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It is the policy of the Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) to collect and receive payment from the Host Organization to reimburse Speakers for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during approved Travel for the Speaker. Speakers seeking reimbursement should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses and exercise care to avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety. Refund is allowed only when reimbursement has not been, and will not be, received from other sources. If a circumstance arises that is not explicitly covered in this travel policy, then the most conservative course of action should be taken. All business-related travel paid with SBC funds or the Speaker’s funds must comply with SBC’S expenditure policies.


AIRFARE: (Must be Economy Flex (West Jet) or Economy Comfort (Air Canada) Booking. Calculated at the cost at the time of booking)

  • CAR RENTAL: $150/DAY
  • HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: $200/DAY – Recommended that the Host Organization books and pays for the Hotel on behalf of the Speaker in close proximity to the venue location. 




  • Speakers’ travel must be authorized by SBC and the Host Organization through the means of an Agreement or if the Engagement is booked last minute, through communication and confirmation with SBC.
  • If requested by the Host Organization, within 30 days of completion of an Engagement, the traveller must submit a travel reimbursement form and supporting documentation to obtain reimbursement of expenses.
  • Designated approval authorities are required to review expenditures and withhold reimbursement if there is reason to believe that the expenditures are inappropriate or extravagant.



  • Travellers should review reimbursement guidelines before spending personal funds for business travel to determine if such expenses are reimbursable.
  • SBC reserves the right to deny reimbursement of travel-related expenses for failure to comply with policies and procedures.
  • Travellers who use personal funds to facilitate travel arrangements will not be reimbursed until after the trip occurs and proper documentation is submitted.



  • In cases in which vacation time is added to a business trip, any cost variance in airfare, car rental or lodging must be clearly identified on the Travel Request form.
  • SBC nor the Host Organization will not prepay any personal expenses with the intention of being “repaid” at a later time, nor will any personal expenses be reimbursed.



  • Authorized business travel for Speakers that includes prepayments must be pre-approved.
  • Reimbursement of parking, mileage, gasoline in lieu of mileage and ferry or bus passes do not require requests if they are under $10. Requests for reimbursement of expenses over $10 are to be submitted on a travel reimbursement form if requested by the Host Organization.



  • Before the travel, SBC and the Host Organization may issue prepayments for airfare, ground transportation, reasonable meals, airport parking and incidentals.
  • For most of our Engagements, the Host Organization will be booking and paying for the hotel.
  • You will receive a notification from SBC if you are to include a quote for hotel accommodations or if the Host will be providing on your behalf.
  • Applicable policies and methods of payment for these prepayments follow.


AIRFARE – Reimbursed at the cost of the ticket purchase

  • Airfare is to be booked as a commercially insured flight.
    • Economy Flex with West Jet
    • Economy Comfort with Air Canada.
  • Due to complicated flight paths and flight cancellations, it is an industry-standard for speakers to book commercially insured flights that are refundable or transferable. This is non-negotiable.
  • Unless otherwise specified as your preferences, travellers are expected to obtain the lowest available airfare that reasonably meets business travel needs.
  • If you require a business class flight or higher, please ensure you have contacted SBC to notify them of your preferences to ensure the Host Organization can accommodate any surcharges.
  • Travellers are encouraged to book flights within seven (7) days after receiving an executed agreement and at least 30 days prior to the Engagement to avoid premium airfare pricing.


RENTAL VEHICLES – Rental Vehicles will be reimbursed at a maximum of $125/Day

  • The $125/Day includes the car rental, insurance, and fuel.
  • If the Speaker requires a rental vehicle that exceeds the limit cost specified within our policy, SBC will contact the Host Organization to request approval for the added expense if the Speaker provides an adequate explanation.



  • SBC’s policy is that airport transfers will be reimbursed at $100/Event.
  • If the airport is closer to the location of the Engagement, the Host Organization reserves the right to specify the total cost required for the Speaker to make a Round Trip from the Airport to the Engagement Location.
  • If the Speaker will require Ground Transportation – Round Trip Airport to Hotel & Round-Trip Hotel to Event, the Speaker reserves the right to request a reimbursement that covers the full cost.
  • Speakers are responsible for coordinating their ground transportation based on their preferences for the service provided to get them to and from the Engagement.


RAIL TRANSPORTATION OR BUS – Reimbursed at the cost of the ticket purchase

  • SBC and the Host Organization will prepay rail transportation provided the price does not exceed the cost of the least expensive airfare.


REASONABLE MILEAGE – Calculated Annually, set by the Government of Canada (GOC). The rates are non-negotiable. The GOC standards are calculated annually and are adjusted to be selected based on annual inflation and fuel prices.



  • Calculated as: (Total Round Trip Kms) X (GOC Rate) = Mileage
  • If the Speaker is not travelling by air, reasonable mileage rates apply unless it is a local event.
  • If it is a local event for the Speaker, there are no Mileage Expenses.
  • SBC and our Speakers use the Government of Canada’s mileage rates to estimate round-trip mileage costs.
  • The Speaker may prefer to drive 1-3 hours away from their location or the nearest airport.
  • Speakers will consider a round trip ground travel trip for event locations that are 3-6 hours away from their location, depending on the Speaker’s schedule.
  • If the speaker is driving for 2-3 hours or more in a one-way direction, the speaker may request the host to book a hotel for them for the Engagement.
  • We do not advocate nor do we recommend that a speaker drives for long durations before or after the event, especially in the evening.
  • SBC and our speakers will request hotel accommodations to break up their trip if the location exceeds 3-4 hours from their home destination.
  • We will not advocate for a speaker to be on the road for longer than 4 hours and at a maximum of 6 hours per day, significantly if the driving time will impact the quality of the presentation or the health and safety of the speaker.
  • SBC handles ground travel on a case-by-case basis, and it will ultimately be up to the Speaker.


REASONABLE MEALS & INCIDENTALS (Per Diem) –  Meals are to be reimbursed at a Per Diem Rate of $100/Day

  • Per diem allowances are reimbursable for daily or overnight travel that is 100 kms or more from the traveller’s home or primary worksite.
  • In addition to meals, these rates include incidental expenses such as tolls and tariffs related to ground travel, parking, valet parking, airport parking, snacks, and service tips (e.g., housekeeping or porter tips). Incidental expenses, unless specifically cited in this policy, will not be reimbursed.
  • Per diem reimbursements are based on departure and return times over the entire 24-hour day and are prorated at a rate of $100/Day.
  • If the Host Organization is a Government Department or Agency, the Speaker must follow the rates provided by the Host Organization.
  • If the Host Organization is not a Government Department or Agency, the Host Organization is responsible for the $100/Day rate.


ADEQUATE HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS (LODGING) – It is recommended that the Host Organization book and pay for the Hotel Accommodations. In most cases, the host can usually access corporate discounted rates and will have access to or have personal knowledge of the venue location and the hotels surrounding.

  • Average Hotel Accommodations – must be a minimum of $200/Night excluding tax.
  • Popular destination Hotel Accommodations – must be a minimum of $300/Night – $400/Night.
  • Rural Destinations – must book the most  Hotel in the area
  • All Hotels must include Wi-Fi and or a Data Port.
  • The cost of overnight lodging (room rate and tax only) will be reimbursed to the traveller if the authorized travel is 100 km radius or more from the traveller’s home or primary worksite.
  • SBC and the Host Organization will reimburse lodging expenses at reasonable, single occupancy or standard business room rates.
  • Only single-room rates are authorized for payment or reimbursement unless the second party is representing the agency in an authorized capacity. If the lodging receipt shows more than a single occupancy, the single room rate must be noted.
  • If reimbursement for more than the single room rate is requested, the name of the second person must be included and approved to be reimbursed.
  • When possible, it is recommended that Hotel Accommodations are booked in close proximity to the event location to keep ground transportation costs to a minimum.
  • When booked close to the venue, the speaker can also familiarize themselves with venue location, room setup, technology, and the ongoing programs during the event while being easily accessible to event planning stakeholders.



  • As a general rule, you want your speaker well-rested before the session takes place.
  • It is recommended by the speaker and SBC that speakers arrive the day before the event so that they can familiarize themselves with the location, venue, main organizers, A/V representatives and will be well-rested before their presentation.
  • In general, if the speaker presents in the morning, the speaker will require an overnight stay the evening before.
  • If the speaker presents or is invited to stay until the afternoon or evening, they may require an overnight stay on the day of the presentation.
  • If the Speaker is requested and obliged to stay at the Engagement for the entire day, they will require two nights’ accommodation.


NON-REIMBURSABLE TRAVEL EXPENSES – Additional costs for travel, lodging, meal or other travel expenses for spouses or other family members will not be reimbursed unless the individual has a bona fide purpose for engaging in the travel or attending the Engagement in support of the Speaker. Such travel is generally limited to those who require an escort due to a disability or preference specified before the completion of the Agreement.

The following items that may be associated with business travel will not be reimbursed by SBC or the Host Organization:

  • Airline club memberships.
  • Airline upgrades.
  • Seat Upgrades
  • Extra Luggage
  • Business class for domestic flights or first class for all flights.
  • Childcare, babysitting, house-sitting, or pet-sitting/kennel charges.
  • Commuting between home and the airport.
  • Local Events within a 50 Km radius.
  • Costs incurred by traveller’s failure to cancel travel or hotel reservations in a timely fashion.
  • Evening or formal wear expenses.
  • Haircuts and personal grooming.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning.
  • Passports, vaccinations, and visas when not required as a specific and necessary condition of the travel assignment.
  • Personal entertainment expenses, including in-flight movies, headsets, health club facilities, hotel pay-per-view movies, in-theatre movies, social activities, and related incidental costs.
  • Travel accident insurance premiums or purchase of additional travel insurance.
  • Boardroom or business room bookings.
  • Individuals not approved to travel or stay with you at the Event.
  • Medical Expenses.
  • Other expenses are not directly related to the business travel.

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