Angela Adsit

First Nation & Indigenous Expert

Angela Adsit (MBA, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt), CEO of Indigenous Community Development & Prosperity (, is a strong advocate for Indigenous community and economic development.  She is known for her advocacy of Indigenous rights within Indigenous territories and is passionate about working with Indigenous people to assert their rights over their own land, communities, and resources.  Angela is respected by Indigenous communities for her experience, education, and expertise on topics that require an Indigenous perspective.

Born into a mixed-race family (her Father is Indigenous and her mother is non-Indigenous), Angela is has ‘lived in both worlds’ and is committed to helping bridge the gap between both worlds by connecting, communicating, and creating collaboration between both.  She works with Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous organizations to help foster awareness and mutually-beneficial economic growth.

Angela’s professional experience in the health and wellness industry and in business industry supports her desire to promotes health – physical and profit.   She understands and teaches the holistic connection between personal and professional health, and community and economic health.

She is an advisor, educator, and consultant for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to help ‘move forward in a good way’.  She is intimately acquainted with the trauma of the past but believes that we must work together to move past the trauma into triumph, together.  Angela works with Indigenous communities to heal and with non-Indigenous organizations to help their Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees work together in an empathetic and empowering way.

Topic Presentations

Discover and create a holistic and sustainable process to build Indigenous community and economic development based on 'wise practices'.


Is there a difference between Indigenous and non-Indigenous entrepreneurship?  YES!  The added element of 'culture' (the heart of Indigenous entrepreneurship) changes everything.  Learn how to create sustainable and profitable Indigenous businesses.


Change is difficult but unavoidable.  Learn how to look at change in a different way and to 'create healthy attitudes 'n' growth expectations'.

There is a formula, and it works – as demonstrated in every Indigenous community in which it is practiced. Learn the formula, teach the formula, and watch your organization and community flourish.


Using ancient and cultural health practices to help you navigate today’s health crises.

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