Andrew Kirsch - Founder Kirsch Consulting & Best Security Expert
Andrew Kirsch

Andrew Kirsch

Toronto, Ontario
Founder of Kirsch Consulting Group Inc And Security Expert
Andrew Kirsch served as an intelligence officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for just under a decade. He held roles as a policy analyst and a field investigator, ultimately leading the special operations security team running covert warranted operations. Today, Kirsch runs a security consulting firm, assisting organizations and individuals identify threats and vulnerabilities and implementing strategies to mitigate their risks.
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Andrew Kirsch served as an intelligence officer with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for just under a decade. He held roles as a policy analyst and a field investigator, ultimately leading teams on clandestine warranted special operations. His memoir, I Was Never Here: My True Canadian Spy Story of Coffee’s, Code Names and Covert Operations in the Age of Terrorism was an instant national bestseller charting on the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail Hardcover Nonfiction lists. 

After Leaving CSIS Andrew was a founder member and first-ever Department Security Officer (DSO) of Ontario’s Office of the Provincial Security Advisor. In 2020 he was appointed to the Ontario Expert Panel on Cyber Security, advising the government on strengthening cybersecurity practices in the broader public sector.

Currently, Andrew is the President of Kirsch Group (KG) a boutique Risk Consultancy serving government, corporate and private clients. He leads a multidisciplinary team to identify risks and mitigate the types of physical and cyber security vulnerabilities he used to exploit in his national security career. Andrew Kirsch is a trainer and public speaker on issues of security.

Drawing on entertaining stories from his career as a spy; he lifts the curtain on what Canada’s security service does, the threats we face and the challenges to come.  Andrew Kirsch holds a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS International as well as a Public Policy degree from Brown University. He is a proud former Canadian forces army reservist and member of the Inclusive Workspace and Supply Council of Canada. He is married with two young children.



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What It Is Like To Be A Canadian Spy

Andrew Kirsch Topic Presentations

what canada’s spy service does and why you need to know more about it

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  • Former Canadian Spy Andrew Kirsch gives a rarely-seen peak behind the curtain of Canada’s intelligence agency.  He explains what the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is, what it’s really like to work there, and why it’s important that you know more about it! Canada is perceived as a safe country. But that isn’t an accident, and it isn’t guaranteed to continue. We face very real security threats, as individuals, companies and a country.

    Whatever security we enjoy is not because there aren’t bad people out to get us but because everyday men and women in our national security community do their part to keep it that way. And now, more than ever, they need all our help.

    Andrew Kirsch shares some entertaining stories from his national bestselling memoir I Was Never Here – My True Canadian Spy Story of Coffees Code Names and Covert Operations in the Age of Terrorism, to explain the threats Canada faces, the challenges to come and the role we all must play to keep each other safe.

when the chips are down are you ready to make the tough decisions

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Former Canadian Spy Andrew Kirsch gives a rarely-seen peak behind the curtain of Canada’s spy agency.  In a ten-year career, he held roles as a policy analyst, and a field investigator, ultimately leading teams on clandestine warranted special operations.

    Whether tracking suspected terrorists or planting covert technical surveillance equipment late into the night he was faced with many challenging decisions that had severe national security consequences. In those tense moments, all of his leadership and problem-solving skills were put to the test.

    While his career was unique, finding solutions to difficult problems when the stakes are high and pressure is on, is a challenge we all face on a daily basis. Through entertaining stories from his career and the bestselling memoir, I Was Never Here – My True Canadian Spy Story of Coffees Code Names and Covert Operations in the Age of Terrorism,

    Andrew Kirsch shares the events and lessons he learned from a career in spying. This includes the importance of effective communication, the honest assessment of resources and capabilities, how living our core values impacts trust, and ultimately the decision-making framework he came to rely on when making the toughest calls.


Andrew Kirsch has performed a great service for all those who have ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at an intelligence service or who have ever served any country in a security role. As a former member of the RCMP, his story aligns with activities that I have participated in during my 33-year career. Andrew Kirsch tells it smartly, forthrightly and humanely, accurately explaining his critical role in serving Canadians in a unique organization designed to keep them safe.

His explanations of his career from basic training, to policy wonk, to field operative, are very cohesive and well-told I would estimate that one of the bigger challenges of his (post)career was to navigate this never-done-before accounting by obtaining approval through his former CSIS bosses. The retelling of his not-always-dynamic career is fluidly told and mixed with accountings of his personal life including his attempts at romance.

Bravo for a well-told, broad, and interesting narrative by the spy who came in from the cold.

Léonard Babin

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I Was Never Here
I Was Never Here
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