Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond

Burlington, Ontario
Conflict Management | Communication | Collaboration & Resilience Expert
Charmaine Hammond, CSP, MA, is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker. She was a correctional officer and former mediator with extensive experience in conflict management of more than 25 years. Charmaine Hammond teaches people how to deal with confrontation at work, navigate and resolve conflict, and how to build teams that work better together.
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Charmaine Hammond, CSP, MA, is a highly sought-after business keynote and workshop speaker, entrepreneur, author, and educator who teaches and advocates the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and collaboration in the workplace. She has helped clients in many industries build resilient and engaged workplaces, develop high trust/high accountability relationships, and solve workplace issues that get in the way of success and profitability. She is respected as a “no fluff” and “rich content” speaker who delivers tangible tools to step into action immediately. Delivering her programs in person and virtually, she brings results and facilitates change. Her topics include resilience and positive mental health in the workplace, conflict resolution, collaboration, and navigating change.

Before committing herself to the speaking industry, she used to be a correctional officer. It was in her experience in dealing with difficult inmates, colleagues, and challenging situations that Charmaine Hammond became passionate about developing strategies to help herself and others grow. She later worked in the mental health field as a counsellor, program manager, and crisis responder. She went back to school to obtain a Master’s in Conflict Analysis and Management and a B.A. in Social Development. She went on to obtain her Chartered Mediator and Conflict Management certificate from the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Charmaine Hammond is now one of Canada’s leading authorities on conflict management, resilience, workplace wellness and mental health, and effective communication. She understands the challenges that individuals and organizations face in today’s fast-paced and fast-changing working environments. Her humourous and inspirational presentations are packed with powerful and strategical insights on how to improve team synergy, leadership development and create a positive workplace culture.

Charmaine Hammond’s presentations deliver a heartfelt approach with rich content, high-energy humour, and expert storytelling that the audiences remember and talk about for years after the presentation. Her sessions inspire individuals to step into action and implement her strategies immediately following her presentation. She has a highly interactive speaking style that focuses on releasing the audience from former misconceptions and assisting them to identify problematic behaviours and habits within themselves and their team so that they can grow and fulfill their full potential.

Charmaine Hammond is respected for her ability to engage people, get results, and transform workplaces through her proven methods and systems. She offers practical insights to help helps others in dealing with workplace and personal challenges on creating safe, respectful, effective, and productive working environments. She has won several business awards and is the bestselling author of five books including: Bounce Forward: Building Inspired Resilient Teams, Building a Respectful Workplace, GPS Your Best Life (co-author), and her latest (launching fall 2019) Working Better Together.

A company owned by Charmaine Hammond proudly announced that effective December 2, 2020, the company is now WBE Canada Certified. The company has successfully met the eligibility criteria for certification as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) as required by corporate and government supplier diversity programs. “We look forward to the many opportunities to connect with procurement professionals, corporations, and government organizations to provide our products and services in support of supplier diversity programs” says Hammond.

Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization that is opening doors for Canadian women-owned businesses to supply chains across North America. Founded by corporations to provide certification services for their supplier diversity programs, WBE Canada also provides supplier development training and resources, networking and matchmaker opportunities, and supplier diversity program support.

Charmaine Hammond is a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP) – Less than 12 percent of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide, who belong to the 14 member associations of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), currently hold this professional designation. She is also a Certified Virtual Speaker.

Charmaine is the Executive Producer of an award-winning animated film, Back Home Again, which features a star-studded cast including Michael J. Fox, Jeremy Renner, Catherine O’Hara, Tantoo Cardinal, Eugene Levy, Kim Basinger, Martin Short, Lorne Cardinal to name a few. The 30 minute film was created to be a conversation about mental health, and received a video testimonial from the Prime Minister of Canada.





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Building Connection at Work With Charmaine Hammond

Charmaine Hammond Topic Presentations

high pressure communication

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Communicating in high-pressure or uncertain situations requires more than confidence and strong communication skills. Critical thinking, observation skills, emotional regulation, preparedness and using presence in a respectful way are essential to not making a tough situation worse. Charmaine Hammond has years of experience with high pressure communications as a former correctional officer, mediator, and crisis intervention worker. Now as a speaker and facilitator, she utilizes those experiences to help people navigate high pressure communication.

    This presentation will help attendees

    • Recognize the signs of high volatile environments, high stress situations and
    • Handle tough questions, accusations and blame with ease, grace and dignity
    • Speak and communicate in stressful environments and situations. :
    • Understand different working and communication styles and to communicate with them more effectively
    • Utilize techniques for maintaining your composure when you feel like losing your cool
    • Think on their feet in meetings, negotiations, interviews and impromptu presentations … no more regretting what you wish you had said instead
    • Learn how different meeting spaces, furniture placement and lighting can escalate situations quickly or create respectful meeting environments.

building community resilience after crisis (recovery through resilience)

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Responding to and recovering from community crisis and disasters together is essential to getting through these crisis situations. The pandemic COVID-19 pandemic has really revealed how vulnerable some individuals, workplaces and communities are when disaster and crisis strikes.  So what does it take to help a community and residents recover, reset and rebuild resilience?

    In this workshop, attendees will learn:

    • 7 key elements of community resilience including connection, communication, leadership, collaborative efforts, resource allocation
    • How to help organizations collaborate effectively
    • Strategies to cascading messaging and communication
    • How to build resilience at the individual, organizational and community level

    Charmaine has worked with several communities on a variety of projects in support of the community and organizations’ recovery and rebuilding and restoring resilience. Charmaine is also executive producer of an award winning animated film, Back Home Again, which is based on the Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo (Canada) wildfires and was created to be a conversation starter about connection, hope and mental health.

resolving workplace conflict

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Despite how stressful it can be, conflict is a natural occurrence in workplaces. Having diverse teams, passionate staff, and a variety of professional backgrounds leads to great results but also sometimes conflict. Managers lose sleep and time over conflict, just as employees do. Yet, when conflict is well managed it can repair relationships, build new solutions to everyday problems, save time and money, create synergy, and more. This seminar helps participants turn the most avoided conversations into courageous dialogues.

wellness at work - building resilient and positive mental health in the workplace

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Resilience is more than simply bouncing back after change, challenge, crisis, or adversity. Now, more than ever, the skill and character of resilience and positive mental health in the workplace is an essential quality for business and personal success. Increasing workplace challenges such as disputes, harassment complaints, safety issues, remote teams, absenteeism, multigenerational teams, and rapid change require resilience and mental wellness to cope and maintain productivity and working relationships. This session provides practical strategies and practices that can be implemented immediately to produce positive results.

communicating for success - keeping your cool in difficult conversations

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Despite how stressful it can be, conflict and miscommunication is a natural occurrence in workplaces. Having diverse teams, passionate staff, and a variety of professional backgrounds leads to great results but also sometimes conflict. Managers lose sleep and time over conflict, just as employees do. Yet, when miscommunication and conflict is well managed it can repair relationships, build new solutions to everyday problems, save time and money, create synergy and more. This seminar helps participants turn the most avoided conversations into courageous dialogues while keeping your cool.

teamwork by design - not by default

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Great teams don’t just happen… they are built by design, not default. When team members know and understand their working style, and the styles of others, they can more effectively and comfortably adapt their approach to communication, issue resolution and work together to build a team that stands the test of time. This presentation helps improve team performance, workplace relationships, and productivity.

leading through conflict

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Is your organization experiencing change or transition? Conflict (and unresolved conflict) often surfaces during periods of workplace change, which can complicate the change and create additional challenges to manage. Leading teams can be challenging at the best of times. Leading the conflict, change, and crisis is difficult without the right tools. Leaders spend more than 60% of their time dealing with conflict and employee issues in the workplace. How a leader leads through change and conflict has a significant influence on the results.

respect in the workplace… it’s everyone’s business

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Respectful workplaces are safer workplaces. Respectful and resilient workplaces have less turnover, healthier team relations, and produce results. This presentation will help build a respectful workplace by dealing with confrontation and bullying behaviours and will ultimately create a culture of kindness, resilience, and respect.

recognition and leadership

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Engagement and how employees that are engaged not only enhance the workplace culture but also add incredible value to the organization. Organizations that look at recognition from the perspective of engagement, purpose-driven work, organizational culture, and meaningful recognition are more likely to have less conflict, stronger collaboration, appreciation for one another and the role team members play in the overall organization and commitment to corporate values and objectives. Recognition is not about anniversary pins – it is about creating a culture where purpose and engagement thrive, individual talents and skills are tapped into and recognized, and where leadership creates the environment for people to grow with the company instead of their competitors. It is about creating the conditions (and supporting leaders in leading these conditions) that foster creativity, motivation, and resilience.

    Charmaine Hammond has worked with organizations from many sectors to build leaders at many levels, facilitate teams in working better together, and creating a working environment where appreciation and recognition are woven through the culture.  Charmaine was also contracted by the Government of Alberta to create, launch and implement the Minister’s Awards of Merit. She has also worked with municipalities and non-profit organizations on similar projects.


I had the privilege of working with Charmaine on a number of projects, including participating in her training on Navigating Workplace Conflict. Charmaine is an exceptional, dynamic and engaging facilitator who not only brought storytelling into her training but brought fun and laughter! She has a strong ability to foster an inclusive and interactive learning environment which led to the opportunity for our team members to ask great questions and further the learning.

Katherine A Mior, CHRL

HR & DEI at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

Charmaine has provided timely and effective conflict management training to managers at various levels in our organization. These are essential skills for modern leaders. I highly recommend her services.

Toni Hamori

Southern Alberta RCMP

Charmaine Hammond delivered a virtual professional development session for women in our company called ‘Communicating For Success’. The session was very informative and we had lots of positive feedback from attendees in different roles in our organization. This was the kind of session it seemed many of us needed, even if we didn’t know we needed it! There were lots of good takeaways and over the past 2 months I continue to hear positive testimonials on how helpful this session was for some of our employees. I would highly recommend Charmaine as a speaker to other organizations.  

Shelley Carter-Schofield

Senior Manager, Rotating Equipment

I am grateful to have hired Charmaine Hammond to facilitate learning discussions with our front-line employees. It was easy to forget we were on-line as Charmaine was engaging and lively. She used the chat and break-out rooms with ease. The participants found value in the conversation about working better together as close colleagues as well as cross divisional colleagues. And, her presentation includes a booster session after a few months time, so it is not a one-and-done event!

Michele Deis PHEc

College Learning Consultant
NorQuest College

I recently had the pleasure of working with Charmaine Hammond during our 2021 Virtual Conference. Charmaine impressed me with her professionalism, collaboration on content, and the ease she introduces to the delivery of her messaging. I am looking forward to working with Charmaine in the future!

Deborah Hunt

 National Payroll Institute

I hired Charmaine Hammond to speak at our flagship event and was consistently blown away at her inventiveness, her creativity, and her incredible commitment to delivering content that changed our attendee’s lives. Her presentation style is immaculate and her ideas are on point. She went above and beyond, repeatedly, to ensure that our attendees were given everything possible to succeed. We hold our speakers for the Grow Retreat to incredibly high standards in terms of who they are personally, the content they bring to the table, and the commitment they bring to supporting our attendee’s growth. Charmaine was everything we hoped for and more. Hire her for your event or...

Stephanie Scheller

The Impact Authority, Founder
Grow Disrupt

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