Kevin Gangel

Kevin Gangel

Edmonton, Alberta
Leadership, Transformation and Communication Expert
Kevin Gangel is CEO, Co-Founder of Unstoppable Conversations, which exists to cause leadership for a transformed world working for everyone & nothing left out. Kevin Gangel works with executive teams to have them discover the mental model they’re stuck inside, and then go after big, bold futures they didn’t think were possible.
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Kevin Gangel is CEO and Founding Partner of Unstoppable, a consultation organization, whose noble cause is “to promote leadership for a transformed world”. Unstoppable is a ‘future-driven thinking’ consultancy, and its primary business is delivering Cultural Transformation.

Prior to Unstoppable, Kevin Gangel took a professional services practice from zero to fifteen million over ten years, six bosses, three rebrands, three ownership changes, and two economic downturns.  Gangel offers 15 years of corporate sales and leadership expertise, having managed a multi-million dollar business with a national top-10 professional services firm. He was instrumental in producing annual growth rates of 30-50 percent, resulting in seven ‘doubles’ in 10 years and was a two-time Alberta Venture finalist in both “Business Results and Best Workplace” categories.

Kevin Gangel works with executive teams to have them discover the mental model they’re stuck inside, and then go after big, bold futures they didn’t think were possible. It doesn’t matter the sector — corporations large and small, governments, and non-profits of all sizes — because what it takes to make transformational change is the kind of leaders who are willing to see what they’ve never seen before, say what they’ve never said before, and do what they’ve never done before.

As a social entrepreneur, Kevin Gangel co-delivered Canada’s first social entrepreneur boot camp — after stints as a Chief Environmental Officer (unpaid!), Board Governance instructor, and an impact angel investor. Kevin first flexed his social entrepreneur/intrapreneur muscle by creating the position of national Chief Environmental Officer. Currently, he is an active advisor for an award-winning, green-technology company in addition to his coaching, facilitation, and leadership development engagements.

Gangel also has a broad background in non-profit leadership development, having taught board governance across Alberta for several years as an instructor for the Alberta Board Development Program. Furthermore, as President of an IT professionals’ association, he also initiated and led the transformation of that board from an administrative to a governing model.

Specializing in organizational transformation, Kevin Gangel is a certified Mediator/Negotiator and expert in ontology and phenomenology. This extensive training allows him to win the occasional argument with his school-aged children.



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Kevin Gangel Topic Presentations

context based leadership - there is nothing more you need to know

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Is your approach to leadership like this?  I should learn all the same skills that other great leaders have so that I can think like they think, do what they do, and have the same kinds of results they have.  If you have this approach, and most leaders do, then you’ve fallen into an invisible trap. The trap is that leadership is about knowing and doing.  It’s not. Leadership is about being.  Gandhi never actually said  “be the change you want to see in the world,” but he did say “we but mirror the world . . . If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a (human being) changes (their) own nature, so does the attitude of the world change toward (them.)”.

    The nature of leadership is not in the knowing. The nature of leadership is not in the doing. The nature, the being, of leadership is in the speaking. In this talk, you will discover what’s missing in the being of your leadership and what you can add to your speaking that creates a vivid future for you and those eager to follow.

cultural evolution - the survival barrier

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Organizational cultures, like individuals, go through natural stages of evolution. At a very basic level, all organizational cultures operate inside one of three contexts:  Dependent, Independent, or Interdependent. And, yes, co-dependent also exists when a culture has one foot in Dependence and another in Independence. 80% of all cultures never make it past Independence, and they constantly cycle through the same problems: “have’s” and “have not’s,” resistance to change, lack of innovation, gossip and rumour, inability to resolve conflict, silos, lack of engagement, and increasingly incremental improvement.

    In this talk, you will discover for yourself the difference between the incremental change and improvement available inside Dependent and Independent cultures and the rapid, transformational change available inside a culture of Interdependence. And then you can ask yourself the question, “how good are you willing to have it be in your organization?”

the courage to make the difference - what’s your moon shot?

  • Keynote Presentation
  • When you’re trying to go to the moon for the first time or accomplish anything that’s never been done before, how do you start? Do you build a better airplane and modify it so that it can go into space? Do you build a better rocket ship and figure out how to have it land without crashing and killing everyone on board? Almost every team and every leader approaches it that way, and it’s why most of them are doomed to failure. It’s why 90% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years and it’s why 70% of all change initiatives fail. The answer is neither a better airplane nor a better rocket ship.

    The pathway to the moon is dependent on where you start the journey, and you can’t get there from where you’re starting! In this talk, you’ll discover the universal flaw in how all human beings are designed.

what’s your noble cause? power from purpose

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Have great products. Keep customers happy. Make a lot of money. It may be dressed up with bigger words or more emotion, but that’s basically the Mission/Vision for 80% of all companies. So, what’s distinct about an organization with a Noble Cause? What’s the value of a Core Purpose? More importantly, how do you know when you’ve got one? How do you get one if you don’t?

change management is dead - the age of transformation

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Change Management is full of robust, tested, intelligent tools and methodologies. So with all that skill and knowledge, why do organizations experience a historic 70% failure rate in change initiatives? Because there is a hidden paradigm of Change Management that undercuts all strategies for change. Discover the irrational assumption that “people are rational” during times of change. They’re not. Neither are you, by the way. And discover how to “name” the existing organizational culture that is about to implement your carefully crafted change . . . and eat it for lunch! You will leave this talk with a uniquely powerful tool to discover, and then let go of what’s limiting you and your organization’s effectiveness with change.

resolving conflict in a single conversation

  • Keynote Presentation
  • If you’re going to get a new and different result in a difficult conversation or relationship, you’re going to have to say things you’ve never been able to say before. And to say something you’ve never said before, you’ll have to be able to see things differently than you’ve ever seen them before. To do that, you have to be able to identify and name the context in which the conversation is happening. It’s the difference between the content of the conversation (the words being said, or not said) and the context (what’s in the background).

    Just like a great painting has a foreground (content) and a background (context), your difficult conversations have a foreground and a background. In this talk, you will learn how the human brain is designed to scan for, create, and then survive conflict. You’ll discover a foolproof way to increase understanding, communication, and resolution in the most difficult of situations, and you’ll be able to do it independent of the other person “getting over it,” “waking up,” or improving their listening or communication skills.


Kevin is incredibly connected, incredibly open, and incredibly incredible. His integrity is impeccable and he makes loosely defined projects become tight workable realities.

Sheryl Pearson

Manager, Regulatory Practice/Complaints Director

Kevin’s the person you want sitting in on a key management or client meeting – he’s concise, strategic, understands the business and knows how to ask the tough questions. And he never loses his sense of humour.

Russ Smith

Shaylee Press

Wow! Kevin Gangel is a phenomenal speaker and trainer. His sessions are engaging and transformational. Your business will not be the same!

Teresa de Grosbois

Global Influence Summit

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