Andrew Perrie

Andrew Perrie

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Leadership and Inspiration in Real Estate, Building Your Dream Team, Real Estate Digital Influencer
Andrew Perrie is a luminary in the realm of real estate who stands as a beacon of charisma, leadership, and inspiration. With over five years of unparalleled experience, he has not only established himself as a triumphant real estate team leader but has also ascended to the pinnacle of oratory prowess, captivating and motivating audiences on stages of all sizes. From his early days, Andrew's innate ability to forge connections and genuinely understand clients' needs sowed the seeds of his flourishing career. This passion evolved into the creation of his own real estate team in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Muskoka, where his unwavering dedication to both clients' triumphs and the team's expansion earned him acclaim as a charismatic and results-driven leader. Beyond his undeniable real estate acumen, Andrew Perrie's exceptional gift for simplifying intricate concepts and inspiring through his podcast, "That Fine Life," further solidifies his standing. His influence extends to the digital realm, where he has amassed a substantial and engaged following, emphasizing the importance of personal branding in today's digital landscape. Andrew's journey is marked not only by personal achievements but also by his fervent commitment to mentoring aspiring real estate professionals, making him a true luminary in the industry.
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Andrew Perrie’s journey in the real estate industry is a testament to his charisma, leadership, and ability to inspire large audiences. With over five years of experience, he has not only established himself as a successful real estate team leader but also as a masterful speaker who captivates and motivates people on and off the stage.

From his early days in the industry, Andrew Perrie displayed a natural knack for connecting with people. His magnetic personality and genuine interest in understanding their needs laid the foundation for his thriving real estate career. Over time, Andrew’s passion for the industry grew, driving him to establish his own real estate team in Niagara-on-the-Lake and Muskoka. His dedication to his clients’ success and his team’s growth earned him a reputation as a charismatic and results-driven leader.

One of Andrew Perrie’s most remarkable qualities is his ability to command a room with his words. Whether he’s addressing a small group of clients or a large audience at industry events, his talks are nothing short of captivating. His speeches are characterized by a perfect blend of industry insights, personal anecdotes, and motivating messages that resonate with his listeners. He has a unique talent for simplifying complex real estate concepts, making them accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers and proven by the success of his podcast titled “That Fine Life”.

Andrew’s charisma and expertise caught the attention of Revel Realty, one of Ontario’s fastest-growing independent brokerages. Recognizing his exceptional leadership skills, they appointed him to a directorial role. In this capacity, Andrew Perrie played a pivotal role in shaping the brokerage’s strategic direction, fostering growth, and implementing innovative approaches to real estate transactions. His vision and forward-thinking mindset contributed to Revel Realty’s continued success and expansion.

Beyond the traditional realm of real estate, Andrew’s influence extends to the digital world. He has harnessed the power of social media to become a maven in his own right. With hundreds of thousands of followers and counting, Andrew Perrie has created a dedicated community that hangs on his every word. His online presence is marked by insightful content, engaging visuals, and a genuine connection with his audience. He understands that in today’s digital age, building a personal brand is essential, and he has done so masterfully.

Despite his accomplishments, Andrew Perrie remains grounded and approachable. He values mentorship and actively seeks opportunities to share his knowledge with aspiring real estate professionals. He understands that his success is not just measured by personal achievements, but also by the growth and success of those he leads and guides.

In the dynamic world of real estate, Andrew Perrie shines as a charismatic leader, a captivating speaker, and a social media influencer. His journey from a passionate newcomer to a director at Revel Realty is a testament to his commitment, expertise, and ability to connect with people on multiple levels. With an unwavering dedication to his clients, his team, and his followers, Andrew Perrie continues to redefine the boundaries of success in the real estate industry.





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