications:

  • Integrative Body Psychotherapist (IBP)
  • Certified Canadian Counsellor
  • EMDR (for trauma)
  • Myers-Briggs Indicator
  • Personality Dimensions
  • Personal Strengths
  • Survivability
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i)
  • Other training and certification includes psychologically focused models from the fields of Marriage and Family Therapy, Parent Education, Hypnosis, Transactional Analysis, Group Psychotherapy, The Virtues Project, and Adult Education.


Topic Presentations

Too often we say, “It’s too hard.” You can increase your bounce-ability and capacity to recover from change, mistakes, setbacks and stress at work and home. The Rubber Band Principle encourages you to Do Your Best (LEARN) Let Go the Rest and will help you easily improve your physical, mental, emotional and social well-being.

Three Easy Ways to Strengthen Resilience:
1. Listen to your body. It does not lie.
2.Edit your thoughts and talk.
3. Take your yourself lightly.

Participants will take away:

  • 30 Second Quickies to better care for their body—increasing health, vitality and productivity

  • WOW Think-Talk edits for increased workplace and life satisfaction

  • A lighter load and brighter outlook increasing their ability to focus on the important matters at work and home

Too often we let petty and daily grumbles pull us down. The story of Bertha Honker will inspire you to increase your smiles, laughter, and joy factor. This session is filled with optimism, appreciation and delightful surprises . . . all to increase your well-being and resiliency.

Participants will:

  • Re-capture what they knew as children; it is important to smile, laugh and play

  • Learn to think optimistically

  • Have ideas to create cheerful surprises

  • Feel a sense of well being and happiness

  • Hear ways to express their authentic appreciation, weirdness and sillines

Women have stepped out of their girdles and done much. Discover how as a Canadian woman you are among such leaders as Nellie McClung and the Famous5. Be inspired to speak up, know your worth and lead your family and community.

Participants will:

  • Hear some starling facts about life for our women pioneers

  • Be encouraged and inspired by models of care, courage and tenacity

  • Given ways to demonstrate determination, assertiveness and leadership

  • Celebrate being Wondrous Western Women

Do you sometimes ask yourself, How did I get this old?  Have you noticed increased losses -- more funerals, and perhaps waning energy, hearing, and memory? Stereotypes of seniors may have persuaded you to believe that seniors are money stingy, stuck in their ways, and longing for the good old days. Even some of the synonyms for senior citizen include old fogey, decrepit, feeble, and senile! Ouch! In the meantime, Baby Boomers, who are flooding the senior arena, look, speak and act differently than their predecessors, the Silent Generation. Most boomers plan to age with resilience, purpose, curiosity, and fun.

It is well known that many aging problems such as poor nutrition, illness and depression are related to lifestyle. And lifestyle is our choice.  We can live authentically without living up to anyone else's expectations. We have the time to GROW in any old way we want. Discover some of the essentials of becoming a spunky senior.

You will:

  • Play with a healthy lifestyle check-up.

  • Challenge some classic, old age stereotypes.

  • Clarify your life-long gifts and purpose.

  • Have some fun with good old days’ memories and

  • Leave with your in-joy list.

In this upbeat and practical ‘how to’ session you will learn to minimize unnecessary stress. Discover how to better manage emotions, thought patterns and physical discomfort while increasing your fun factor.

You will:

  • Assess your distress (Frantic, Frenzied or Simply Fried?)

  • Understand the difference between natural stress and unnecessary stress

  • Learn how to limit and handle unnecessary stress

  • Try out five relaxing 30 Second Quickies

  • Transform distress into a smile

Do you want to instill hope, effort and motivation in others? Appropriate validation improves commitment, connection and satisfaction. Minimize criticism while increasing encouraging, insightful and empowering comments to become a resiliency builder.

You will:

  • Transform negative comments into positive phrasing

  • Understand how to give meaningful and supportive feedback

  • Recognize your and others’ strengths

  • Practice attentive listening

  • Take away a list of 10+ validating statements

Build a resilient work team. It is a myth that seriousness is a healthy standard for the workplace. Learn light-hearted strategies to improve appreciation, understanding and cooperation. 

You will:

  • Practice 2 easy lighteners to improve relationships

  • Increase your ability to laugh at yourself and refocus on work

  • Take away 13 fun surprise ideas to enliven the workplace

  • See the humor in workplace distress—change, deadlines or dealing with grumpy people

Less time. Fewer resources. Little money. In tough times, it is crucial to have the tools to cope, lead and succeed. Discover you have the strength to persist through massive challenges. Be ready to step up, become self-aware and take charge of the change ahead. Walk away with the tools to hang in for the long haul.

You will:

  • Describe what resilience means to you.

  • Build on the resilience of those who have coped with significant adversity.

  • Identify your top 3 strengths.

  • Be given 5 or more  strategies to boost your resilience.

You’re stronger than you think . . . and you’re already strong! Resilience is the ability to stay steady in the face of challenge or bounce back and adapt to problems.  Problems may include disturbing change, difficult demands, loss, crisis, or the poor behaviour of others. In this upbeat and practical how-to session, you will learn key ways to strengthen your stress hardiness.  Walk away with a strategy to better cope and succeed.

You will: 

  • Take and score The Resilience Quiz

  • Discover how to increase your Internal Locus of Control

  • Identify a problem or adversity you face at work and/or home

  • Explore and assess options from 42 Woe to WOW Resilient Strengthening Strategy Cards

  • Create a personal strategy that is the best fit for your situation

Are you in a leadership position at work, in the community, or as a helping professional? If so, you have the opportunity to boost others’ abilities to stay steady in the face of challenge, or bounce back from adversity. Discover the 7 essentials of empowering others through positive role modeling, engaging connection and effective coaching.

You will:

  • Have a framework for understanding the concept of resilience.

  • Become conscious of the influence you have on others by being a resilient role model.

  • Be given the 5 most powerful skills of effective resiliency coaching.

  • Leave with dozens of words and phrases that empower without rescuing.

Productively working together does not come naturally to everyone.  Discover what motivate your behaviour and that of others. Also, discover how to minimize misunderstanding and conflict. Gift yourself with realizing your weaknesses are merely your strengths over done.

This workshop is based on a cluster of validated assessment and relationship awareness tools. It provides a model for understanding the motives and values behind people’s behaviour.

People who recognize their and others' unique motivation, better communicate and handle conflict. They enjoy their work and thrive on giving their best.

You will:

  • Be given a profile of how your strengths can be used for improved performance

  • Become aware of your primary motivation and how it drives your behaviour

  • Discover how to “borrow” strengths to boost your effectiveness

  • Have increased awareness and appreciation for your and others’ strengths.

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Understanding Loneliness: What to Do for Yourself and Others

Most of us feel lonely some of the time and others chronically feel lonely. In 2018 the World Health Organization announced that loneliness was a global mental health issue. Researcher, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, concluded that loneliness doubles the odds for increased mortality, obesity, and physical illness. Then on October 14, 2020, the Angus Reed Institute reported that Canadians indicating they have a good social life has dropped from 55 percent in 2019 to 33 percent! COVID-19 restrictions and constraints add to the problem. The good news is, once we name a problem, it is half solved. Join us to explore how to meaningfully relate to ourselves, our loved ones, and those who would benefit from an uplifting connection. You will: 1. Gain clarity on the difference between isolation, being alone, and feeling lonely. 2. Hear what current research tells us about how to maintain our mental wellness during COVID-19 restrictions. 3. Be inspired to take action to take better care of your capacity to connect. 4. Leave with ways to show others you are available with a caring ear or a helping hand.

Gag Your Nagging: Ways to Communicate More Effectively

Gag Your Nagging: Ways to Communicate More Effectively is a 96 page book created from hundreds of nags collected from dozens of workshops in which participants were helped to improve their communication.

Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions

Love Her As She Is: Lessons from a Daughter Stolen by Addictions has supported and given direction to many people concerned with loved ones susceptible or challenged by addictions or other troubling circumstances. Purchase it to help the person who is hurting and seeking a way to love while maintaining clear limits.

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