Anthony Johnson - Speaker - LGBTQ2S+ & Indigenous Inclusion
Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Edmonton, Alberta
LGBTQ2S+, Two-Spirit and Diversity Expert
Anthony Johnson is a Two-Spirit Keynote Speaker, LGBTQ2S+ Advocate & ED&I Expert. Through his powerful story to bring awareness for LGBTQ & Indigenous Equality. Before moving to Canada, Anthony Johnson worked as a community outreach worker specializing in working with others on their personal challenges related to mental health, and self-identity. He also has worked as a consultant and contractor for First Nation communities for community reinvention community restoration and healing. Anthony Johnson artistic and creative ways to approach each event bring audiences new learning opportunities for them reflect on and implement in their lives.
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Anthony Johnson is a Two-Spirit, LGBTQ2 and Indigenous advocate originally from the Navajo Nation located in North Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently a project consultant and project coordinator at Kehewin Health Services, Northeast of Edmonton, where his partner Dr. James Makokis currently operates his medical practice.

Both were crowned winners of the Amazing Race Canada Season 7 in 2019 and have become Internationally recognized for their advocacy for LGBTQ2, Two-Spirit and Indigenous peoples during their time on the show. After winning the Amazing Race Canada, Anthony Johnson continued his journey to bring awareness and advocate for racial and gender equality LGBTQ2+ to all types of organizations through public speaking.

Before moving to Canada, Anthony Johnson worked as a consultant, contractor, and representative in Navajo Nation, which is the largest land area retained by an Indigenous tribe in the United States. The Navajo people’s tradition of governance is rooted in their clans and oral history. The clan system of the “Diné” is integral to their society, as the rules of behaviour found within the system extend to the manner of refined culture that the Navajo people call “to walk in Beauty”, a term that Anthony holds dearly and lives out in his everyday life.

Anthony Johnson has a B.A. in Economics and Social Anthropology, from Harvard University. His education sparked a realization of the injustice done to his people, and all First Nation groups across the world due to colonialism. Anthony Johnson felt the urge to rediscover himself by recognizing systems of oppression so that he could reidentify with his purpose. It was here that Anthony decided that his greatest value was in giving back to others, breaking the cycles of oppression and making the world a better place.

Anthony Johnson was the first person in the United States history to do a live installation and performance piece at the National Archives in Washington DC. The area he occupied was literally stepping away from the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. His art piece was a prayer for the Indigenous people of this continent, the veterans who died to support our country in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and people in prison who use books to find freedom, ceremonies, lodges, arts and crafts, and the power of creativity.

Anthony Johnson has a wide range of experience as a consultant, culture documentarian, artist, small film producer, poet, photographer, community leader, project manager, organizer, product developer, fundraiser, social justice advocate, philanthropist, messenger, and teacher. He is even fluent in Mandarin after studying at East China Normal University in Shanghai. Anthony is committed to the oath of adventurous transformation and believes that anyone can make a difference by aligning their mind, body, and soul.

His move to Treaty 6 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta marked the beginning of the newest chapter in his life when he wed his husband Dr James Makokis while running the BMO Harris Vancouver Marathon in 2017. The married couple then represented the LGBTQ2 community as the first Two-Spirit Team (Team Ahkameyimok) and won the AMAZING RACE CANADA. He is now working to revitalize traditional Cree/Nehiyaw traditional practices, medicines, and ceremonies while continuing to advocate for racial and gender equality.




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Anthony Johnson Topic Presentations

the life of a modern day warrior: two spirit and indigenous resiliency

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  • Anthony Johnson’s life was never easy. Anthony grew up in the Navajo First Nation which has an unemployment rate of 48% which presented him with limited options to visualize a future for himself and discover who he was. Growing up in Navajo First Nation and identifying as Two-Spirit, Anthony Johnson faced numerous types of discrimination and disheartening challenges within himself, his family, and his peers. Two-Spirit is a contemporary English term to reflect the gender diversity that Indigenous nations have always had.

    Although the history of the term Two Spirit is to be a celebratory term within Indigenous communities, the imposition of colonialism has caused individuals that identify as Two-Spirit within their community to be often discriminated against and excluded from peer groups. Anthony felt pressure from his peers, his community and even some members of his family, to conform to gender roles which left him questioning his own identity and path as a youth.

    Although Anthony Johnson struggled early on, his family played a large role to encourage and guide him through education. Anthony went on to leave Navajo First Nation to Harvard University to pursue a B.A. in Economics and Social Anthropology. It was during his experience at Harvard that he learned of the irony of his situation of being Indigenous at a prestigious school, built during the height of colonialism in North America, surrounded by peers from privileged backgrounds.

    Anthony Johnson found himself with more questions than answers and “woke up” to the realization he was living in two vastly different worlds. Because of his realizations, Anthony committed himself to his community to advocate and mentor younger community members to teach them the lessons he learned through his own trials, tribulations, and realizations.

    It was in giving back that Anthony Johnson reconnected to “Dinê” the Navajo way of life. In reconnecting to his roots, Anthony Johnson became both a student and a teacher. He has taken an oath of adventurous transformation to make the best version of himself, and to assist others to find their purpose which will then make the world a better place. Anthony Johnson shows his authentic self by recognizing that we all have and experience shortcomings but more importantly that we are all beautiful and unique. Anthony teaches us to admit our flaws, support one another, learn to be grateful, embrace change, continue to grow, live our truth, stand with pride, and love purely.

two-spirit diversity - race, gender, sexuality and unconscious bias

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  • Anthony Johnson has an incredible firsthand experience in growing up as Two-Spirit in a segregated and marginalized community. He has one of the most unique perspectives on the importance of acceptance and equal treatment regarding cultural, gender, sexuality, and racial differences. Two-Spirit is a contemporary English term to reflect the gender diversity that Indigenous nations have always had.

    Although the history of the term Two Spirit is to a celebratory term within Indigenous communities. The imposition of colonialism has caused individuals that identify as Two-Spirit within their community often to be discriminated against and excluded from peer groups. Anthony Johnson felt pressure from his peers, his community and even some members of his family, to conform to gender roles while struggling with racial inequality, and racial discrimination in western society.

    Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Many individuals face personal challenges in achieving success. Anthony Johnson combines his story; everyday life experiences and areas of expertise to deliver practical insights on how to create accepting spaces and to implement strategies where EVERYONE can prosper by incorporating an accepting attitude to anyone that is outside of social norms. He will share insights on experiences LGBTQ2+ and First Nation individuals face in coping, confronting and internalizing forces of discrimination.

    Anthony Johnson teaches audiences how to identify and acknowledge our unconscious bias, which often creates and reinforces stereotypes and stigmas which then negatively impact our relationships. Johnson teaches how to become an ally to refocus our relationships to be accepting, safe and supportive. This presentation will provide key introspective learning for individuals and organizations that work and create new inclusive programs for diverse populations.

    By creating inclusive and accepting environments, we will be able to create new leaders, stronger teams and a humanistic and united synergy for equality and access. He will shed light on the type of support individuals and organizations can provide to create an equal, inclusive and accepting environment to eradicate the mistreatment of anyone labelled as being different.

500 years of colonialism: a borderless history of turtle island

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  • Anthony Johnson takes us on a dive through the history of Colonialism in North America. Through a historical approach to identify the Truth and the effects of settler colonialism in the Americas in the early through European policy, settler tactics and governing acts over the past 500 years. Through this history, Anthony shows the strategic tactics, from first contact to where we are today to overtake and repudiate the culture and history of Turtle Island and the Americas through the exploitation and assimilation of Indigenous tribes and their lands.

    Anthony Johnson will first take us on a journey back to before European settlers landed in America to show how civilization existed for Indigenous peoples. Across the Americas were Indigenous empires, large cities, villages, vast systems of trade, and complex systems of governance. He also shows the intertribal connections and shared cultural practices and values of different Indigenous tribes with a strong connection to nature, their elders, spirituality, and family. the intertribal connections that were in place before settlers arrived in the Americas were strong, often heavily routed with the same values with little or no disputes between nations and the vast traditional territories they possessed.

    When settlers first arrived in the Americas, Indigenous tribes welcomed them and hosted them with open arms. Unfortunately, European settlers had different intentions for creating strong relationships with the Indigenous leaders. The settlers took the opportunity to study each tribe, and their cultural practices and learn the lay of the land.  From the direction of the Catholic Church and the Monarchy from each country, In the name of “GOD, GOLD and GLORY”, settlers were directed to seize the land for corporate gains and claim the land ownership for their home European countries.

    Colonialist tactics came in many different forms, which eventually led to the removal of all Indigenous structures, and traditional lands and the destruction of cultural practices, families, languages, and people. Settler colonialism was enacted by vast means ranging from violent depopulation of Indigenous peoples to legal means of policy and trickery.

    Anthony Johnson highlights major events over the past 500 years that shape our perspectives on how we have arrived at this conversation today. He identifies key European figures that played a major role in colonialism, and the Indigenous heroes that we as non-Indigenous peoples have never heard their stories of. He shows how many of the policies created over the 500 years have led to stereotypes that still exist for Indigenous populations today, and the impact they have in our society. Anthony also shares the Indigenous perspective of the history, current situation and what we can all do to repair the relationship we have with Indigenous peoples around the world.

    In learning of these major events, Anthony Johnson reshapes our understanding of our history and identifies the systems of oppression created through colonialism which conform both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to separate us from one another. He links the history to the challenges that Indigenous peoples are faced with in their everyday lives, which then sparks a new understanding of our approach for First Nation groups and Indigenous groups around the world. Allyship is key for us all to claim our history and stop systematic oppression. We must all play a role to abolish historical practices and ways of thinking, to assist one another in a united approach to our HUMAN experience and to protect our sacred planet.

    Anthony Johnson then shows how the impact of colonialism and systems of oppression have been maintained and created through corporate initiatives, controlling the historical narratives, the imposition of western values and government policy and programs. He then identifies the important Indigenous movements in North America and how different groups have been able to reclaim their rights, history, culture, traditional values, and identities to restore Indigenous identities across the world. He also teaches us about different movements that are going on today and reinforces the importance that we all become an ally to all social movements that fight against the exploitation of cultures and lands around the world.

    History is important. Anthony shows us the importance to recognize our history as Non-Indigenous Canadians so that we can understand the complexity and deeply routed systems in place that have left us, Indigenous people, behind for over the past 500 years. We need to be conscious of history to understand where we are now, and where we need to go. Anthony Johnson shows us the Truth of history and what we can all do now to make a difference and become Allies to work together to take care of the earth and each other.

    He sparks our thinking to break down stereotypes and any bias through our relationship to our thoughts and by providing the history of colonialism and the problematic systems of oppression that support a misinformed narrative of Indigenous culture.

reclaiming culture and reinstating hope: partnerships, economic growth, and innovation

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Many people are working hard to change the outcomes for First Nation communities, through changing government policy, but more importantly, by giving First Nation communities a strategy to reclaim their cultures, communities, and their governance. Anthony assesses strategic plans of action that each community can take to improve social and economic outcomes for Indigenous communities.

    Anthony Johnson will research and work with each organization to learn the different challenges each community faces to empower each other through a resilient approach by first showing the cycles of oppression and focusing on strategic action plans each community can take. Anthony’s presentation will show working examples of the success that other First Nation communities have taken to overcome negative outcomes for First Nation communities to break the cycles passed on to them through systems of oppression.

    Anthony’s presentation will reinstate the livelihood of each community by outlining the importance of traditional values, cultural practices, and teachings from elders. He then identifies changes for systematic, cultural, and economic development each community can work on with and without the assistance of government and non-Indigenous Canadians.

being an ally for social justice

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  • Most Canadians do not know that most Indigenous peoples’ lives are governed by federal laws under the Indian Act of 1876. The Act is still in place today. Treaties were signed years ago to protect First Nation groups and their rights to land. The Government of Canada continues to treat treaties as though they are non-existent, with the United Nations pointing its finger at the Canadian Government to change the racial discrimination of Indigenous populations.

    Prior to the arrival and settlement of European immigrants, Indigenous people had complex and successful knowledge systems and practices about land systems, sciences, mathematics, clans, politics, physical and mental health, and food security that provided healthy and abundant livelihoods for millions of peoples for tens of thousands of years. The effects of colonialism and the Indian Act play a major role in First Nation access to education, health care, clean drinking water, housing, and many other things that non-Indigenous Canadians often take for granted. Canada’s horrific and not so distant past of the residential school system utilized education as a form of oppression between the 1880s to 1960s.

    There are still over 40 First Nation communities that still do not have schools in their communities. K-12 completion rate for First Nation students is 49%. There are anywhere between 52 and 70 languages indigenous to what is now called Canada (depending on how you count them). Only three are expected to survive this century. The sad fact that First Nation students are more likely to end up in jail than to graduate high school is in large part because of colonialism. Suicide rates among First Nations youth are up to seven times higher than among non-Indigenous youth.

    Close to 20% of First Nations communities are under a drinking water advisory, a statistic that has remained remarkably consistent for the past 25 years. As corporations are rarely being held accountable, the global threat of climate change, the lack of economic and social equality in all nations, the rise of fake news, and the never-ending corporate fight for world domination and control, humanity and our earth have never faced so many global and social threats.

    Anthony Johnson shares insights on the importance of pivoting from our current path and that humans can band together to create a united mindset of peace, compassion, and forgiveness. He offers solutions on how to overcome systematic oppression and divide and conquer strategies no matter who we are, where we come from and what we think. We all have a responsibility to our planet, each other, and ourselves. In creating a united perspective on social change and an equality approach to the human experience we can work together to create and reconstruct our reality to be aligned with our purpose.

stonewall rights: policy, influence, movements and lgbtq2s+ equality

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  • A wide variety of individuals and organizations are opposed to LGBTQ2 movements. The reason is that may have learned to develop a personal prejudice through their political, religious or family structures. The Media, education system and society reinforce gender and sexuality norms which often lead to LGBTQ2S+ individuals being marginalized and oppressed as they are indifferent to other human beings on the planet. In studying history, we know that there were many different cultures that have partaken in homosexuality as well as identifying different types of genders as long as humans have been able to document their experiences.

    In recent years, there have been some major developments to create a clearer path for gay rights, same-sex marriages and laws that protect LGBTQ2S+ individuals in their jobs, in their communities and in society. The Traditional family structure is set and reinforced through social policy. Often discounting historical accounts of homosexual relationships, it is only in the past 50 years or so that we have been able to determine that there are more than two genders, and that sexual preference is not something that is biologically determined by our birth gender.

    Although we have come a long way in Gender and sexual equality, we still have a long way to go. It is important for us all to understand how far the movement has come and how we got to where we are today. Anthony takes us on a journey of major events that have positively and negatively affected the LGBTQ2S+ Movements. Anthony Johnson identifies the negative impact of oppressive policies; media influence and how religious structures reinforced the oppression of LGBTQ2+ individuals which often still exists today. He also identifies major historical events, social movements and advocates that have fought for LGBTQ2S+ rights.

    From Disco Balls to Riots, From Dwight Eisenhower to Bill Clinton, From the YMCA chant to Elton John, learn about the early, mid and new age stages of the LGBTQ2S+ movements for equality and human rights. Through going through the history, Anthony Johnson will break down the importance of these events and the impact they had. He will identify the roles and responsibilities institutions have within the movement and what needs to happen to change their ways.

    Most importantly, Anthony exposes individuals to their role and to develop compassion and empathy to better understand how we all have a role to play by developing new ways of thinking, standing up against oppression and how to be an ally for gender and sexual equality. g, standing up against oppression and how to be an ally for gender and sexual equality.

building on indigenous values to generate success

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  • The world is changing faster than ever before, and some may argue for the worse than the better. A worldwide pandemic, climate change, and the Black/Indigenous Lives Matter Movement have caused a shift in our approach to our work, relationships and how we think. The industrialization and corporatocracy of the world economy have caused mass inequality between rich and poor, exploitation and mistreatment of minority populations and the destruction of our planet and its ecosystems.

    So many of us are striving to make sense of the world we live in to make our lives, the people we love and the world better in every and any way. Many are unaware of the roots of Indigenous culture, values and spirituality through traditional practices that are intertwined and encompass so many solutions for these challenges.

    Anthony Johnson shows how his roots and traditions helped him become who he is today with a strong focus on improvement for himself, his relationships, and the world and to advocate for any oppressed communities. He shares how Indigenous culture has enabled him to focus on his relationship with himself, the creator, the earth and all living things. Rooted back to hundreds of years of life before and during colonialism, he shows how the solutions to many of the world’s problems mirror Indigenous values and cultural practices.

    Anthony Johnson has had the rare opportunity to reconnect with his elders, leaders, community members and explore different Indigenous cultural practices from different First Nation communities and share insights and learn from some of Canada and the world’s top leaders regarding the establishment and importance of Indigenous values for all Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples. We have much to learn from incorporating a worldview through the Indigenous approach to living and being. Learn about how Indigenous culture helped Dr Makokis to achieve extraordinary success and practical insights we can all use in our everyday lives.

truth - reconciliation & you

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  • Anthony Johnson highlights the unfortunate history and TRUTH of the realities of colonialism in North America the impact on First Nation communities and Indigenous Peoples. Anthony Johnson will explain the structures and systems of how early settlers stripped First Nation communities and peoples of their Indigenous values, traditions, languages and customs. Anthony Johnson connects colonialism to our current reality while teaching how systems of the past have maintained inequality and unfair treatment for First Nation communities and Indigenous Peoples in North America. He will deliver facts on the current challenges Indigenous cultures face and how to break down the colonial structures of the past to reclaim their culture without assistance or intervention from Non-Indigenous Canadians.

    Anthony Johnson will provide practical insights on the importance of RECONCILIATION and deliver strategic advice on how each community member and their leaders can implement procedures to support the 94 TRC Calls to Action. The United Nations stated clearly that we can no longer be a 1st world country with 3rd world conditions for Indigenous communities. Anthony Johnson presentation focuses on a united front for all Canadians to take part in and stand up to eliminate the reality that we have left behind many people and communities outside of the Canadian System. This presentation can focus on or include multiple TRC Calls to Action in each community. council, industry or organization faces different challenges for RECONCILIATION.

anthony’s custom presentation topics for social and personal growth

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • Mental Health
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Addictions
    • Effects of Bullying
    • Resilient Mindset
    • Dealing with Setbacks
    • Gratitude
    • Forgiveness

anthony’s custom economic development topics

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • First Nation Socially Responsible Business
    • First Nation Community Funded Business Opportunities
    • First Nation Employment Opportunities
    • First Nation Business Start ups
    • First Nation Entrepreneurship

anthony johnson’s custom first nation topics

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • Spirituality
    • Traditional Values and Cultural
    • Community Development on First Nation
    • Social Programming for First Nation
    • Governance
    • Residential School Systems
    • Partnerships
    • Community Programming
    • Project Development
    • Remembering the History
    • Importance of Family
    • Mentorship and Elders
    • Generational Trauma
    • Intersectional Trauma
    • Indigenous Youth
    • Indigenous Resilience
    • Indigenous Leadership
    • First Nation Community Development/Engagement
    • Indigenous Education

anthony johnson’s custom presentations for worldview and current events

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    • Human Rights
    • Equality
    • Social Justice
    • Social Change
    • Activism
    • Advocacy
    • Social Responsibility

anthony johnson’s customized presentations on lgbtq2 topics

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
    • LGBTQ2 Support Systems
    • LGBTQ2/Two-Spirit Youth
    • Two Spirit Variations and Celebration
    • Traditional History of Two-Spirit
    • LGBTQ2 Mental Health
    • LGBTQ2 Access to Health Services
    • LGBTQ2 Advocacy


Anthony Johnson is an incredible speaker that is truly passionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring about his causes. He recently presented to us on LinkedIn and at Microsoft’s Indigenous ERG about economic opportunity, environmentalism/sustainability, and the importance of retaining culture for Indigenous communities in front of an audience of 90 people.

I would highly recommend Anthony Johnson for talks of all groups and sizes, as his personal approach is relatable, authentic, and honest.

Kristine Yuen


Anthony Johnson gave both a historical context and a personal context. I would have liked to see more of the personal/emotional side of the story, as well as something motivational that the audience can do to help others or ourselves on our journeys. It was a very well-prepared and organized presentation, and I enjoyed how the presentation looped back around to Anthony’s story.

Webinar Participant

The speaker was absolutely fantastic, I am not a fan of the amazing race so I didn’t expect the presentation to have been centred around one of the participants but I was absolutely blown away by the speaker, the media was a perfect complement to his stories, he was so passionate and well versed and really brought the challenges so many people face right front and center.

I consider myself to be very proactive and I still had so much to learn. I also loved how he was so kind… Even when speaking about his trauma and the intergenerational trauma, the story wasn’t one of hate and revenge, it was one of hope, love and peace while moving forward toward a better future together, for everyone. Absolutely beautiful!

Webinar Participant

Anthony Johnson was an amazing speaker. He was so engaged and passionate about the topic and that encouraged you to do/be the same. His slideshow was provocative and was a great history of the LGBTQ2S+ community. His examples resonated with me as the aunt of a transgender person.

I highly recommend this session!”

Webinar Participant

I don’t expect a copy of a presentation from this session because of how personal the message was, and it was a powerful message. I have disabilities that would make this very difficult to share with colleagues or even apply to my own situation without some form of the key message from the speaker.

My interest in certain topics is peaked but where do I find information? It is great at the moment, but how do I take something of the moment with me to share or even re-experience to provide hope outside of the live moment? Even references to movies, books, music, or anything help the powerful message to live on and have life after the moment.

Webinar Participant

Well-chosen speaker.  A very introspective person that tells a story of his personal growth and exploration, which also caused me to have my own self-reflections on the subject matter that was presented and also on my own personal growth.  Great presentation.

Webinar Participant

Articles & Media

Cultural Survival


Telling Our Stories: An Interview with Anthony Johnson and James Makokis


Coming Soon!

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