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Allan Kehler: Empowering People to Live

Allan Kehler is a prolific keynote speaker and author who aims to empower his audiences to live as opposed to merely exist.  Among one of the more engaging and captivating Canadian keynote and workshop speakers, Allan’s style has allowed him to conduct hundreds of presentations while gaining recognition nationwide.

Having spent most of his life struggling with mental health and addiction, Allan has walked the walk and can now talk the talk.

During his formative years, Allan was seen as the man who was a national scholarship winner, athlete of the year, and the president of his school.  But, truth be told, Kehler was suffering from multiple addictions and mental health issues.  A university professor realized that Allan was suffering in silence, and redirected the course of his life through a simple process.

Allan Kehler shares this approach in his message as one of Canada’s leading speakers for schools, reassuring his audience that they don’t need to be fixed, just seen and heard.  His speeches have been described as personal, insightful, educational, and informative.  His passionate delivery captures the attention of his audience and brings them to a place of compassion through education and empathy.

His passion for the First Nations’ culture led him to the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies where he instructs a Mental Health and Wellness program.  At Saskatchewan, he educates his students with the knowledge and tools to manage their mental health through self-care methods.

Allan Kehler’s book, Stepping Out from the Shadows: A Guide to Understanding and Healing from Addictions has been included into college curricula and is recognized as a powerful resource for anyone who is looking for assistance with understanding addiction.

Well researched, written, and organized, Stepping Out from the Shadows: A Guide to Understanding and Healing From Addictions offers hope for addicts and their loved ones. It does this through naming the reasons why one might seek comfort through substance abuse or compulsive behaviour, and how they can combat these reasons.

Allen has tailored his speaking style to fit the demographic of his present audience.

His keynote speech Managing Stress, Mental Illness, and Addiction in the Workplace is customized specifically for overcoming personal challenges and stress in a workplace environment. Allen explores the relationship between stress and performance, and digs down to what triggers addictive behaviours and stress level, whether it’s a conflict with someone you work with, or the nature of your work itself.

In Managing Addictions and Mental Illness in the Classroom, Allen verbally equips his listeners with the tools to recognize and remedy some of the mental health issues students face in the classroom. Through personal experience, Allan Kehler provides a first person view on what can lead someone to indulge in destructive behaviours.

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By Roger Breault, President
& Gordon Breault, Executive Director
Speakers Bureau of Canada
Jan 16th, 2017