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1) Meals & Incidentals

2) Hotel Accommodations: It is recommended that the Host Organization books hotel on behalf of the speaker

  • Standard: $250/night
  • Popular Destinations: $400/night
  • Rural Areas: Highest cost hotel in the area

Hotel Accommodations Requirements:

  • Hotel must be in close proximity to event location
  • King size bed or greater
  • Wi-Fi/data port
  • Speaker must be well rested before the presentation
  • Arrive day before for morning presentations
  • Two Nights Stay Requirement: Speaker’s preference, fully day or evening engagements

3) Variable Travel Expenses: Speaker Flying to Event

4A) Airfare:

  • WestJet: Economy Flex
  • Air Canada: Economy Comfort
  • Porter Airline: Flex

Airfare Booking Policy:

  • Must be commercially insured flight, fully refundable flight (highest level of economy)
  • Lowest available airfare preferred unless higher class specified by the speaker before the booking
  • If the event is coming up within 90 days, Speaker to book flight within 4 days of notification of booking by SBC
  • If the event is taking place outside of 90 days, unless otherwise agreed upon, Speaker to book flight within 7 days of fully signed agreement in place
  • It is speakers’ responsibility to track and book flights using the 90-day rule
  • If there is not a fully signed agreement in pace, and the timeline becomes within 90 days, it is the speakers responsibility to book their flights
  • Unless the speaker is exclusive to SBC, the speaker will do their best to check on flight cost differentiation during the agreement process but will not be responsible for any increased rates for flights or loss of funds
  • Unless the speaker is exclusive to SBC, it is the speaker’s responsibility to inform SBC of any cost differentiations that increase the quoted amount for flights at any time
  • The Host Organization must agree but is responsible to pay for price cost differentiations for flights
  • SBC will not be responsible for any cost differences for travel if the speaker does not book travel under the following conditions or if the quote is adjusted due to a delay in executing the agreement

4B) Speaker Ground Transporation: Depart Home to Airport to Catch Flight

  • Airport Parking Rate: $50/day
  • Taxi/Uber Rate Speaker Location to Airport: $100/event

4C) Airport Transfers & Ground Transportation at Event

  • Taxi/Uber Rate at Event Location: $100/event
  • Car Rental Rate: $150/day (includes car rental, insurance, and fuel)
  • Parking at Event Location: Speaker may request reimbursement for parking on site

5) Variable Travel Expenses: Speaker Driving to Event

  • Mileage Rate: $0.70/km x Round Trip kms
  • Based on: Government of Canada’s Mileage Rates
  • Local Events: There are no milage charges for events within a 25kms distance from the speaker location to the event location
  • Parking at Event Location: Speaker may request reimbursement for parking on site
  • SBC and the speaker handle ground travel on a case-by-case basis, and it will ultimately be up to the speaker
  • The Speaker may prefer to drive 1-3 hours away from their location to the event location
  • Speakers will consider a round trip ground travel trip for event locations that are 3-6 hours away from their location, depending on the Speaker’s schedule
  • If the speaker is driving for 2-3 hours or more in a one-way direction, the speaker may request the host to book a hotel for them for the Engagement
  • We do not advocate, nor do we recommend that a speaker drives for long durations over 4 hours per day, before or after the event, especially in the evenings
  • We do not recommend the speaker drive to the event if the driving time will impact the quality of the presentation or the health and safety of the speaker


Authorization and Responsibility: Time is of the essence

  • The Host Organization will receive a travel expense quote from an SBC agent which will outline a travel buy out total cost
  • This quote is based on information provided by the speaker at the time of the confirmed booking and all costs associated with itemized expenses
  • The quote will detail all anticipated travel expenses, enabling the Host Organization to budget accordingly
  • If the agreement is delayed, flight costs may increase
  • SBC and the speaker may have to requote travel expenses if flight costs increase
  • Speaker is to adhere to our policy for flights booked within or outside the 90 days rule we have set in place

Ensuring Ethical Compliance

  • Both SBC and its speakers have an ethical obligation to provide accurate and fair cost assessments for each travel expense item
  • This means avoiding overestimation and ensuring that all quotes reflect actual, reasonable costs
  • This commitment ensures transparency and fairness in financial dealings
  • The speaker nor SBC should be at a loss when it comes to travel expenses
  • Speaker will not use travel expenses for personal travel use or gain
  • SBC does not take commissions from speakers travel expenses
  • If Host Organization requests, speaker to submit travel receipts and documentation and will be reimbursed within 30 days post-event
  • Travel must be authorized by SBC and Host through agreement or confirmation

SBC Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy

  • Payment Collection from Host Organization
  • SBC is responsible for collecting payments from the Host Organization
  • The travel quote will be issued under a second line on the invoice
  • These payments are intended to reimburse speakers for reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred during approved travel
  • Once the fully signed agreement is in place any and all additional travel expenses that have not been agreed upon within the executed agreement, will be deemed the responsibility of the speaker

Non-Reimbursable Travel Expenses for SBC

  • Airline club memberships
  • Airline upgrades (including seat and class upgrades)
  • Extra luggage charges
  • Business class for domestic flights; First class for all flights
  • Childcare, babysitting, house-sitting, pet-sitting/kennel charges
  • Commuting expenses between home and the airport unless otherwise specified and agreed upon
  • Costs incurred due to failure to cancel travel or hotel reservations in a timely fashion
  • Evening or formal wear expenses
  • Haircuts and personal grooming expenses
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Personal entertainment expenses (including in-flight movies, headsets, health club facilities, hotel pay-per-view movies, in-theatre movies, social activities)
  • Travel accident insurance premiums or purchase of additional travel insurance
  • Boardroom or business room bookings
  • Medical expenses
  • Expenses for individuals not approved to travel or stay with the speaker at the event
  • Passports, vaccinations, and visas when not required as a specific and necessary condition of the travel assignment
  • Local Events within a 50 Km radius of the speaker’s home

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