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Alvin Law: Start an Attitude Revolution

Alvin Law is a Hall-of-Fame motivational inspirational speaker and attitude expert.  He uses the power of storytelling to challenge and inspire his audiences with real life experiences, adversity and achievements.

Alvin is a living, breathing testament to the power of attitude.  He breaks through the self-imposed blockages we’ve all endured, whether it’s about who we are or what we’re capable of, and inspires us to step back, take a careful look at our lives, and rewrite the stories we tell ourselves about our role in the world.

In the 1960’s, over 13,000 babies were born with deformities as a direct result to the effects of Thalidomide, a drug pregnant women took to relieve themselves of morning sickness.  Alvin Law was one such case, having been born without arms as a result of just a few tiny pills.

Feeling as if their situation was hopeless, Alvin’s family gave him up for adoption, hoping their newborn would find his way into the arms of a loving family more equipped to accommodate his needs.

Hilda and Jack Law ran a foster home where they took in and cared for emotionally abused and neglected children.  Their love encouraged them to fight hopelessness, and helped nurse their way back to normalcy and place them into the arms of couples yearning for adoptions.

On one fateful day in 1960, the Laws met Alvin.

Alvin Law was described as a most disturbing case.  The Laws were warned that he’d never amount to anything and would likely need to be institutionalized.

Not only did Hilda and Jack Law reject that notion, they nursed Alvin back to health, taught Alvin Law how to overcome his disability, and opened up his entire world.

At a time when handicapped children were segregated from the “normal” students and relegated to institutions, Alvin was allowed to attend regular school.  There he discovered his musical ability, joined the school band, and ascended to honors.

Alvin played the trombone, drums and piano, and became an award winning musician.  He continued this tradition after graduating from college, again with honors.

Law has been presenting his incredible life story to groups across around the globe since 1981. He’s worked for non-profit groups in advertising and public relations, the civil service, and has even run for public office.

As one of the top motivational speakers around the world, Alvin Law has since brought his Attitude Revolution to more than 2 million people across 5 continents.

Having earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an honour less than 10% of professional speakers worldwide possess, Alvin Law was also inducted into the Canadian Association of Speakers (CAPS) Hall of Fame.

His keynote speech 5 Steps to Overcome Anything gives listeners a detailed rundown on life lessons through storytelling.

You can book Alvin through the Speakers Bureau of Canada here:

Written by Gordon Breault Executive Director
and Roger Breault, President,
Speakers Bureau of Canada
Dec, 14th, 2016