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Michael Bach

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author, Global Executive - Inclusion And Diversity Expert

Nikolas Badminton

Futurist Speaker - Business Innovation, Business Strategy & Industry Trends Expert

Aren Bahia

Philanthropist, Leadership Speaker, Addiction Recovery Specialist, And Change Management Expert

Rachel Baptiste

Business Leadership - Equity Diversity & Inclusion

Sajel Bellon

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

Anders Boulanger

Engagement and Attention Expert

Frank Brown

Business Relationships & Consumer Packaged Goods Expert

Mike Cameron

Mental Health Advocate, Leadership and Change Management Expert

Tony Chapman

Futurist & Emcee - Branding, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Disruption Expert

David Chilton

Bestselling Author, Investor & TV Personality

Dr. Mark DeVolder

Business Change & Transition Specialist - Leadership, Agility & Disruption Management Expert

Robin Esrock

International Travel Broadcaster, Journalist & Bestselling Author

Laval St. Germain

Mountain Climber - Airline Captain and Global Adventurer

Marc Gordon

Branding, Marketing and Customer Experience Expert

Michael Greyeyes

Award-winning Actor, Educator, and Leader - Intercultural and Transdisciplinary Performance Expert

Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus, Business Strategy, Performance and Productivity Expert

Keld Jensen

Communication, Negotiation, Behavioral Economics Expert

Brian Keating

Award Winning Conservationist, Naturalist, Educator, Adventure and Wildlife Expert

Allan Kehler

Resilience and Stress Management Expert & Mental Health Advocate

Michael Kerr

Workplace Energizer - Leadership, Change, Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Allan Knight

Former Monk - Self Awareness, Connection & Communication Expert

Chantal Kreviazuk

Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Activist - Leadership & Success Expert

Sanjeev Kumar

Workplace Wellness Strategist - Gratitude, Work-Life Balance, Mindfulness & Productivity Expert

Wayne Lee

Best Corporate Hypnotist in Canada & Peak Performance Expert

Filipe Masetti Leite

Long Rider, Best-Selling Author and Film Maker

Eddie LeMoine

Leadership, Workforce Engagement, Generations at Work, Talent Management & Staff Retention Expert

Ed Limon

Digital Media Futurist - Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Alan Mallory

Mountain Climber - Leadership, Change, Teamwork & Communication Expert

Sunjay Nath

Leadership, Management, Performance and Productivity Expert

Dan Plexman

Professional Safety Speaker And International Workplace Safety Expert​

Adam Rodricks

Canada's Top Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert

Christina N. Smith

Olympian, Author & Brain Injury Advocate


Award Winning Mentalist, Certified Hypnotist and Master of Persuasion Expert

Massey Whiteknife

Award-Winning Indigenous Entrepreneur & Indigenous Two-Spirit Inclusion Expert

Bill Williams

Corporate Emcee - Authentic Leadership, Purposeful Work & Peak Performance Expert

Norman Yakeleya

Management Consultant, Training & Indigenous Societies Expert
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