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Leadership, Teamwork and Project Management Expert

Leadership shows up in everything we do. A premise Nancy Lowery explores through her programs and keynote presentations. How a horse honestly reflects our strengths and our blind spots. A natural guide in leadership and motivation, Nancy Lowery helps individuals and organizations define their leadership power through horsemanship activities – one relationship at a time. In 2004, Nancy Lowery launched an alternative to classroom leadership learning through horsemanship with The Natural Leader – experiential programs which explore leadership, team dynamics, feedback and communication through purposeful activities with horses.

Nancy Lowery has combined a lifetime passion for horses with 15 yrs experience managing programs for corporate giants such as Mercedes-Benz, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Disney, Nokia and organizations like Parks Canada to create The Natural Leader. “Much of what I learned about leading people, I learned from my horses.” a concept explored in the programs Nancy Lowery creates and facilitates. As a business consultant and owner we work hard to differentiate our programs from “soft” personal development experiences to ones that deliver measurable results – “if people leave saying they had a nice day with horses, then we didn’t hit the mark.”

Nancy Lowery authored a compilation of lesson plans in 2008 – The Games People Play with Horses a guide to executing effective learning with equines and presented at the 2009 Equine Guided Education Conference in California. Creating Exceptional Leaders through Learning with Horses facilitators guide was released in 2010 and In Business to Define in 2011. Based in Calgary, Nancy presents annually at the Calgary Stampede and shares her passion on this topic with organizations and at forums throughout North America.

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Allowing ourselves to be open to change means we have to be willing to let go of what if, and invest ourselves in what is. Drawing on decades of teaching leadership through horsemanship, Nancy Lowery shows us that when we take the time to listen and be truly present in our relationships, we develop deeper and richer connections with others.

Imagine …an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Learning as unique and personal as each individual. Learning that inspires and supports core values that lead to a productive team.

The relationship between horse and handler is the metaphor, a mirror. The behaviors that show up, simply reflect what may happen when we are out of our comfort zone in the workplace. The interactions illustrate how trust and clear expectations are the foundation of effective leadership and team collaboration.

Through active hands-on activities with a horse you will experience that Leadership is about understanding the impact of:
• our role as a leader
• awareness of self
• listening is physical
• being truly present in relationship with others
• recognition & reward
• effective communication

What makes us effective as Leaders is how we respond in the moment?

Give your team a clear advantage with The Natural Leader programs. Leadership theory is immediately put into practice with hands-on activities with horses. Our “Hold your Horses” process checks throughout the activities allow for personal observation and reflection so participants make the connections from the arena to the workplace.

Participants leave with a better understanding that Leadership

• is personal power not physical
• title means nothing; it is about the relationships you develop
• is earned through demonstrating authenticity & gaining trust.

The format of a session can be modified based on team expectations, assessments and individual input. Previous horse experience is not required.

Effective communication, clear boundaries and a supportive environment defines a herd.

That doesn’t say a herd is without challenge, but it is the cohesive nature of the herd that is integral to their survival.

Jump-start the process of developing strategies to improve team performance through hands-on interactive group learning with a partner who won’t miss a thing.

The topics covered will include:

  • Building Relationships through trust

  • Learning to listen – not simply to what is said, but how it is said

  • Knowing when and how to support each other

  • Communication as a foundation to creation

  • Building commitment through purpose

Theoretical discussion becomes a series of tasks with a horse partner. The hands-on activities with a horse bring to light the importance that relationship holds in the success factor of a team.

Understanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence in our interactions with others is the foundation for all our programs.

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In Business to Define - workbook

“In Business to Define is quite simply the ONE business book I would recommend for all EFP/EAL businesses to get clear on the essentials they need to move forward. It cleanly and clearly states the ‘what’, ‘why” & ‘how” of defining key elements most often overlooked. Nancy has done a great service to the community with this little gem.” Thanks for writing it. I will be putting it down as a Key Biz Resource for 2012….it’s really well-done. Congrats!” Shannon Knapp Founder/President, Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Inc. Starting up your equine related business or simply trying to grow an existing one? In Business to Define is designed to complement your business and marketing plan with specific details on how to get crystal clear on your ideal client.

Facilitators Guide Creating Exceptional Leaders through Learning with Horses – one or two day program outline workbook

Creating Exceptional Leaders through Learning with Horses. The Facilitator’s Guide reflects our learning from four years of programs partnering the concepts from The Leadership Challenge® with activities with horses. Presented at The Leadership Challenge Forum in Chicago August 2009.

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