“In times of change we need positive and doable solutions to help teams resolve conflict, work better together and be more resilient.” - Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond

Resilience,Teamwork Expert, Communications and Conflict Management Expert

Charmaine Hammond is a dynamic keynote speaker who is internationally renowned for her powerfully positive messages. Her passion is to help business owners and leaders enhance their abilities to resolve conflicts, lead through change and difficult times, transform teams, and build resilient and productive workplaces. Charmaine uses her stories, education and experiences from her previous careers and her consultation practice to emphasize relevant and practical information to each audience.

For more than two decades, Charmaine Hammond has worked with thousands of clients. Charmaine works with many government agencies, health care providers, nonprofit organizations, professional associations, and corporations. As a result, she has presented to thousands of audiences worldwide teaching business owners, leaders and employee teams how to effectively deal with everyday challenges including building a respectful workplace, managing conflict, leading multi-generational teams, leading through change/challenge and conflict, and helping leaders inspire the best performance from their team to improve results.

Working for 10 years in the Correctional System, and another 10 years as a corporate mediator, Charmaine has helped thousands of teams and workplaces heal the corporate culture, and resolve issues and conflicts that are getting in the way of teamwork, productivity and success. Charmaine survived a near death sailboat experience which gave Charmaine a whole new reason to focus on the importance of workplace resilience. With this purpose in mind, she then started her own consultation practice. She has facilitated resolution for some of the most complex workplace conflicts.

Her professional background also includes being a contract negotiation specialist for the provincial government. She also has experience as a community development specialist for municipal government and director of several non-profit organizations.  Charmaine Hammond has won several business awards from her work. She is also the author of the books: Bounce Forward: Building Inspired Resilient Teams, Building a Respectful Workplace, GPS Your Best Life (co-author), and several other books.

As a speaker, consultant, bestselling author and radio host, Charmaine Hammond has shared the stage with global leaders like Lisa Nichols, Janet Attwood, Debbie Travis. She has been featured in books with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Dr. Ken Blanchard. Painfully shy as a child, her nursery school teacher told her mother “don’t worry Mrs. Hammond, when Charmaine has a message to share, she’ll share it with the world.” Now Charmaine Hammond shares her message globally, having spoken to more than 300,000 people around the world.

Hammond brings no-fluff motivation, rich content, high energy humor, stories the audience talks about years later, and a presentation that inspires people to step into action. As a result, Charmaine’s presentations are full of content that attendees can implement immediately following her presentation.

Hammond can present any of her topics in either keynote or workshop form. Her inspirational and motivational keynotes always become a highlight of an event regardless of industry or the audience. She is one of the best in researching your desired learning outcomes so that each presentation is focused and tailored to your audience and the results you expect to grow your organization. For most impact, book Charmaine Hammond to present a keynote and immediately follow it with practical workshop. In addition to the many key takeaways, her workshops are highly interactive and they always deliver promising results.

Charmaine Hammond’s Degrees and Certifications:

  • Masters Degree Conflict Analysis & Management (Royal Roads University)
  • BA Social Development Studies University of Waterloo
  • Diploma Correctional Work
  • Certificate in Conflict Management (AAMS)

Charmaine Hammond’s Awards include:

  • Nominated for Ontario Premiers Award in Community Service (2016)
  • Recipient of the Alumni of the Year Award (2013, Renison College)
  • eWomenNetwork Business Matchmaker of the Year

Topic Presentations

Resilience is more than simply bouncing back after change, challenge crisis and adversity. It is a process of choosing a new course, setting the sails, and being the captain in your life. After surviving a near death sailing accident, Charmaine discovered the secrets to resilience and surviving life and business challenges.

Now, more than ever, the skill and character of resilience is an essential quality for workplaces, teams, professionals and business success. Most managers and workers have to do more with less with the expectation of even better results! The current economic situation creates new challenges, change, and in some cases, uncertainty.  For some it’s immobility.

Resilience is a critical skill for individuals and businesses to Bounce Forward during change. Additional demands and adversity require “Resilience”. Discover why Charmaine refers to this as - Bouncing Forward, Charting Your Course to Resilience.

As a compelling keynote address, Charmaine will weave through five key lessons she took away from the day that almost took her life.  These key lessons can transform an individual’s life, and/or grow businesses or an organization. Bounce Forward: Charting Your Course to Resilience can be delivered in either as a powerful keynote or in the form of a dynamic workshop.

Here are the learning outcomes of the interactive workshop:

  • Gain more specific and practical tips, strategies and tools in becoming resilient

  • Explore the seven essentials to the resilient business and team

  • Engage in several resilience building, stress management and lifestyle management activities

  • Complete a Resilience Action Plan

  • Learn practical strategies to deal with procrastination, workplace fatigue, juggling priorities, managing time and energy

  • Explore strategies to ignite resilience both at work and in their personal lives.

Both Charmaine’s keynote and workshop will truly transform your audience members, compel them to do things differently, challenge them to reach beyond their current grasp and to excel beyond everyone’s expectations.

We live in a fast paced and instant society, where we do more with less, and where teams are often flooded with information on a daily basis. The current economic downturn has created challenges and change, and in some cases, uncertainty. Resilience is a critical skill for individuals and businesses to bounce forward during change, demanding times and following adversity.

Resilience is an essential skill-set for a thriving successful workplace.

In this presentation participants will learn:

  • 5 steps to a resilient life

  • Practical steps to increase resilience on a daily basis

  • How to say no without guilt, to ask for help while maintaining your dignity and credibility

  • How to stay out of the drama at work

  • How to influence resilience in your team

Building healthy and productive teams in workplaces is essential to surviving economic and organizational changes. Healthy and resilient teams will be most prepared for both economic downturns and upturns.

There are many sorts of teams. Project teams are designed for one specific purpose and are usually diverse in their composition. They have a shorter life span.  Most teams experience challenges related to communication, trust, synergy, authenticity, relationships, accountability, process, and results.

Building a team is one thing, “Being” a team is quite another! Let Charmaine show you the difference and show you how to unite and transform your team chemistry.

In her keynote address Teamwork by Design, Charmaine will share the solutions to the three of the eight hurdles that challenge teams the most: trust, conflict/courageous dialogue and accountability.

In a workshop format, Charmaine will help your team:

  • Discover eight hurdles that each team struggles with at some point, and solutions to overcome the hurdles

  • Identify the working style of each team and their members and learn how to work more effectively with each other

  • Learn the five essentials for building teams by design (not default).

Charmaine’s keynote on Teamwork by Design, followed by her workshop on the same subject, will give your team members and your staff the motivation and practical means to have a lasting positive impact of collaborative methods. Charmaine’s presentations will profoundly affect the way your teams function to compete in today’s world.

Is your organization experiencing change or transition? Conflict (and unresolved conflict) often surfaces during periods of workplace change, which can complicate the change and create additional challenges to manage. Leading teams can be challenging at the best of times. Leading the conflict, change and crisis is difficult without the right tools. Leaders spend more than 60% of their time dealing with conflict and employee issues in the workplace. How a leader leads through change and conflict has significant influence on the results.

Participants will learn:

  • 5 musts for leaders when leading a team through change, conflict and challenging times

  • The essential tools, skills and processes that contribute to healthy and responsive conflict resolution

  • How to deal with obstacles and opportunities

  • Strategies to engage employees to be champions for the change and conflict resolution process

Respectful and resilient workplaces have less turnover, healthier team relations, and, produce results. Respectful workplaces are safer workplaces.

In this presentation, participants will learn:

  • 3 essentials to building a respectful workplace

  • How to create a team charter

  • Proven approaches to engage employees to be champions of a safe respectful workplace

  • How to deal with confrontation and bullying behaviors

  • How to create a culture of kindness, resilience and respect.

Despite how stressful it can be, conflict is a natural occurrence in workplaces. Having diverse teams, passionate staff, and a variety of professional backgrounds leads to great results but also sometimes conflict. Managers lose sleep and time over conflict, just as employees do. Yet, when conflict is well managed it can repair relationships, build new solutions to everyday problems, save time and money, create synergy and more. This seminar helps participants turn the most avoided conversations into courageous dialogues.

Participants will learn:

  • How to turn a confrontation into a respectful conversation

  • 3 ways to manage drama that often surfaces with conflict

  • A road map for the courageous dialogue (a conflict resolution model)

  • 5 keys to dealing with difficult people to respond with confidence, congruence and clarity

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Bounce Forward: Building Inspired and Resilient Teams

We live in a fast paced and instant society, where we do more with less, and where teams are often flooded with information on a daily basis. The current economic downturn has created challenges and change, and in some cases, uncertainty. Resilience is a critical skill for individuals and businesses to bounce forward during change, demanding times and following adversity. Resilience is an essential skill-set for a thriving successful workplace.

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