David Houle

David Houle

Montreal, Quebec
Bilingual, Addiction and Recovery Expert, Singer and Choreographer
David Houle, an addiction and recovery expert, singer and choreographer, has battled addiction for a decade and decided to change his life. He has been a circus artist for ten years and is also a speaker, singer, and dance teacher. David Houle motivates his audience to face their struggles with addiction and inspires them toward a path of recovery and healing. He performed at the 25th Vans Warped Tour alongside Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Blink 182, the VIVO X El ROCK festival in Peru with Slipknot, The Strokes and Bullet for My Valentine and toured with Marylin Manson.
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David Houle, an addiction and recovery expert, professional singer and choreographer understands that many have difficulty finding their voice and setting clear boundaries after addiction because he has been there. He learned over the years that we could change our narrative with courage. With love, we can find the strength to face our struggles and learn how to live with them and not try to hide them. As a recovering addict, He reminds himself every day that he has the choice to start over, to move forward with patience and love for himself.

At the core of his speaking, David Houle strives to help you gain a new perspective into the habit of listening while sharing his struggles and recovery discoveries. His goal is to inspire you to find joy and set realistic goals while healing as you start over. Also, to help you see that you can do this now is the time to start over and live again.

In 2019, as a guest keyboard artist and dancer with Montreal’s atypical metal band Deadly Apples, David Houle performed at the 25th Vans Warped Tour alongside Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and Blink 182. David Houle also performed at the VIVO X El ROCK festival in Peru with Slipknot, The Strokes and Bullet for My Valentine and toured with Marylin Manson. Both of his parents served in the Canadian Armed Forced, and after his mother’s death in 2003, David Houle decided to study dance full-time, later graduating from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

In 2015, David Houle worked alongside Cindy Lauper in the Tony Award-Winning musical Kinky Boots in Toronto. In 2020, before the global pandemic, David Houle was set to debut the world premiere French adaptation in Montreal with Serge Postigo and Just for Laughs Productions.

Singer/Songwriter David Houle was also the lead character for two productions of Cirque Du Soleil and a dancer for the Canadian Opera Company. He is also the choreographer for Billboard charting artist Dion Todd. From rural Loretteville, Quebec, Canada, multidisciplinary artist David Houle battled addiction for a decade; David Houle is now motivating audiences to face their struggles and inspires them toward a path of recovery and healing.

David Houle is grateful to be standing here alive. Amazed to be a miracle in the life after addiction world! All because he embraced the daily power and practice of starting over. David Houle is here to help regardless of your addiction – drugs, alcohol, abusive relationships, food, sex, social media – or even if you are addicted to your inner critic. He is here to help you activate you’re starting-over practice and share his story, which is your story, too – to prove and show you that your account can change, just like his.

David Houle is here to have a conversation that will inspire you to set realistic goals from the stage into your heart and soul. Heal what you think can’t be cured. Shift your limiting mindset and muster up the confidence that seems elusive. Release yourself that has bullied you into submission that you are your addiction, showing you that you aren’t. Activate the art of reinvention, one positive moment at a time; It’s time to dream again. Time to capture the power of the daily start-over because it’s never too late




Life Unclosted

Rick Clemons

Celebrating Pride and Becoming Addicted To Loving Yourself – David Houle

David Houle Topic Presentations

finding your voice - life after addiction

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  • Realize…every day you can start over! Not everyone takes the chance and believes in themselves enough to start over each and every day. In fact, nearly 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. Yet, only 10% receive treatment…or give themselves the opportunity to start over.  Not believing that every day’s a start-over day is contributing to drug overdose deaths that have more than tripled since 1990. And, the, “not my issue so it doesn’t exist,” attitude means we turn a blind eye to the exorbitant number of people who have died from this epidemic in the past 32 years.

stronger together - here i am

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  • I’m here to have a conversation from the stage into your heart and soul that will inspire you to: set realistic goals to heal what you think can’t be healed, shift your limiting mindset and muster up the confidence that seems elusive. Release yourself who has bullied you into submission by saying that you are your addiction, showing yourself that you aren’t. Activate the art to reinvention one positive moment at a time. It’s time to dream again and to capture the power of the daily start over. It’s never too late, ever.

un nouveau départ ( la vie après la dépendance)

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  • Après une addiction, les gens ont souvent des difficultés à trouver leur voix et à définir des limites claires. Croyez-moi, je suis passé par là. Au fil des années, j’ai appris qu’en faisant preuve de courage, nous sommes capables de changer notre histoire. Avec l’amour, nous pouvons trouver la force de faire face à nos difficultés et d’apprendre à vivre avec elles. Il ne faut pas vivre en essayant de les cacher. En tant qu’ancien toxicomane, chaque jour, je tâche de me rappeler que nous avons le choix de tout recommencer, d’aller de l’avant avec patience et amour pour nous-mêmes. Au cœur de mon discours, je m’efforce de vous aider à voir les choses sous un nouvel angle, vous pourrez m’écouter partager les difficultés que j’ai dû traverser et les découvertes que j’ai faites le long de mon parcours. Mon but est de vous inspirer à trouver la joie et fixer des objectifs réalistes lors de votre guérison, pour votre nouveau départ. Pour vous aider à réaliser que vous pouvez faire ce changement, il est temps pour vous de recommencer à respirer et à vivre. Vous en êtes capable.


There’s a subtle impact that WOW FACTOR speakers have when they are vulnerable and share from the heart, without grandstanding or it being a reverberating chant of “Look at me, look at my challenges, look at what I’ve accomplished.” David Houle, from the moment he steps onto the stage and into the audience’s heart, tickles the emotions with his honesty, inviting the audience to examine their own scary vulnerability of owning their truth, and challenging them to...

Rick Clemons

David Houle is dynamic, acrobatic and charismatic!! He is a world-class performer, and his story is BEYOND inspiring. Thank you, David, for changing my life!!! His sentiments will motivate me for the rest of my life!! Somehow he had me laughing and crying all at once – what an incredible gift to be able to hear him speak. Seeing this athlete, who has journeyed through so much adversity, stand in front of me today to tell his story was awe-inspiring. David Houle is the most dynamic...

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TVA Gatineau

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De Gatineau à Las Vegas !


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