Sinclair MacRae

Sinclair MacRae

Calgary, Alberta
Trust, Values and Ethics Speaker
Sinclair MacRae is an experienced public speaker and Associate Professor of Professional and Business Ethics, with more than 25 years of teaching experience. Sinclair MacRae's delivery style is casual, accessible and humorous, and helps improve business profitability and organizational performance by enhancing employee engagement, workplace culture, and ethics.
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Sinclair MacRae, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Professional and Business Ethics at Mount Royal University in Calgary. He is a passionate and award-winning speaker, teacher, researcher, author, and consultant. Dr. MacRae delivers two terrific and dynamic presentations: Ethics for Professionals and Building Trust Relationships to Succeed. These presentations either can be keynote and seminar addresses or in highly interactive workshop formats, lasting between one and a half hours to one-half day.

Sinclair MacRae can help you improve business profitability and organizational performance by enhancing employee engagement, workplace culture, and ethics. His focus is on the practical and actionable. His delivery style is casual, accessible, and humorous. Dr. Sinclair’s presentations are content-driven, drawing on his extensive experience and expertise. He is currently researching and writing a book on competition, trust, and ethics. His first book was An Introduction to Ethics: Theories, Perspectives, and Issues.

Sinclair MacRae is the author of the Mount Royal Faculty Association’s Code of Ethics and a past Chair of its Ethics Committee and the Mount Royal University Research Ethics Board. He has been a member of several professional and community-based associations including the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada, the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network, the Integrity Network of Calgary and the Alberta Press Council.

Sinclair’s presentations are an excellent fit for a wide range of professional associations and groups. Dr. Sinclair MacRae shapes his presentations to meet specific needs and requirements to deliver a compelling professional development seminar or workshop.

Sinclair MacRae has spoken at numerous conferences and society meetings across North America and he has twenty-five years of experience teaching at universities and colleges in Canada. He mainly educates students in courses and programs in ethics, applied ethics, the good life, professional ethics and business ethics.

Dr. Sinclair MacRae has previously taught at Dalhousie University, the University of Toronto, George Brown College, the University of Manitoba, Saint Mary’s College, the University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University. He is an acclaimed expert on matters relating to business and professional ethics. Many media outlets including CBC news, the Canmore Leader, Global TV, The Calgary Herald, CHQR 770 AM and CTV News have interviewed Sinc on a broad range of issues and topics within his areas of expertise.



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Sinclair MacRae Topic Presentations

professional development/continuing education – ethics for accountants

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In this four-hour workshop, you will strengthen your ethical self-confidence, awareness, and autonomy by better understanding the underlying values of the Chartered Professional Accountants’ Code of Professional Conduct, to which all CPAs must adhere.

    Accounting is marked by a commitment to five core values: professional behaviour, integrity and due care, objectivity, professional competence, and confidentiality.  In this engaging and interactive workshop, Sinclair MacRae will examine these values and consider how living up to them enables us to fulfil our duties to our clients in the context of our fiduciary relations while maintaining our vital function as independent professionals.

    We will also examine and justify a useful framework for thinking about accounting ethics and a clear, repeatable process for making ethical decisions.

    Note: This workshop satisfies the CPA’s CPE triennial four-hour ethics requirement.

professional development/continuing education – ethics for insurance professionals

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Sound ethics is the foundation of professionalism in the financial services industry and a key component of success. In this fun and interactive workshop, Sinclair MacRae will examine several concepts in insurance ethics and gain a deeper understanding of the nature and value of insurance, including the vital role it plays in enabling us to share risks, undertake essential initiatives, and deliver basic services.

    Suitable for agents, brokers, adjusters, and underwriters, the two principal aims of this workshop are to develop a useful framework for thinking through a range of ethical questions and dilemmas across the insurance industry and to generate a clear and repeatable process for making ethical decisions.

    Participants will broaden and deepen their understanding of ethics, what it requires of them in their professional life, and why it matters for their success, thereby improving their ability to raise ethical issues and consciousness in their workplaces and professional relationships.

    Note: This four-hour workshop counts toward CE requirements. Since also delivers abbreviated one-hour and two-hour versions of this presentation.

ethics for professionals

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Sound ethics is the foundation of professionalism and a key component of personal and work-related success. In this entertaining keynote or his fun and interactive workshop, Sinclair MacRae will demonstrate the relevance of ethics to your audience. He will help your group explore the nature and value of applied and professional ethics as these relate to their everyday practices.

    Starting with your professional Code of Ethics, take this opportunity to challenge and sharpen your ethical problem-solving skills in a practical, fun, straightforward, and focused manner. Gain greater insight into the principles underlying your profession and the reason it deserves public trust.

    Sinclair MacRae presentations are an excellent fit for a wide range of professional associations and general business audiences. If you need a speaker for your conference, convention, or someone to design and deliver a compelling professional development seminar or workshop, Sinclair will shape and customize his presentation to meet your specific needs, interests, and issues.

promoting constructive dialogue, principled dissent, and openness in an age of cancel culture

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Both the spectres of cancel culture and the backlash against it loom over all of our workplaces. They are the newest additions to all of the traditional barriers to fostering employee engagement, buy-in, and accountability.

    These social forces threaten to import the political divisiveness wracking wider society into the heart of our organizational cultures. In the face of these threats avoidance is not a rational strategy. The question is: how can organizations balance worthy equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives with the vital need to promote honesty, courage, principled dissent, openness, and pride in one’s employer?

    In this Sinclair MacRae presentation, we will address these sensitive and fear-inducing issues directly. We will examine their natures, causes, and consequences, and explore some useful remedies.

    To this end, we will engage in the sort of mature and constructive dialogue sorely lacking in our political culture but absolutely requisite for maintaining a healthy and productive workplace milieu, one in which employees embrace and take pride in their organization’s foundational values. 

building trust relationships to succeed - the business case for trust

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In his lively, inspiring, and informative keynote presentation or workshop, Sinclair MacRae explains the essential role that trust plays in business success. Learn why healthy, moral trust is necessary among all the stakeholders in a flourishing organization.

    A culture of trust is crucial for meeting the challenges you and your organization face. Discover how the latest research supports the view that “a healthy trust is a critical element that drives employees’ taking on responsibility for their organization’s success”. The marvel of successful organizations is that they foster a healthy trust that enables them to maximize the untapped potential of their workforce.

    Sinclair will challenge your group to recognize and promote the fundamental constellation of values that distinguish successful employees and organizations; values that include trust, honesty, integrity, authenticity, competence, mutual respect, excellence, accountability, collegiality and cooperation, open communication, emotional intelligence, and sound ethics.

    Learn about the value and basis of trust and the elements of human nature that impact trust. How do you distinguish “trust” from “healthy, moral trust”? In this practical presentation, Sinc presents useful tools for assessing, engendering and increasing a healthy trust in yourself, your teams, and your organization.

    The capacity to build and enjoy healthy and productive trusting relationships with others is not something we are born with; fortunately, it is something we can consciously develop. Take this opportunity to challenge and develop your healthy trust-building skills in a practical and straightforward manner.

    Who Should Attend?

    This presentation is useful for anyone who needs to trust others in their work but it is especially valuable for team leaders, managers, supervisors and senior executives.

rational persons, rational organizations

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The professor emeritus of applied psychology Keith Stanovich distinguishes between standard measures of intelligence and rationality. Whereas most people identify intelligence with rationality, research shows that there is only a small-to-medium correlation across a range of rational thinking skills and intelligence test performance.

    This is because intelligence tests do not measure the various dimensions of rationality. Thus, Stanovich defines “dyrationalia” as “the state of being irrational despite having adequate intelligence.” Dysrationalia plagues people and organizations, just like it plagues our society, but the good news is that the remedies for it are within our grasp. We can learn to live more rational lives and maximize our prospects of being authentically happy.

    In this presentation, you will learn the first crucial steps for living a more rational life. We will identify and explore the three component parts of rationality – epistemic rationality, axiologic rationality, and instrumental rationality – and examine how their functioning delivers authentic happiness for individuals and success for organizations.

overcoming our neglect of values education: in praise of a revitalized liberal arts education

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The causes of the neglect and breakdown of values education among young people in our society are complex and the consequences of this are serious and all around us. Fortunately, we can take constructive measures to counteract these harmful consequences.

    One key lies in revitalizing our commitment to, and understanding, a liberal arts education. This, in turn, first requires that we correctly appreciate the value of this kind of education. 

    When educational and business leaders extol the values of the liberal arts they usually emphasize them for their extrinsic and instrumental benefits – for instance by praising graduates of liberal arts and humanities programs for their critical thinking skills – at the expense of appreciating their potential for cultivating good and responsible citizens who live virtuous and meaningful lives.

    In this Sinclair MacRae presentation, we will address the question of the intrinsic value of education and examine how answering this question can lead us to better appreciate and directly cultivate values in education, thereby counteracting our current over-emphasis in education on the learning and recall of facts.


Thought provoking presentation.

Really excellent presenter.

Most excellent!!

Inspirational speaker.

Examples and scenarios given are very interesting and entertaining. They kept me very interested in the topic.

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An Introduction to Ethics
An Introduction to Ethics
An Introduction to Ethics: Theories, Perspectives, and Issues
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