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Find Canadian addiction speakers & substance abuse speakers. Hire our addiction recovery speakers substance abuse specialists & addiction motivational speakers for events & gatherings. Book Canadian guest speakers for workplace substance abuse and addiction recovery. speakers bureau Canada has top addiction speakers & best substance abuse speakers for substance abuse conventions & symposiums. search our public speakers, addiction recovery speakers that deliver presentations, speeches & talks to provide insights & improve substance abuse at awareness days/weeks/months events in the workplace.

Susan Aglukark

Performing Artist - First Nation Expert & Indigenous Advocate

Dr. Kevin Alderson

Mental Health, Diversity and LGBTQ2 Expert

Dr Shahana Alibhai

Professional speaker, family physician and mental health expert.

Aren Bahia

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist - Connection, Purpose, Mental Health & Wellbeing Expert

Dr. Daniel Bear

Drug Policy Expert, Professor and Speaker

Sajel Bellon

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Trauma, Stress and Wellness Expert

Jeffrey Cartwright

Mental Health, Emotional Wellness & Conscious Leadership Expert

Paul Derry

Law Enforcement and Criminal Behaviour Expert

Antonio Michael Downing

Best Selling Author - Anti Racism & Oppression - Diversity and Inclusion Expert

Jean-Francois Dupras

Alpinist, Adventurer and Mental Health Advocate

Makokis Family

A Full Indigenous Perspective

Guy Felicella

Harm Reduction Advocate, Advisor and Addiction Educator

Dr. Ganz Ferrance

Cyber Bullying, Communication Health & Wellness and Psychology Expert

Joel Gotlib

Award Winning Storyteller, Television & Media Producer, Addiction & Mental Health Speaker

Dr. Susan Biali Haas

Burnout & Stress Management Coach, Mental Health, Wellness & Resilience Expert

Fabian Henry

PTSD, Mental Health and Military Expert

Corey Hirsch

NHL Goalie & Silver Medalist - MENtal Health & Wellness

Teri Holland

Master Performance Coach, NLP And Hypnosis Trainer

David Houle

Bilingual, Addiction and Recovery Expert, Singer and Choreographer

Anthony Johnson

LGBTQ2S+, Two-Spirit and Diversity Expert

Ann Dowsett Johnston

Psychotherapist & Award Winning Journalist - Mental Health, Trauma and Addictions Expert

Allan Kehler

Resilience and Stress Management Expert & Mental Health Advocate

Kevin Klein

MLA for Kirkfield Park And Keynote Speaker

Kimberly Knull

Mental Health, Rising & Daring, And Courageous Leadership Expert

Adam Kreek

Canadian Gold Medalist - Leadership, Change and Peak Performance Expert

Michael Landsberg

Mental Health Speaker & Founder of #Sicknotweak, Iconic Canadian Sports Journalist

JR LaRose

CFL Champion - Resilience, Equity & Indigenous Inclusion Expert

Todd Leader

Psychology, Social Policy and Mental Health Expert

Dr. James Makokis

Two Spirit Doctor - LGBTQ2S, Indigenous, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

Sophie Jama Malindi

Women Empowerment & Inclusive Leadership Expert

Dr. Tomi Mitchell

Board-Certified Family Physician and Mental Health & Wellness Coach

Benjamin Morgan

Crisis Management Strategist - High Pressure, High Stakes & Risk Management Communications Expert

Wairimu Njoroge

International Healing Conversationalist, Strategist and Therapist.

Tim O'Loan

Military & Indigenous Survivor - First Nation's Expert

Dr. David Posen

Stress, Work-Life Balance and Change Management Expert

Joe Roberts

The "Skid Row CEO" - Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Change Expert

Eddy Robinson

Indigenous Artist, Activist & Educator

S. Angel Shaw

Resilience, Health & Wellness Coach and Alernative Therapist

Eurico Rosa da Silva

Award-winning athlete and coach with tricks to help everyone reach their peak

Geroy Simon

CFL Grey Cup Champion - Leadership, Teamwork & Determination Expert

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