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What is the Speakers Bureau of Canada?

What is the Speakers Bureau of Canada?

SBC is a speakers’ agency that represents and networks with Canadian speakers and Canadian Clients. We are committed to auditing speakers before we put them forward for an event, so that we can get a personal understanding of their speaker ability and their presentation material.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada researches our clients and your audiences needs before putting any speaker forward for an event. Our comprehensive understanding of the speaking industry, events industry and our clients’ expectations when they are hiring a speaker, allows us to do the legwork for our clients, so that our clients receive a list of speakers’ options that are the right fit for the organization, the event, the audience and the speaker.

Our speakers are diverse, offering keynotes, workshops, seminars, master of ceremonies, panel discussions, training sessions and group facilitation. Every event and organization is different, and we understand that each opportunity for growth requires a different presentation format.

Roger Breault and Gordon Breault created SBC as an outgrowth of the Speakers Bureau of Alberta. We have recruited many new speakers across Canada with the same focus in mind that we had for the Speakers Bureau of Alberta.=

SBA established itself as a main resource for Alberta clients and speakers.  We are going to operate both SBA and SBC but we are committed to our expansion across Canada in hopes to offer clients and speakers our services and expertise.

SBC’s services cost clients nothing more than if they were to obtain a speaker directly. This is because we are compensated by our speakers from their portion of the speaker fee. Our speakers are glad to pass the contractual, logistical and marketing work to us, so they can concentrate on performing for you. We have agreements with each one of our speakers that ensures that the speaker fee you pay through the Speakers Bureau of Canada is the same as the speaker fee she/he charges when you contact them directly. Furthermore, we use reduce our commission to help our clients save money when possible.

Why do speakers choose to become a Member of SBC? Because we are focused on Canadian clients and learning outcomes. We also get them speaking engagements that they might otherwise wouldn’t get because of there being so many speakers out there, and clients sometimes have a hard time finding a qualified professional. Because we know them and their material personally, which gives us an advantage when putting them forward for an event. Our speakers trust our commitment and work ethic to match them in front of the right audience, and to do our homework on every organization before putting them forward for an event.


May 24, 2017

By Roger Breault & Gordon Breault