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Carrie Doll: Engaging Corporate Events

Carrie Doll – Speakers Bureau of Canada

In the business world, corporate events are the bread and butter of social networking, business expansion, and team building. Not only do they provide a wealth of opportunity to the organization at hand, they create a huge impact in the industry. That is, if they’re interesting. Far too often, corporate events fail to excite and engage the audience. Which is a shame. Producing engaging corporate events doesn’t have to cause you sleep and sanity. That’s where Carrie Doll comes in.

As a professional Master of Ceremonies (MC), and seasoned corporate event speaker, Carrie Doll is the perfect choice for corporate communities who are looking to engage their audience and make an impact with their message. She has interviewed countless lawmakers, newsmakers, and industry leaders throughout the city of Alberta and the international map. Her unmatched brilliance and ability to evoke emotion within audiences is what made her one of most recognizable news anchors in Northern Alberta.

Professional Credentials

● Honors Degree in Communications from the University of Calgary
● Diploma of Broadcast News from SAIT
● 13 years at CTV News
● Honorary Chair at the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards
● Board Member of Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree Foundation
● Chair Holder of Edmonton’s Stollery Women’s Network
● Co-Founder of the Luxus Group
● Edmonton’s Woman of the Year in 2002

If you’re looking for a the best female Emcee speakers to create meaningful conversation at your event, Carrie Doll is an amazing choice. In addition, her well recognized smile, her experience with in panel moderation and public speaking coaching shines through with every presentation.
As a woman of many talents and services to offer, Carrie Doll categorizes her work under 3 categories:

1. Hosting
2. Speaking
3. Consulting

With 20 years behind the newsdesk, Doll has an unparalleled ability stay poised under pressure and adapt to changing situations on the fly. Her illustrious record of adaptation has allowed her to provide a wide range of services to her clients. With everything from panel management to event hosting under her belt, Carrie can provide a unique flavor to every presentation.

To learn more about Carrie Doll or to start the process of booking her as your speaker, visit her profile on our website:

By Gordon Breault,
Executive Director, Speakers Bureau of Canada
Feb 7th, 2017