Tom Hierck

Tom Hierck

Kelowna, British Columbia
Classroom, Learning and Education Workforce Expert
Tom Hierck is an administrator, district leader, educator, project leader, and executive director known for the unique context of his education philosophy. Tom Hierck infuses his message of hope with strategies culled from the real world with dynamic presentations exploring the role of assessing positive learning environments.
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Tom Hierck has been an educator since 1983. His career has spanned all grade levels and roles in public education. Tom Hierck was a teacher, administrator, district leader, department of education project leader, and executive director, all of which have provided a unique context for his education philosophy. Tom Hierck was also recently ranked in the top ten for the World’s Top 30 Educational professionals by Global Gurus in 2021. Tom Hierck infuses his message of hope with strategies from the real world through his compelling and uplifting presentations. He understands that educators face unprecedented challenges and knows which strategies will best serve learning communities.

Tom Hierck has presented to schools and districts across North-America, with a message of celebration for educators seeking to make a difference in the lives of students. His dynamic presentations explore the importance of positive learning environments, and the role of assessments to improve student learning. He supports each organizer and audience member after each presentation with ongoing support and consultation. Tom Hierck speaks to ensure the long-term success of districts, schools and students for the long term.

Hierck is also a bestselling author. He is one of Canada’s leading experts and thought-leaders on classroom and learning dynamics. His message is one of celebration for educators who are seeking to make a difference in the lives of students. His dynamic presentations explore the importance of positive learning environments and the role of assessment to improve student learning. Tom Hierck has worked with many of Canada’s School District/Division leaders throughout his career. He also works closely with all school leaders on the design and implementation of structures and programs that promote effective practice and produce positive results.

Tom Hierck has 29 years of experience in public education—including secondary, middle, and elementary schools. He is a compelling speaker focused on staff and student development. He infuses his message of hope with strategies culled from the real world. He understands that educators in North America face unprecedented challenges and knows the proactive strategies that will serve learning communities best. He believes that every student is a success story waiting to be told. This is what led Hierck to work with teachers and administrators to create positive school cultures and build effective relationships that facilitate learning for all students.



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Tom Hierck Topic Presentations

7 keys to a positive learning environment

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Based on his successful new book, Tom Hierck will share the seven keys to creating a positive learning environment. The pyramid of behaviour interventions looks at the connections between positive behaviour interventions and supports (PBIS), Professional Learning Communities (PLC), sound assessment practice and positive relationship building.

the heart of education

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  • Education is about people working and learning together. It is about building relationships with the students and adults, in an effort to create a learning community. How we treat each other and the way we interact with one another will set the tone for everything else we do in school.

    This presentation is about building trust in relationships. It is based on the premise that we make a difference in the lives of students by creating a positive school climate that is conducive to collaborative learning for all. It is one thing to say that we should be part of a learning community, but it is another thing to translate that into action.

    We make a difference. We have to believe that statement. Every child that enters our classrooms in September will be different in June. The question is how will they change? By next September will they simply be one year older? Will they simply have a year’s worth of new facts in their heads? Will they be more school-wise and better able to spew back what we want to hear? Or will they be independent thinkers, mature enough to tackle the academic and social challenges ahead of them? The answers to these questions come from within us, the adults. What we do with students and how we do it, from September to June is the critical factor.

    Teaching is not a random act. Our planning and preparation, our teaching and marking, our modelling and mentoring are all designed to have an impact on each individual student. More important than our lesson plans and yearly overviews, it must be emphasized, is our personal interactions and relationships with these kids. How we treat each individual matters. The behaviours that we model and expect make a difference. The depth of our tolerance and the height of our expectations set the tone. The variety of learning activities and the range of authentic assessments that we provide make learning meaningful. The adaptations and accommodations we make for individual differences, at both the low and high end of the spectrum, create opportunities for success for all students. This is what school is about: all students learning and growing.

thinking inside the box

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Schools must focus on the needs of all students, welcome the assistance of all parents, and rely on the expertise of all educators to make significant gains in the school environment. Connecting with the heart before measuring the head is critical. A lot has been made for teachers to” think outside the box” when dealing with issues in the classroom. Tom will challenge this notion and set the stage for thinking inside the box as a start to solving classroom and school concerns.

leadership for learning

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • The role of the school leader is critical as we move forward to address the needs of students and staff. Roland Barth talks about the significant relationship role the Principal plays. Tom Hierck will look at this role and the challenges facing school leaders today.


  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Sustainability is a systemic concept, relating to the continuity of institutional aspects of human society. It is intended to be a means of configuring civilization and human activity so that society is able to meet the needs and express the greatest potential in the present, while preserving, planning and acting for the ability to maintain these ideals in a very long term. Sustainability affects every level of an organization. All across our country and in jurisdictions around the world, a dramatic demographic shift is occurring that will impact our previous views of sustainability. In a time when leaders are being asked to step forward with less experience than in the past, how can we ensure that the best of the past is blended with the knowledge of the present to tackle the issues of the future?

assessment topics

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Tom Hierck has structured workshops that can be designed for one-hour to full-day sessions on a variety of assessment topics, including common assessments, targets, unpacking standards, assessment “of”, “for”, and “as”, the Seven Strategies for Effective assessment, and the keys to quality assessment practice.


Many teachers have expressed how exciting and inspiring your presentation was. I found your words to be a reminder of what I know to be a solid and worthwhile practice, but don’t always follow. Thank you.

My background has been in sports and coaching, so I have spent a great deal of time in the US, in Kelowna and Vancouver at clinics where some of the best coaches in the world have spoken. There are too many to say but the point is some are better than others and some are great. The good news is you are as good as the best of the best.

Have to say, Tom, without a doubt, in my twenty-eight years as an educator in NL, your presentation today would certainly rank among the top three of all I’ve had the opportunity to attend and listen to in the nearly three decades.

Tom, you held the audience for an entire day. The message was inspirational; it came from both the heart and the head. Your credentials as a teacher shone through and your empathy, compassion and beliefs about success for each student shone through. As one with many years of experience in education, I can safely say, your talk was hope-filled and fact-based. You showed not only that students are success stories waiting to be told but that the same is true for teachers.

Leo Chaland

Catholic Independent Schools

The presentation that Tom gave to our Family of Schools (500 staff). The audience was completely engaged…………from silence to laughter and even perhaps tears. The feedback from principals (secondary and elementary) and teachers alike was incredibly positive and enthusiastic. Tom made us reflect on the “heart of education” and our key roles in providing student success. He didn’t pull any punches and at one point said that “if you don’t believe that all children can succeed and that failure is not an option then you should get another job.” Tom’s presentation made an incredibly powerful impact on the hearts and minds of staff!

Committee Chair

Articles & Media

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