Speaker Last Name:

Elaine Allison

Harassment in the Workplace, Customer Service, Customer Loyalty and Sales Expert

Jann Arden

Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Bestselling Author

Dr. Jasmin Bergeron

Certified Speaking Professional, Professor, Bilingual, Dynamic and Energizing

Alexandre Bilodeau

Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership & Peak Performance Expert

Mark Black

Resiliency, Breakthrough & Productivity Expert

Denis Boudreau

Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Anders Boulanger

Engagement and Attention Expert

Valerie Cade

Bully Free at Work, Respect, Leadership, and Communication Expert

Michelle Cederberg

Change Agent - Peak Performance, Workplace Productivity, Energy at Work, Health and Wellness Expert

Randall Craig

Tech Futures - Digital Visionary, Marketing and Technology Expert

Carole Anne Devaney

Master of Ceremonies, Seniors, Family and Parenting Expert

Jean-Francois Dupras

Alpinist, Adventurer and Mental Health Advocate

Gabriel Filippi

Mountaineer - Leadership, Change and Resilience Expert

Steve Foran

Happiness, Leadership, Employee Engagement and Growth Expert

William Gagnon

Changemaker and Innovation Facilitator

Bob Gray

Sales, Customer Service/Relationships, Health & Wellness, Brain, Memory.

David Houle

Bilingual, Addiction and Recovery Expert, Singer and Choreographer

Benoit Huot

Olympic Gold Medalist - Leadership, Adversity, Teamwork and Disability Inclusion Expert

Florence K

Florence Riley is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter from Quebec

Michael Kerr

Workplace Energizer - Leadership, Change, Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Isabelle Laflèche

Speaker, Author, Blogger, Teacher, Torchbearer

Étienne Steven Langlois

K-12 Educational Consultant , Social Emotional Learning and Edutainment Expert

Marie-Michèle Larivée

Trend forecaster, future speaker & entrepreneur

Lionel Laroche

Diversity in the Workplace and Multicultural Workforce Expert

Deri Latimer

Leadership, Change, Resilience, Mental Health & Wellness Expert

Alvin Law

Leadership, Resilience, Change, Attitude & Productivity Expert

Wayne Lee

Best Corporate Hypnotist in Canada & Peak Performance Expert

Katie Mares

Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Expert

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

Business Strategy Expert - Branding, Marketing, & Customer Service Expert

Marc Andre Morel

Adaptation & Collaboration Specialist, Change Manager, Leadership Speaker, And Performance Expert

Sunjay Nath

Leadership, Management, Performance and Productivity Expert

Toni Newman

Business Growth, Innovation and Strategy Expert

Eric Noel

Futurist Expert

Dr. Patrick Owen

Health, Nutrition, and Stress Management Expert

Michelle Ray

Leadership, Management, Change, Workplace Culture and Influence Expert

Danièle Sauvageau

Police Officer and Former Canadian Olympic Hockey Coach

Stephane Simard

Employee Management, Communication and Generational Workplace Expert

Sami Jo Small

Gold Medal-Winning Goalie with the Canadian Women's Olympic Hockey Team


Award Winning Mentalist, Certified Hypnotist and Master of Persuasion Expert

Stephanie Staples

Revitalization & Psychosocial Wellness Expert, for people who are ‘nice for a living’!

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