Jackie Rainforth

Jackie Rainforth

Calgary, Alberta
‘THE RAINMAKER’ B2B Sales Expert/Trainer, Author, Media Host, International Speaker
Jackie Rainforth is an award-winning, record-breaking Sales Expert, trainer, author & speaker & coveted nominee of RBC WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR AWARD OF CANADA. Jackie Rainforth teaches a modern yet simple approach to selling and impressed many a skeptic with her talent for innovative thinking and her ingenious insight into her customers’ needs.
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Savvy Superstar, Jackie Rainforth is a record-breaking, award-winning sales expert, facilitator, and international speaker. Dubbed ‘The Rainmaker’ by her peers, Jackie Rainforth achieved enormous success as one of the few outstanding, professional saleswomen to make it to the top of the male-dominated construction industry.

After years of success as a top corporate sales performer which lead to her proven and extremely effective, ‘Selling Made Simple’ sales system, and as an highly successful entrepreneur, a devastating foot injury in 2014 left her depressed and devastated, without a job, without success, purpose and meaning as Jackie Rainforth hit bottom, unable to walk for a year. A second near-death scuba diving incident in 2016, left her in intensive care where she spent three days clinging to life. Jackie’s world was turned upside down and irrevocably changed forever. Her own sales, executive sales and entrepreneurial success as a top performer, now seemed hollow. The message she received as she struggled to breathe 45’ under the surface and made her realize that helping others become more confident and successful in business and in life was her new direction and top priority.

Today, Jackie Rainforth is the founder and CEO of the nationally acclaimed Rainmakers Business Solutions. Author of The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling, and The Badass Guide to Selling During Covid, Jackie’s superpower is your sales empowerment, helping you build the confidence to generate more leads, close more deals, and create more revenue than ever before.

This dynamic ‘RBC Woman Entrepreneur of Canada’ award nominee is now sharing her successful Superstar Selling Strategies to help you elevate to significantly higher levels of sales success. Whether new to sales or as sales veterans, her unique approaches and methods will leave you with actionable take-aways to exponentially improve your results.

Powerful and magnetic, Jackie Rainforth is incredibly engaging, with impactful content and actionable steps, are customized to create added impact! An expert speaker, Jackie combines dynamic delivery with killer content for a powerful “info-tainment” experience. No matter the topic, her presentations are relevant, intriguing and informative.




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How to help entrepreneurs gain confidence in generating more sales.

Jackie Rainforth Topic Presentations

social selling

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  • Jackie Rainforth

    You know that social media, particularly linked in is the new way to cold call and reach thousands, but are you not sure how to do it?  Are you scared to put yourself out there?

    Learn how to build a personal brand, become the go-to expert or company in your industry, create a header that captives and drives business, and learn simple and grow your business on the social media platforms (primarily “LINKED IN|) by discovering the four ways to engage, find new leads, be seen without costly SEO, websites, and marketing services. The world has changed, and we need to change with it.  Learn how to sell online and grow your business.  It is a lot easier than you think! “Uncover” the valuable strategies that you can immediately implement to generate new customers and rev up your revenue!

strategic selling service plans & processes equals to profitability

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  • Jackie Rainforth

    Process, People, Profits: Discover simple strategic sales processes to implement, streamline, or expand within your organization as you improve the effectiveness, and efficiency of your business. Without process, your people can not succeed. “Organizations who use formal sales processes earn 28% more than those who do not.” (Harvard Business School). Simple, repeatable, and standardized processes for everyday tasks such as lead generation, overcoming objections, closing, and follow-up, can give your employees the roadmap they need, to create repeatable results exponentially increasing your sales and profitability. Without enabling your people, you are losing daily profits and your reputation can become damaged. Implementing step-by-step repeatable processes minimize costly errors, curtails missed steps, and reduces panic discounting, while fostering a culture of value and solution selling, purchasing simplicity, and enhanced customer service, that results in higher revenues, and income.

    Too many salespeople are going in to see customers without a sales call plan or strategy – they are simply ‘winging it.  Discover how neurosciences illustrate the reaction to the brain and the psychological effect on the customer. Whether it is to meet long-term organization goals or monthly quotas, each of those calls equates to lost opportunities, lost revenue, and worse… lost customers. Ensure that every sales conversation includes a powerful individualized strategic plan with a tailored approach that is personalised for each customer. Customized strategic sales call plans should fully meet customer expectations, yet studies show 60% of sales calls being made today are a waste of time with no real sales potential or sale value being provided (Selling Power Magazine).  Effective communication needs to differentiate you and your organization, not only as consultative sales experts, and solution providers but over time, you should achieve the ultimate competitive advantage as your clients’ trusted supply partner of choice. Learn the 3 stages that can influence a buyer and the neurosciences of your customers so that you can position your approach and your services to align with their behavioural instincts, moving them to a “YES”.

    Creating strategic plans and processes and working those plans will result in improved sales team productivity and performance, an increase in per transactional revenue, and overall goal achievement whether. Watch as the as the ‘likeability factor abounds, and relationships grow. Customers will become loyal, long-term brand ambassadors, opening the door to maximizing your per transaction values, customer referral rates, and overall profitability – ALL… without having to grow your team. Watch as your teams excel as confident, authoritative experts, instilling unbreakable trust and bonds with your clients. Watch as your revenues and KPI’s skyrocket!

innovation opportunity & out-of-the-box thinking

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  • With such fierce competition and new products and services being introduced to marketplace now more than ever, businesses can no longer maintain the status quo hoping to hold on to their same old business model and experience growth year after year. Change is a constant and businesses must be prepared to continually adapt and shift. All it takes is for a competitor to introduce something new and unique to the industry, to negatively impact your business leaving you at significant disadvantage. It is essential to continuously research your market, look for the gaps, and keep up with what is out there so that you can be at the forefront of what may come next, gaining that upper hand. Creating this outside-of-the-box mindset enables new thinking as you create new strategies, navigate new territory and align your team to new goals.

    As a business strategy consultant, Jackie has seen it all in good times and bad. She will teach you how to discover and market your business from a different perspective, helping you to outsell and outperform your competition by presenting your product or service with an inventive twist. Whether a company should rebrand, diversify their products, shift their operations, or generate more leads, this presentation focuses on increasing your bottom line. Learn how to make you, your solution, and your company more uniquely desirable to your customers and stand out from the crowd by looking at your business through a new lens.  In today’s business you need to you do everything you can to

exceptional service – excellent follow up – epic sales

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  • Are your sales lagging?  Do you desperately need a competitive advantage? With such fierce competition out there, it is essential to stand out from the crowd and do everything you can to differentiate yourselves.  Learn strategies to make you, your product and your company more unique and desirable to your customers, prompting their willingness to pay more by providing exceptional service. Following standardized repeatable processes, creating strategic call plans, being a value-add and solution provider, and doing the small things that others don’t, are the first steps to providing exceptional levels of customer service helping you to outsell and outperform your competition.  But follow-up is an area that many salespeople and business owners neglect.

    Not only are you missing out on lucrative sales opportunities when you don’t follow up, but you are alienating potential clients who are now disappointed, frustrated, even angry that you didn’t get in touch as promised. Discover why follow-up contact is so important to today’s customer. Learn how to implement easy, efficient processes to ensure the consistent follow up practices that increase sales and encourage long-term, loyal, repeat customers. Systems foster positive habits, the key fail-safes for highly effective people.  Whether it is self-sabotage, procrastination, lack of efficient systems, or simply not asking for referrals and testimonials, learn best practice take-aways to easily and immediately improve your results and your income! Don’t wait!  Catapult you sales and watch your repeatable business grow as you implement follow-up systems that skyrocket your income!

the generational gap & the powerful new purchasers

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  • Better understand the science behind selling and events which have led to completely different purchasing mandates.  How we go to market and how we attain a buying commitment and close the sale with these emergent, yet powerful groups of decision-makers cannot be a one size fits all.  Various selling strategies and approaches must be used. Uncover the keys to the female and millennial minds and maximize your sales opportunities.

    As the baby Boomers retire, Millennials now dominate the business landscape as the largest generational group in the workplace, with the digital Gen Z’s close behind. With up to five generations in a company, each with their own distinct wants and needs, selling has never been more difficult.  What worked with the Boomers will fall flat with the new, younger generations.  You must sell differently to each group.  Free yourself from confusion and gain a competitive advantage as you gain learn how meet the distinct needs of everyone from the X,Y,Z to the Millennial, through to the Boomer and even the Silent Generation. It is important to understand that generations are incredibly diverse, and that each will be uniquely receptive to different features and benefits of your product and services.

    The purchaser has transformed over recent years.  because the customer has significantly changed.  Welcome the powerful new purchasers.  By 2025 women will hold 52% of the wealth and Millennials will hold 75% of all management positions, with the digital Gen Z following close behind.  The result?  Each generation and demographic requires specific and targeted methods to increase sales, close deals, and generate more income. Discover how to tap into these unique and powerful groups of purchasers and how they differ from traditional male boomer.

psychology mindset & motivation - success in selling

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  • Understand the neuroscience behind selling. What was once just a guess is now proven by science. Understand Cialdini’s seven principles and the power behind the psychology of selling. Gain an improved understanding of why customers buy and why they return. Delve deeper into the buyer psychology and 5 sales psychology tips to leverage closing the sale. People will buy to avoid pain or gain pleasure. Learn more about the motivators and triggers that make clients buy! How you present makes all the difference in the world. Position your sales strategy to align with each mindset, situation, and communication method.

    Discover how salespeople can put their best selves forward, easily build their confidence and master the mindset they need to accelerate in selling. Having the right mindset will set you up with the resiliency you need to sell to effortlessly handle the dejection and rejection that comes with the trade. But the right mindset can motivate you to jumpstart your profession again as are re-inspired, re-invigored and re-energized.

    Be confident, credible, and memorable as you put your best self-forward in hitting all 3 stages of influencing your buyer. Learn the three stages that can influence a buyer and the neurosciences of your customers so that your can position your approach and your services to align with their behavioural instincts to get them to a yes. Use this valuable information to take your sales results to the next level and become unstoppable with your sales.

communication, negotiation, and influence your way to success

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  • Communication skills are critical in business, and you will not succeed without them. You communicate and negotiate every day with all levels of stakeholders and each unique conversation and person you interact with has a unique way of thinking and communicating with you. Navigating interaction between leaders, colleagues, customers, or suppliers can be become difficult depending on the situation.  Yet miscommunication is all too common, causing havoc in the workplace.  Ineffective communication leads to misunderstanding, missed opportunities, conflict and distrust which has detrimental effect on morale, engagement, culture, sales, and profitability.

    A positive attitude, the ability to address fears, to step out of self-limiting beliefs and push passed the comfort zone are all necessary as we are face unheard of levels of competition, harder-to-create relationships, slower-to-decide customers, and never-ending marketplace change with little predictability and control. Whether in business or our personal lives, people know when they are being ignored or make assumptions to your capacity in managing their unique situations.

    Knowing when to listen, how to ask good and timely questions the right way and to shifting to a ‘guide vs tell’ mindset leads us to more opportunity to collect information. Being accountable is about to taking ownership and responsibility and having conversations that focus on taking steps towards problem solving and finding solutions. If we want to grow our relationships and shift fixed mindsets, we must identify areas for personal growth and be opened to see challenges as opportunities to learn and experience, rather than obstacles that can keep us stuck in repeat behaviours.

    Today’s business is all about building stronger levels of trust and rapport to create and maintain relationships. Gain valuable insight into the fundamentals required to create a more successful two-way communication and a clear understanding of expectations. Recognize any unproductive communication and behavioural habits you may be exhibiting and the positive or negative impacts they may have.  Failing to adjust these habits can jeopardize your job, your relationships, and your reputation. They can exhaust your time, energy, and productivity, putting a strain on teamwork, collaboration and problem solving.  Learn the common negotiation skills to create more win/wins. Discover which mistakes to avoid, how to keep emotions in check, and empower yourself with confidence as you become a more collaborative communicator, dealmaker, and influencer.

achieve faster sales results from personality to profit – using true colors

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  • Wish you could find the secret to selling much faster and more successfully? The secret to sales is communication mastery. Successful sales results are all about building rapport and creating solid ongoing relationships that lead to loyal repeat business and customer referrals.  People do not buy for the same reason, nor do they communicate, interact and exchange information in the same way.  Learn powerful and proven techniques to easily identify your potential clients’ personality type, purchasing triggers, and communication style.

    Find out what motivates and appeals to them the most, so you’ll know exactly where, why and how to focus your sales expertise and written marketing materials. Learn to clearly deliver your message in a way that most effectively influences and aligns with your client values and communication style to maximize your sales and optimize your business.

    If your priority is selling more, selling faster, and taking your business to a higher level of growth and success this personality assessment system will help you to powerfully level up your skillset with improved sales intelligence so you can better communicate, negotiate and lead!  Master these simple techniques and see your sales, profitability, and revenue soar!

prospect, confidence & conversion - generating leads, new customers & repeat business

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  • Do you need more customers and not sure how or where to find them? Have you lost customers over time and want them back? Not sure how to win them back? Is fear holding you back from reaching out to old clients or do you worry that new clients may not be receptive to you initiating the conversation?

    Preparation is the key to any sales conversation. When prospecting you need to be prepared both physically and psychologically with the proper mindset, attitude and ability to handle rejection. Having a powerful phone presence and a highly effective skillset, is a successful way to bring in more customers both when prospecting and when dealing with everyday aspects of your business, otherwise it can result in the opposite doing more harm than good. When prospecting by email there is a simple yet strategic system to email campaigns and social selling that should be adhered to and the positioning of the email must be curated carefully, otherwise you will go unread or viewers will unsubscribe. In today’s world of social selling, you need to be informed and equally prepared for the other type of customer call-to-action and opt-in communications in you want to positively engage the receiver and make the right impression with your customer or potential customer.

    Creating communication processes including proper top-of-mind and follow-up campaigns are critical to gain repeat and word-of-mouth referral to incrementally and systematically grow your business.

    Whether it is a customer service call, delivering bad news, making a follow-up call, trying to get through after being ghosted, having an effective communication sales process for the variety of different customers and situations, including upselling, feature-benefit and deeper meaning selling, using Jackie’s 2-secret-words to value-selling and problem solving, her 3 simple 3-step system to overcome objections and 1-sentence close, her Power Intro which can be used to Nail Networking, Powerfully Prospect, and for Email Campaigns, or 3 Letter Email Campaign, her simple processes  will significantly help you achieve your goals. Regardless of the type of sales you are in, the who, what where why and when can always be discussed but success is always found in the knowing HOW!!

today’s leadership complex

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  • In today’s complex and turbulent environment, Leadership has changed. Leaders are called upon to understand the unique needs of their employees and empathize with their unique situations. Leading is not longer based on output, rather than the input they put into their teams. It is no secret, the team is dependent on their leader, and leaders are managing more than ever before with less shared responsibility. Effective leaders influence, inspire and motivate people to perform to their highest potential while achieving the goals of the business.

    Today’s successful leaders are quick to shift their mindsets and their approach to support making value-based decisions in high pressure situations. With everything changing so quickly, leaders must be prepared to meet unforeseen situations and crisis with integrity while measuring the past, present and future authentically. Critical thinking, strong communication skills, Critical thinking and interpersonal skills build trust and the respect of their peers and business relationships.

    Jackie will team how to maintain integrity, strong relationships and establish rapport with new employees to create a synergized and collaborative approach to engage employees for peak productivity. This presentation brings a leader to meet challenges head on and to adopt an adaptive mindset for themselves and in support of their other leaders or their team. Learn to be at your best in every situation, when to listen, when to push and when to pull back to manage work relationships at other’s level.

today’s employment - hire and engage talent for workforce performance

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  • Are you having problems finding and keeping good staff? Have you made the mistake of hiring family only to feel taken advantage of?  Have you tried being friends with your employees only to feel totally betrayed? Are you worried or underestimating the hiring and firing mistakes you might be making that are leaving you and your business legally vulnerable? A new survey recently released, states that 52% of business owners ranked recruiting and hiring as their biggest challenge. Why? Because 50% of all hires do not work out.

    The Great Resignation has been in large a cost of high inflation and employees seeking career opportunities instead of a job. Staff are looking to be appreciated and their wages to reflect the hard work they put into their jobs. Younger generations weigh different factors before committing to a company. Companies have also been forced to scale back salaries and lay off their staff due to business, economic and industry challenges. Labour, retention levels, training and costly hiring and firing mistakes are becoming one of the biggest costs a company is going to incur over the next decade. Gone are the days when people spent years working for one employer.  The average employee only stays at a job 2.6 years, and that is if you are lucky. There is no magic ball but having tools to assist you in improving strategy to hire, onboard and retain employees keeps the business running efficiently with more opportunity to set each employee into the right role and share responsibilities.

    There is always opportunity in crisis and managing your talent should be made to become a major priority for any organization. Overwhelming your employees can drive them away and hiring new employees that are committed to the company is getting harder and harder to find. Strategically approaching the right employee can help identify new leaders and the talent that is committed to business responsibilities. Learn the foundational basics of reinventing the workplace based on talent support and requirements to help protect you from making any crucial errors to lessen your legal exposure. Learn how to prospect new and current employees to ensure you are supporting their needs and that they are the good fit, before taking a risk.  Understand how to learn what motivates different personalities and maintain a strong relationship with them to build confidence in themselves, the company, and their career.

customer service - enhance the experience & the journey

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  • The customer journey creates the customer’s experience. Today’s customers require more attention, have higher expectations, unique demands, and a wider variety of options when choosing who they purchase from. Businesses and their people must have a process to establish rapport and manage the customer’s journey through each touchpoint ensuring their experience, expectations, and unique requirements are not only supported, but exceeded. Unfortunately, many businesses fall short in consistently providing the positive customer service levels that clients desire, resulting in lower-than-expected feedback, resulting in poor customer retention levels which has an adverse effect on results and the bottom line.

    Learn the importance of the customer journey, how they buy, use, and receive your services are cumulative touchpoints that result in an overall ‘experience’ with your organization. This presentation helps shape the approach to customer service and to structure your business to support your customer. From websites to purchasing, from phone calls to emails, from first conversation to follow up, Jackie helps identify key areas you may be losing opportunity in working with each customer within your industry and your business process. Discover proven techniques to Exceed Customer Service Expectations and immediately start to see an increase in long-term, loyal and repeat customers, per transaction dollar values and a big boost in profitability.

build stronger internal and external relationships – using true colors

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  • Want a more collaborative, productive, and profitable team?  Want to strengthen internal and external relationships, increasing their engagement, loyalty, and retention levels? Emotion fuels every decision and impacts everything you do and say daily; how you make decisions, tolerate stress, and manage time becomes a product of your relationships and ultimately the ability to navigate challenging times.

    Self-awareness, social awareness, and self-management are critical skills when working with others.

    This personality assessment system will help you to powerfully “level up” your skillset with a greater appreciation for the uniqueness we all bring and create more meaningful relationships at home and at work. We are all leaders in one shape or form or another. Learn how to lead with confidence, communicate effectively, negotiate in conflict, and most importantly support all stakeholders to build trust through a compassionate lens. Building stronger relationships means less conflict, increased empathy and understandings which leads to a synergized team with relationships at the forefront of the culture of their job and their teams. Stronger relationships result in improved morale, culture, and collaboration, all of which lead to improved team engagement, performance and profitability. Take advantage of this unique session that brings teams to build with one another and get to know their colleagues on a new level for understanding and create a unified approach for the workforce committed to new heights.

women that wow in today’s business sales & leadership

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  • As women in sales, business, and leadership, we have unique challenges and obstacles, but we also have opportunities that help us to make our mark in the world of selling and leadership as top performers!  Making your mark as a top seller or leader begins with uncompromising confidence. Discover how our personality types, habits, behaviors, thought processes and preferences are very different from men, and how we can use the girl-power strengths we possess to our advantage when selling and leading others.   Learn some quick tips and specific strategies to make us more confident ready experts overcoming the Imposter Syndrome that sometimes holds us back from being all that we can be.

    And get a better understand for how men think, the traps to stay away from and to rise above. Learn how to be heard, earn respect, and use our gifts to become top performers especially in the male world, including masculine versus feminine energy and language. Create improved balance as you fine tune the little nuances between how we are perceived by men versus ensuring we put our best ‘heels’ forward shining both inside and out of the office.

mastering business growth for business owners, professionals & entrepreneurs

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  • As a business owner, entrepreuner and professional business, never thought your you would be in a position where selling yourself, the work you do where and the services your company provides would be a mandatory part of your job? Yet here you are, stumbling and frustrated trying to gain more customers and increase revenues?!

    Jackie knows how hard it can be to maintain a healthy business while also keeping the business coming in (sales funnel full).  This presentation is designed for business professionals (lawyers, accountants, designers and dentists business owners etc.) who are not officially trained in sales but need to sell the services they provide.

    This enlightening presentation is ideal for non-savvy sales trained professionals that need simple methods to confidently and comfortably generate income and grow their businesses.

    Sharing her simple but extremely effective processes and techniques to help you significantly build your comfort and confidence, the reigning superstar of selling Jackie Rainforth will provide you and your teams with strategies that you can implement immediately to rev up your sales and your revenue.  Discover the common mistakes and pitfalls that have been working against you and walk away with modern yet simple and effective methods and systems to build better relationships, receive more referrals, foster quality leads, find new customers and significantly grow your business with ease.  Join us for this valuable experience so that you and your teams will finally know how more effectively meet the needs of today’s customer and gain more repeat, loyal, and long-term clientele.  Achieve real success NOW and in the future. Let Jackie take your sales performance from stalled to unstoppable.


Jackie Rainforth is someone who is an expert at one of the most powerful qualities I witness in transformational speakers…the ability to be present and caring with the people in the audience while deeply vulnerably sharing a personal life altering experience. People are riveted by the grace and strength she shines in sharing her story and they can identify with the valuable content she provides. Jackie creates the environment that allows someone to relate to their own life, be inspired by what is possible, and begin taking action towards something new. As an event organizer, it is a true gift to work with her and see the impact she has on an audience. I am grateful to have had her on my...

Dorothy Briggs

Womanition Inc.

Jackie Rainforth, delivered a powerful presentation. I heard many positive comments on her presentation from my members, and I personally walked away with some fabulous tips that I will use in the future. I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any company, business leader or entrepreneur who have the desire to learn effective ways to become the top seller of their products and services.

Darla Zuk

Womanition Alberta South

Jackie has been working with myself and our employees to refine the sales process in our company. Her insight is outstanding! The programs she has presented were customized and relevant to our industry. She took the time to get to know our challenges and came up with solutions that met our needs. We would highly recommend her to any company that requires help to increase their sales.

Rose-ann Normandeau

Normandeau Window Coverings

Jackie’s experience and passion for assisting others is an incredibly powerful trait that she brings to the table at every session. Her level of professionalism and attention to our corporate objectives provides Timber Tech with quality professional development for our team.

Wendy Going

Partner & General Manager
TimberTech Truss

Jackie’s enthusiasm for the products and the company’s she represents is contagious. She has the knowledge and passion to make you a believer. As a leader Jackie has an innate ability to motivate those around her. Her upbeat approach to work and life in general is inspiring.

Val Ormshaw

Designer Sales
Canyon Plumbing & Heating

Jackie’s ability to connect with her audience is second to none. She captures and holds their attention while inspiring them in equal measure. I would highly recommend Jackie as a speaker to any organization looking to engage and empower their team.



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The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling
The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling
The Badass Guide to Superstar Selling
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