Paul Derry

Paul Derry


Toronto, Ontario

Law Enforcement And Criminal Behaviour Expert

Paul Derry is an author, interactive speaker and former RCMP Informant and agent known for his unique perspective on topics such as recidivism and change. Paul Derry provides captivating & profound insights as he shares his thoughts on overcoming obstacles, anxieties and the many excuses used not to change for the better.
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Paul Derry worked as an RCMP informant and agent while living the lifestyle of a career criminal. Going from being a petty drug dealer at a young age to ending his career with a Hells Angels-ordered murder. Discover the reasons why he made those choices.

Recognize how he manipulated the justice system and its many agencies. Most of all, find out what can be done to stop others from becoming “Treacherous.”


Paul Derry’s colourful past has given him a unique perspective on topics such as recidivism and change. Mr Derry once managed a criminal empire rooted in greed and violence, ending in a Hells Angels-ordered murder. Join Paul as he shares his thoughts on overcoming obstacles, anxieties and the many excuses used not to change for the better.


Leadership, staffing, communication, managing finances, marketing and networking are essential skills that keep one alive in the world of organized crime. Mr Derry takes you on the journey of his “ah-ha moments” as he learned to transfer those skills from the criminal world to the world of successful businesses and non-profits. Author, interactive speaker and former RCMP Informant, Paul Derry demonstrates from his hard-won wisdom and life experience how the concepts of trust, loyalty and master manipulation impact every sphere of human life.

Paul Derry’s profound insights are nothing short of life-changing; audiences will never see life quite the same again.



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    Organized crime
    Source Handling
    Undercover work
    Corrupting people
    Criminal Mind
    Human Trafficking
    Transforming Skills


Paul Derry is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever seen, not only at the front of my classroom but in my professional career. Rarely are there opportunities for students to cultivate knowledge from such an exceptional and raw resource.

Geri Bemister

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