Dr. Patricia Makokis

Dr. Patricia Makokis

Edmonton, Alberta
First Nation & Indigenous Expert
Dr. Patricia Makokis is an internationally renowned speaker, author, a pioneer for Indigenous education, health & values well known for her authority. Dr. Patricia Makokis's passion is to educate, inform & ignite revitalization of the communities, reinstall hope through traditional practices & change outcomes for people within her lifetime with a strong focus on community, leadership, healing and restoration.
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Dr Patricia Makokis is one of Canada’s grassroots Indigenous servant leaders, consultants and experts. She is an internationally renowned speaker and well-known for her authority and expertise on all topics that require an Indigenous Perspective. Her dynamic experiences, strong relationships with Indigenous knowledge keepers and elders, heavy involvement in the community and her 25+ career in academia give her a very unique approach when sharing insights and offering solutions. Dr. Patricia Makokis is a Nehiyô (Plains Cree) from Saddle Lake Alberta who is on a mission to inform, educate and gain allies to create a bridge between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples through her work. She is passionate to help facilitate the development of Indigenous wellness (economic, health, social, and education); fostering positive business/industry relations between Indigenous Peoples and industry/business (relational leadership) and rebuilding Nations (one person at a time).

Dr Patricia Makokis is a regular advisor, educator, and consultant that has dedicated her life to understanding the different challenges each community, band, and individual has and still faces due to the impact of colonialism and the disbandment of her people. Her passion is to educate, inform and ignite the revitalization of their communities, to reinstall hope through traditional practices and change the outcomes for her people within her lifetime. She has been called upon by First Nation communities and all levels of government to assist in managing crises’ within different Nations as well as assist in providing advice in writing social policy.

Dr Patricia Makokis holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of San Diego, specializing in leadership, which she used to come back to Alberta and serve as President of Blue Quills College/University. Blue Quills College/University is a First Nation-owned and operated university in Canada, the first of its kind in the country. The institution was founded as an Indian residential school in the 1930s before being occupied by a peaceful protest movement in 1970 and then transferred to Indigenous control in 1971. Dr Patricia Makokis was challenged in the position, as the dark history of the institution played a strong role in the mistreatment and abuse of Indigenous children and were key strategies that were meant to divide the community, family, cultural identity and traditional practices.

Dr Patricia Makokis was one of three other instructors that obtained a doctorate degree and returned to Blue Quills University to restructure and redevelop their programming. Dr Makokis worked with both community and instructors to thread and privilege Indigenous knowledge and teachings to blend with western knowledge for a unique approach to education for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Dr Patricia Makokis realized the success of Blue Quill, as Indigenous students could finally access their history and traditional teachings, while non-Indigenous students could understand new perspectives not available to them through western educational institutions. This was one of the first major bridges that Dr Patricia Makokis made in aligning western and Indigenous Peoples for allyship through educational awareness. Today, Blue Quills University offers university degrees taught in First Nations languages and training for jobs; it teaches the story of residential schools and engages in intergenerational healing for Indigenous communities, with a focus on language, culture and restoring Indigenous identity; and it educates other Canadians about residential schools.

Well-known in Canada for her contributions to education, Dr Patricia Makokis continues to build new bridges to enhance learning and create access for Indigenous students. She and her colleague Dr Dianna Steinhauer, president of Yellowhead Tribal College, collaborated and partnered with the University of Alberta to deliver the Indigenous community-industry relations certificate and Indigenous community-engagement citation in Alberta. She has also written and developed leadership courses as part of a Bachelor’s Degree in leadership for Blue Quills First Nations College that transferred to many Western Canadian Universities. What many people do not know is that Indigenous educational institutions have not been recognized over the last 150 years of Canadian history because of colonialism which impacts traditional teachings, cultural expressions and the ability to pass on Indigenous teachings and history to future generations.

Additionally, she has worked on national health initiatives including Promoting Mental Health for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples for the Royal College of Physicians and the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada. She developed and established the curriculum that is standard across Canada for the Community Wellness Certificate offered by the Nechi Training Institute. Dr Patricia Makokis also created and produced numerous academic courses in Management, Organizational Change and Wholistic Leadership and was a main contributor to rewriting the University of Alberta Indigenous Studies curriculum and creating campaigns for Truth and Reconciliation on campus. She is a current instructor at U of A teaching a Masters’s level course on First Nation policy for teachers and administrators. She also instructs at Athabasca University on assisting Indigenous women’s councillors on the history of Indigenous women and their outcomes to guide them on culturally-centred best practices in care.

Dr Patricia Makokis is well accomplished in her career in winning many awards and being appointed to a wide variety of Indigenous and non-Indigenous boards/councils. Some notable mentions are appointed to the Judicial Council of Alberta; Saddle Lake Chief and Council to the Saddle Lake Cree Nation Child Welfare Board. She has received the 2014 Aboriginal Role Model of Alberta Award for her work in community development, the 2009 Alumni leadership award at the University of San Diego, the 2002 Seekers & Storytellers Award as Aboriginal Role Model of the Year and the 2002 Queens Golden Jubilee Medal Award.

Dr Patricia Makokis is the mother of two of Canada’s leading Indigenous experts, who are a reflection of her life’s work. Her daughter, Janice Makokis has recently consulted for the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and co-chaired the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus at the United Nations. Her son, Dr James Makokis is a medical doctor with one of Canada’s leading practices for transgender and LGBTQ2 Canadians. The family has dedicated their lives and careers to their people, and to educating non-Indigenous populations with the goal of obtaining more allies. The Makokis family and especially Dr Patricia Makokis feel that it will only be through educating Canadians for the allyship cause, that First Nation communities can have access to resources, support and knowledge to sustain the desperately needed change within Canada.

The family is strongly connected to their roots, culture and community. They are also well-connected with First Nation communities, Indigenous Leaders, Elders and members of all Nations around the world. With the support of her community, Dr Patricia Makokis and the Makokis family organize the annual “Treaty Walk”, which is a 3-day walk over 300 km to bring awareness in different locations each year in rural and urban Alberta. The purpose of the walk is to bring awareness to build bridges between Indigenous and Western nations with the intention to educate each other on the breaches of the Treaty in place which play a large role in limiting First Nation communities to rebuild the foundation they desperately need for sustainable and measurable change.

Dr Patricia Makokis is a dynamic leader who shares her unique perspectives which come from a long journey in education as a student and instructor, and speaker who shares her experiences, educational background and education have led her to create bridges between Western and Indigenous Peoples while making all organizations and communities stronger and most importantly, together.  A new future depends on a deep understanding of the past, the accountability of the present challenges and sharing our responsibility for what we can all do to align for change.




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Dr. Patricia Makokis Topic Presentations

dr. patricia makokis' customized presentations

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  • Patricia Makokis’ career speaks for itself. She is highly respected across Alberta for her knowledge, abilities and her passion to help First Nation Communities become whole again. She works closely with many different reserves, provincial and government agencies, healthcare systems and communities as a consultant. She is relied on by these organizations for her expertise. Patricia is dynamic, educative, and funny and always receives high praise for her presentations.

    Dr Patricia Makokis  will tailor the following topics for a keynote and/or workshop to reach your desired learning outcomes:

    Everybody Should Go to an Indian School

    Grounding of the Natural Laws in First Nations

    Trauma and Health Facilitation

    Cultural Safety

    Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

    Indigenous Resilience

    Mental Health

    Healthcare Equity

    The Story of the Two-Spirit Gender

    Indigenous Problems and Solutions in Canada

    Indigenous Governance

    Indigenous Health

    Indigenous Leadership

    Indigenous Values to Generate Success

    The Responsibility and Role of the White Community in Living up to the Calls for Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    The Role of Women in Indigenous Culture

    Indigenous Parenting

    Homophobic Bullying

    And Many More…

the makokis family speakers' series

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  • The Makokis Family can draft up a speaker series presentation specifically for the conference and your association. This half-day session would include all three speakers presenting with each other, or each speaker can draft a presentation to follow up and expand on the other member of the Makokis family’s presentations throughout the session. Each member of the Makokis family has a very unique perspective on First Nation Matters and important information for all Canadians and will be focused on teachers and educators in Alberta.

    This speaker series addresses the history, current situation, and future of Indigenous culture in Canada. It includes practical solutions for any matters related to First Nations in Canada. A truly unique presentation, there are not many sessions or presenters that can address the number of issues that the Makokis family can. This presentation is customized to each organization and association.

    Dr Patricia Makokis, (Ed.D.) is acclaimed as one of Canada’s most outstanding Indigenous leaders and aboriginal experts. Her warm speaking style engages the audience everywhere. She uses humour and relevant anecdotes to make her points. Dr Patricia Makokis is internationally and nationally renowned. She is in demand as a speaker across Canada not only because she is an expert on Indigenous matters, but also because of her articulate and humourous presentations. The vital and necessary guiding principles of her Indigenous values are deeply rooted in the worship and respect for the land and the environment.

    Dr Patricia Makokis intimately knows the history of indigenous peoples and she practices their philosophy and beliefs in everything that she does. Dr Patricia is authentic. Residing on the Saddle Lake Cree Nation She is a proud First Nation representative and member of the indigenous community. She is passionate about who she is, the knowledge she possesses, and the groups and individuals she represents. She has embraced both the Cree culture and the western worldview. Dr Patricia Makokis has addressed numerous audiences across Canada and around the world in the fields of education, justice and health. She is in demand as an authority and an articulate representative of “what can be achieved” and “how to build on Indigenous values and culture” to succeed in this highly competitive world.

    She is highly respected across Alberta for her knowledge, abilities and her passion to help First Nation Communities become whole again. She works closely with many different reserves, provincial and government agencies, healthcare systems and communities as a consultant. She is relied on by these organizations for her expertise. Patricia is dynamic, educative, and funny and always receives high praise for her presentations. Dr Patricia Makokis is an expert on multiple topics, which include Aboriginal Rights, Canadian – Aboriginal relations, First Nations History in Canada, and Indigenous education.

    Dr James Makokis is well-grounded in all matters relating to Indigenous cultures, traditions, values, and customs. He is also experienced with the delivery of medical and social services to First Nation communities in Canada. As you probably know, James is a leading role model within the medical and Indigenous community. His keynote address and/or workshop presentation can explore the status of Indigenous health services in Canada and the improvements that are required for long-term sustainability. James also can provide information on his struggling years as a youth, and his resiliency to become who he is today. James’ presentations will inspire audience members to become better members of their community through understanding his story, and his experience inside and outside of the aboriginal community.

    Dr James will provide inspirational and practical advice on how he was able to achieve so much through his education, culture, spirituality, health, self-confidence, self-motivation, and overcoming adversity. James has overcome bullying in his prior years, is a proud member of the LGBTQ2 community and has faced off with many government leaders, and is at the forefront of a shift in government perspectives on Indigenous rights, healthcare, access, programming, housing, mental health, and social services. James is one of our most outstanding speakers and we are proud to represent him. He has a story like no other and speaks on multiple issues, it is sometimes hard for us to keep up with James!

    Dr James Makokis is a leader in the First Nation community and is a primary resource for the government and Alberta Health Service agencies. James would be able to do a keynote or workshop presentation, with plenty of Q & A, to inspire audience members through his experiences, education and understanding of aboriginal issues for youth and the important issues surrounding challenges faced through diversity in the classroom. In his earlier years, his work was primarily focused on youth, and James still has a passion, and in his own words, “a responsibility” to help Indigenous Youth become all they can be, no matter what their situation. Dr James Makokis is a very busy man, and we usually need 3 business days to hear back from him regarding his availability.

    Janice Makokis is an active lawyer, consultant and Indigenous leader in Canada, like her brother James and mother Patricia. Janice has also Co-chaired the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus (NAIPC) at the United Nations on the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Janice is also an active leader within and outside of the aboriginal community. Janice is often called upon to help Indigenous leaders and communities as a consultant on legal and social issues that many communities and individuals face within and outside of the aboriginal community. Janice Makokis, the youngest of the Makokis family, is fresh from participating in legal matters and advocacy relating to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Canada.

    Janice has also overcome many obstacles to arrive where she is today, and her drive and passion for real change within Canada have taken Janice on a path to become a leader, peaceful activist, mediator, teacher, consultant, and role model within and outside of her career which is focused as an advocate for aboriginal rights, education of the white population, social justice and acknowledgement for the past and current treatment of aboriginals today and represents a real change for aboriginals and Canadians, that so many individuals and communities are seeking for. She also has worked with youth throughout her career and expresses the same passion and responsibility to aboriginal youth as her brother James.


I fully enjoyed listening to your presentations and am grateful for you coming to Saskatoon for our Coaches Conference. Thank you and Wishing you all the best this summer and I hope our paths will cross again sometime in the future.

Natalie Lukiw

Coaches Association of Saskatchewan

Thank-you for the positive comments and we are truly grateful for your participation. I have forwarded to Natalie as well as she was a very important part of the planning. I hope your travels went well and I hope to take some time to reflect on all of the presentations to see how we as an organization can continue to improve.

Greg Perreaux

CAS Executive Director
Sask Sport Inc., Coaches Association of Saskatchewan

A beautiful woman to work with; she is very professional, compassionate and dedicated and wise to Indigenous Way of Knowing.

Kathy Cardinal

Wellness Liaison and Navigator

Dr. Patricia Makokis keynote speaker Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association. Giving us the real history of Canada and Indigenous people

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