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How Hiring a Speaker Early Saves You Money & Time

How Hiring a Speakers Early Saves You Money & Time

The earlier you contact your speaker the better.  Everyone needs time to plan, so hiring a speaker early saves you time and money. Like most industries, you’re paying top dollar for last minute presentations.  Booking times directly affect the price the you pay.  The more time you give your speaker to prepare their presentations and workshops for your events, the more willing a speaker will negotiate their speaker fee.  Rush jobs are not only expensive, they can lose their impact if the rush job is no good.

Giving your speaker ample time and information about your event will help them get into the zone for your audience.  By giving them information about the event, it’s purpose, and the ideas that you want your audience to take away from your event, you let your speaker into the mindset of the event.  Understanding the event let’s your speaker modify their presentations and workshops to fit the needs of your event and generate impact by leaving a positive impression.

The time put into the presentation of each event allows you, your audience, and the speaker to tap into the success that inspired the event.  The earlier you start planning the better.  Here are a few more ways early planning can help you maximize your return on investment for the event:

  • Use social media to engage with your audience and promote your speaker
  • Take the time to raise funds for your event with sponsors instead of ticket sales.
  • Get your CEO involved for public awareness and team building

In Conclusion
At the end of the day, the best weapon in your arsenal is a planner.

The sooner you hire the speaker, the more you’re able to leverage their voice and spread your message. More importantly, your speaker has the time to personalize with the material and make an all-star speech at your event.  The result?  You get more from your investment and so does your audience.

To learn more about when to hire a speaker (and saving money, too) visit Speakers Bureau of Canada’s Event Planning Tools section of their website. There are many practical solutions for event coordinating.

By Roger Breault,
President, Speakers Bureau of Canada,
Dec 1st, 2016