Ross Pambrun

Ross Pambrun

Calgary, Alberta
Ross Pambrun is the CEO of an artificial intelligence company that uses machine learning to protect communities around the globe from environmental threats. Having studied at Harvard and MIT, Ross "Memphis" Pambrun is a 2023 award winner for his technology innovation. He proudly wears medals for service from the Province of Alberta and the City of Calgary for his long role as a professional fire captain. Host of The Squeaky Wheel Podcast, he completed 100 episodes interviewing guests from various backgrounds and expertise. Ross Pambrun is a Métis business leader who connects and teaches about Indigenous Awareness and brings Industry to the conversation.
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Ross Pambrun is a visionary futurist and highly sought-after professional speaker, renowned for his expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and environmental monitoring. Currently pursuing studies in Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning and its implications for business at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard OVPL Cybersecurity – Managing Risk, Ross is at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements.

As the Emeritus Chief Science Officer for the Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society, Ross brought over 22 years of experience in the field, combining his background in science and fire to revolutionize the approach to fire science through satellite monitoring. His passion for science drives his commitment to finding innovative solutions for the protection and preservation of our environment.

With a diverse professional background that includes owning a successful health corporation and extensive experience in energy and academic health, Ross possesses a unique perspective that complements his role in developing business relationships within community infrastructure protection projects and environmental management. He is a skilled facilitator in forging corporate partnerships and facilitating impactful conversations in various industries.

At Memphis Group / Labs, Ross and his team focus on harnessing the power of satellite imagery, aerial visualizations, and remote sensing tools to gather and analyze environmental data. This data is then transformed into easily interpretable maps and strategies to monitor and mitigate environmental risks such as drought, wildfires, and ecological species concerns. Their forward-thinking approach and utilization of cutting-edge technologies have positioned them as leaders in the field.

Ross’s expertise and passion extend beyond his professional accomplishments. He hosts a popular podcast called “The Squeaky Wheel,” where he engages with citizens and community partners, fostering meaningful connections and facilitating discussions on important topics.

As a professional speaker, Ross Pambrun captivates audiences with his visionary outlook and deep knowledge of emerging technologies and their impact on various industries. His presentations blend scientific expertise, practical insights, and a forward-looking perspective to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace innovation, adapt to technological advancements, and navigate the complexities of the future. Ross’s engaging speaking style and ability to convey complex ideas in a relatable manner make him a sought-after speaker for conferences, corporate events, and industry forums.

With his unique blend of expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and environmental monitoring, Ross Pambrun’s professional speaker profile is distinguished by his visionary perspective, passion for science, and dedication to shaping a sustainable future. His presentations provide invaluable insights and actionable strategies to help organizations thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.




Indigenous Pathways

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Ross Pambrun Topic Presentations

leadership evolution - strategies for personal awareness and acceptance

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Embark on a transformative leadership journey with renowned leader Ross Pambrun as he shares his insights and strategies for personal awareness and acceptance in the realm of leadership. In this engaging presentation, Ross draws upon his extensive experience as a successful entrepreneur, firefighter, musician, and cultural advocate to inspire and guide individuals on their path to becoming exceptional leaders.

    Discover the foundational elements of effective leadership through Ross Pambrun’s leadership strategies. Learn about his unique approaches to communication, goal-setting, and decision-making, and gain valuable insights into creating a positive work culture that fosters growth and success.

    As the journey progresses, Ross Pambrun explores the significance of self-awareness in leadership. Drawing from his own experiences, he delves into the importance of recognizing one’s strengths, weaknesses, and values, enabling leaders to authentically connect with their teams and inspire others. Explore how emotional intelligence, self-reflection, and continuous learning contribute to personal growth and leadership effectiveness.

    The leadership evolution helps bring personal acceptance as a crucial aspect emphasized to discover the purpose of the leader, the team and the organization. Discover strategies for embracing your unique qualities, building confidence, and overcoming self-doubt. Learn how vulnerability, humility, and leading with integrity can foster trust and meaningful connections within your team and organization.

    Through captivating storytelling, practical tips, and interactive discussions, Ross Pambrun empowers individuals to embark on their own journey of leadership excellence. Uncover the transformative power of leadership, as guided by Ross’s expertise and learn how to develop personal awareness and acceptance that will propel you toward becoming an exceptional leader in any endeavour you pursue.

the power of ai and machine learning - transforming the future

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), under the guidance of esteemed expert Ross Pambrun, to revolutionize industries and drive innovation is unparalleled. This captivating presentation explores the transformative capabilities of AI and ML, showcasing their profound impact across various sectors.

    From healthcare and finance to transportation and manufacturing, discover how organizations, guided by Ross Pambrun’s expertise, are leveraging these technologies to optimize operations, enhance decision-making processes, and unlock new opportunities. Dive into real-world use cases that Ross Pambrun has personally witnessed and contributed to, and explore the ethical considerations surrounding AI and ML implementation, as highlighted by his insights.

    Gain valuable insights into the future of these groundbreaking technologies as Ross Pambrun shares his visionary perspective on how AI and ML are reshaping industries, empowering businesses, and shaping the trajectory of our society. Join us for an enlightening discussion that combines expert knowledge, practical applications, and Ross Pambrun’s unique experiences to understand the immense potential of AI and ML in transforming industries and shaping the future.

navigating the risks of ai and machine learning - safeguarding society from malicious misuse and deep fake threats

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are revolutionizing industries and shaping our future. However, as these technologies evolve, it becomes crucial to address the potential risks they pose to society, particularly in the wrong hands. Join us for an enlightening presentation that not only explores the transformative potential of AI and ML but also delves into the associated risks and insights of renowned expert Ross Pambrun. With his extensive background in AI management, cybersecurity, and environmental monitoring, Ross Pambrun brings a unique perspective to the conversation. Discover the intricate interplay between AI and society, examining the implications of malicious misuse, deep fakes, and synthetic media. Gain insights from Ross’s expertise in navigating these risks and understanding the ethical considerations surrounding AI and ML implementation.

    Through real-world examples and cutting-edge research, we will examine the dark side of AI and ML and the potential societal impact. Ross Pambrun’s experiences as a Chief Science Officer and his involvement in the development of cyber-innovation strategies will provide valuable insights into safeguarding against the malicious use of AI and ML technologies. Ross Pambrun shares visionary perspectives to better understand the risks, policies and an update on what the future may look like using these technologies to ensure a responsible and beneficial future for AI and machine learning.

driving business success - strategies for growth, innovation, and sustainable impact

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, success requires a combination of strategic thinking, innovation, and a commitment to creating sustainable impact. Join accomplished entrepreneur and business leader Ross Pambrun as he shares his insights and strategies for driving business success.

    Explore the key elements of business growth, from identifying new opportunities and developing effective strategies to scaling operations and expanding market reach. Ross Pambrun draws upon his extensive experience in various industries to shed light on proven tactics for building a strong foundation, establishing a competitive edge, and achieving sustainable growth.

    Unlock the power of innovation and its role in driving business success. Discover how to foster a culture of innovation within your organization, empower employees to think creatively, and embrace change as a catalyst for growth. Ross Pambrun shares real-world examples and practical tips for leveraging technology, embracing disruptive trends, and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurial thinking.

    Embrace the concept of sustainable impact and responsible business practices. Ross Pambrun explores the importance of corporate social responsibility, ethical decision-making, and environmental sustainability in building a resilient and respected brand. Learn how to integrate social and environmental considerations into your business strategy, creating long-term value for all stakeholders. Through engaging anecdotes and actionable insights, Ross Pambrun empowers participants to navigate the complexities of the business world and drive success with purpose and integrity.

navigating the cybersecurity landscape - strengthening defenses and safeguarding against evolving threats

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In an increasingly interconnected world, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. This compelling presentation delves into the complex and ever-changing realm of cybersecurity, shedding light on the challenges posed by evolving threats and the strategies to strengthen defences.

    Explore the dynamic landscape of cyber threats, from sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks to social engineering and insider threats. Gain insights into the motivations and tactics employed by cybercriminals, and understand the potential consequences of security breaches for individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

    Discover the latest advancements in cybersecurity technologies and frameworks that help fortify defences against attacks. Learn about risk management strategies, threat intelligence, and incident response protocols that enable proactive defence and effective mitigation of cyber threats. Drawing upon expertise in cybersecurity, Ross Pambrun, an esteemed authority in the field, will provide valuable insights and real-world examples to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape.

strategic partnerships and networking - unlocking opportunities for growth and collaboration

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In today’s interconnected business landscape, strategic partnerships and effective networking have become indispensable for unlocking new opportunities and driving growth. Join esteemed entrepreneur and networking expert, Ross Pambrun, as he shares his insights and strategies for building successful partnerships and expanding professional networks.

    Discover the power of strategic partnerships in achieving mutual goals and creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Ross Pambrun draws upon his vast entrepreneurial experience to explore the key elements of successful collaborations, including aligning values, complementary expertise, and shared objectives. Learn how to identify and approach potential partners, establish mutually beneficial agreements, and navigate challenges to ensure long-term success.

    In addition to strategic partnerships, networking plays a crucial role in expanding professional opportunities. Ross Pambrun shares practical tips for effective networking, whether in-person or through digital platforms, to build meaningful connections and leverage your network for business growth. Explore strategies for building rapport, maintaining relationships, and adding value to your professional network.

    Discover the importance of fostering a culture of collaboration and open communication within your network. Learn how to leverage the strengths and expertise of your connections, and explore collaborative opportunities that can drive innovation and success in your industry. Through engaging anecdotes, actionable insights, and interactive discussions, Ross Pambrun empowers participants to unlock the potential of strategic partnerships and networking.

sustainable futures - innovating environmental stewardship and mitigating risks through technology

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In today’s rapidly changing world, environmental stewardship and sustainable practices are crucial for ensuring a sustainable future. Join sustainability advocate and technology expert Ross Pambrun as he explores innovative strategies for environmental conservation, sustainable business practices, and the pivotal role of technology in mitigating environmental risks.

    Discover cutting-edge approaches to environmental sustainability, exploring how businesses can integrate sustainable practices into their operations while achieving profitability. Ross Pambrun showcases innovative solutions, such as circular economy models, renewable energy integration, waste reduction strategies, and eco-friendly supply chain management, that drive environmental conservation and foster long-term sustainability.

    Explore the vital role of technology in mitigating environmental risks and advancing sustainability efforts. Discover how technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing are transforming environmental monitoring, conservation, and impact assessment. Ross Pambrun shares real-world examples of how businesses are utilizing technology to minimize their ecological footprint, optimize resource usage, and enhance environmental resilience.

    Through insightful discussions, Ross Pambrun highlights the importance of collaboration and stakeholder engagement in fostering sustainable practices. Learn about the benefits of cross-sector partnerships, green certifications, and industry standards that drive collective action for a sustainable future.

indigenous entrepreneurship - empowering success through cultural heritage and business innovation

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship is a powerful force that combines the rich heritage of Indigenous cultures with innovative business practices, creating opportunities for economic growth, cultural preservation, and community empowerment. Join Indigenous entrepreneur and cultural advocate Ross Pambrun as he highlights the unique contributions and perspectives of Indigenous entrepreneurs and shares insights on creating successful businesses while honoring Indigenous culture and values.

    Discover the rich tapestry of Indigenous entrepreneurship, exploring how Indigenous entrepreneurs draw inspiration from their cultural heritage to shape their businesses. Ross Pambrun sheds light on the deep connection between Indigenous values, such as reciprocity, sustainability, and community well-being, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Learn how Indigenous entrepreneurs embrace their cultural identity, forging a path that integrates traditional knowledge, practices, and worldviews into contemporary business contexts.

    Explore the diverse sectors in which Indigenous entrepreneurs thrive, from arts and crafts to tourism, technology, and resource management. Ross Pambrun shares inspiring stories of Indigenous entrepreneurs who have overcome challenges and achieved success by embracing their cultural roots and fostering economic self-sufficiency within their communities.

    Uncover the unique approaches Indigenous entrepreneurs take to business innovation, such as incorporating principles of social entrepreneurship, supporting local economies, and prioritizing environmental sustainability. Gain insights into strategies for building strong networks, accessing funding and resources, and navigating the complexities of operating businesses within Indigenous communities.

    Through engaging anecdotes and practical guidance, Ross Pambrun empowers individuals to harness the power of Indigenous entrepreneurship as a force for positive change. Join us to celebrate the resilience, creativity, and cultural pride of Indigenous entrepreneurs and gain valuable insights to cultivate successful businesses while honouring Indigenous culture and values. Together, let’s embrace the transformative potential of Indigenous entrepreneurship and its profound impact on communities and the broader business landscape.

cultural connections - navigating the indigenous landscape through relationship building

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Building genuine relationships and fostering cultural understanding is essential for navigating the Indigenous landscape. In this enlightening presentation, join Indigenous advocate and cultural expert Ross Pambrun as he guides participants on a journey to deepen their understanding of Indigenous culture and navigate the intricacies of building meaningful connections.

    Gain valuable insights into the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Through Ross Pambrun’s extensive knowledge and personal experiences, explore the importance of cultural awareness, respect, and reciprocity when engaging with Indigenous communities.

    Learn practical strategies for relationship building with Indigenous individuals and communities. Discover the significance of active listening, open dialogue, and collaboration in fostering trust and forging authentic connections. Gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and strengths within Indigenous communities, enabling you to approach interactions with empathy and cultural sensitivity.

    Navigate the complex landscape of Indigenous culture by learning about protocols, ceremonies, and customary practices. Understand the significance of land, language, and spirituality in Indigenous communities, and how these elements shape relationships and worldviews.

    Through storytelling, interactive discussions, and cultural insights, Ross Pambrun provides participants with the tools and knowledge to navigate the Indigenous landscape with respect and authenticity. Join us for this transformative presentation to deepen your understanding of Indigenous culture, strengthen your relationship-building skills, and foster meaningful connections with Indigenous communities.

bridging cultural divides - embracing diversity, fostering inclusion, and cultivating cross-cultural collaboration

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • In an interconnected world that celebrates diversity, it is crucial to bridge cultural divides and foster a sense of unity, understanding, and inclusivity. Join cultural advocate and diversity expert Ross Pambrun as he explores the importance of cultural understanding, embracing diversity, and sharing practical approaches to fostering cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

    Discover the significance of cultural understanding in building harmonious relationships and inclusive communities. Ross Pambrun highlights the value of recognizing and appreciating the unique perspectives, traditions, and experiences that different cultures bring to the table. Gain insights into overcoming biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions through active listening, empathy, and open-mindedness.

    Explore practical approaches to fostering cross-cultural communication and collaboration. Ross Pambrun shares strategies for creating safe spaces for dialogue, facilitating respectful exchanges of ideas, and nurturing a culture of openness and curiosity. Discover the power of cultural competence in navigating diverse teams, promoting creativity, and driving innovation.

    Through real-life examples and case studies, Ross Pambrun showcases the benefits of embracing diversity and the positive impact it has on organizations and society as a whole. Learn how inclusive practices enhance problem-solving, foster cultural synergy, and contribute to a more harmonious and prosperous global community.

    Join us as Ross Pambrun shares practical tools and actionable insights to help individuals and organizations navigate cultural differences, build bridges, and foster cross-cultural collaboration. Together, let’s embrace diversity, cultivate cultural understanding, and bridge the gaps that divide us, creating a world where inclusivity and harmony thrive.

ross "memphis" pambrun - emcee

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Hosting an event is an art that requires a perfect blend of high energy, professionalism, timely humour, and the ability to create an unforgettable experience. Join renowned host Ross ‘Memphis’ Pambrun, a talented musician, entertainer, and cultural advocate, as he shares his expertise in elevating events to new heights.

    With his diverse background in business leadership, music, and Indigenous culture, Ross Pambrun understands the power of infusing energy into any gathering. Discover how to bring a dynamic and engaging atmosphere to your events, creating an ambiance that captivates and inspires attendees. Whether it’s a corporate function, conference, gala, or community event, Ross Pambrun’s exceptional talents and expertise will elevate the experience for all participants.

    Drawing from his experiences interviewing high-level celebrities for his podcasts and engaging with government representatives, Ross Pambrun has honed the skill of leaving a lasting impression, no matter who he is speaking to. His ability to read the room and adapt his delivery adds an extra dimension to his hosting prowess. Explore the art of incorporating timely humour that resonates with diverse audiences, fostering a sense of connection and lightheartedness throughout the event.

    Ross ‘Memphis’ Pambrun brings a unique blend of high energy, professionalism, and cultural connection to his hosting style. Learn how to harness the power of music to create memorable transitions, enhance engagement, and leave a lasting impact on event attendees. Discover the importance of cultural awareness and how to infuse elements of Indigenous culture into your events, fostering inclusivity and celebration of diversity.


Ross’s skill is taking complex AI subject matter such as Large Language Models, or satellite computer vision wildfire detection and making it real for people. Mr. Pambrun helps audiences feel the impact of these technologies by telling the story of AI can help make their lives better, what the risks are and what the potential is for society. I have seen Ross speak many times, and it’s his passion and professionalism for delighting and inspiring audiences that allows him to create an unforgettable experience that makes him a must-see host and speaker.

Mike Morley

AI / ML - Arcurve Inc. - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ross is a magnificent speaker that can energize a room.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing Ross present many times on a variety of his specialties. He is a business award-winning leader that presents like no other with an incredible ability to connect a room. If you get a chance, to attend one of his speeches, you won’t be disappointed.

Will Trow

General Manager
Ranchmen’s Club - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Ross MEMPHIS Pambrun can light up a room. I’ve had the ability to connect with him in many ways. As a business leader, he brings the whole room into focus, but he is always so engaging with an audience you don’t want the event to end. I’ve seen him Emcee, Speak and Moderate where you can tell he’s enjoying the experience just as much as the audience. This fellow is a superstar.

Theresa Majeran

Karma Business Solutions – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ross Pambrun presented to a sophisticated group of business entrepreneurs today in Kelowna. The subject matter was Artificial Intelligence – Ross was entertaining and captivating, the audience was engaged, enlightened and informed on a topic that is relatively new and difficult to comprehend. Ross is well informed, his presentation style is a perfect blend of light hearted personal information mixed with a high level of applicable knowledge.

Bob Outhwaite 

Executive Leadership Retreat - Kelowna

Ross works tirelessly to connect the community and strengthen everyone he meets. It’s been an honour to watch him speak about topics including Indigenous connection and his work toward protecting the environment with his satellite technology company. I love that he always brings his guitar along to entertain. That shows me he’s there for the experience and is enjoying it right along with the audience. He is a consummate professional, an amazing Emcee and Host.

Dan Cardinal

Vice President
Métis Nation of Alberta - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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How to book Ross Pambrun for an event?

Ross Pambrun keynote speaker is an expert presenter and has a wide range of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. Ross Pambrun delivers keynotes, workshops & training sessions. They may also host or emcee events. Hire Ross Pambrun from Calgary, Alberta for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives. Your workplace will benefit from our keynote speaker and their keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for the audience members in Canada. 

Interested in booking Ross Pambrun for an event?

Are you looking to hire Ross Pambrun for your event? Ross Pambrun Calgary, Alberta is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Ross Pambrun is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Ross Pambrun is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Ross Pambrun from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Ross Pambrun to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

Known as a popular key note speaker in Canada, Ross Pambrun creates life changing experiences for the participants with practical insights and strategic advice they can implement right after the session. Working with a one our leading expert speaker like Ross Pambrun from Calgary, Alberta offers organizations a fresh perspective to assist the people of the organization. No matter if it is a government, association, or business crowd, Ross Pambrun is a perfect speaker for your event. Through unique practical insights for trending topics and years experience speaking to different organizations, Ross Pambrun focuses on changing individuals to make better decisions at work and their lives. No matter if you are holding an in person or virtual event, having an influential speaker such as Ross Pambrun will engage, motivate, and activate the audience to make a change in their lives and inspire action for results to meet organizational goals. Your workforce will benefit from Ross Pambrun’s presentations and speeches, with measurable results set to shift the people of the organization and core direction of the company. Book Ross Pambrun speaker for your annual general meeting, conference, summit, or convention in Canada.

How much does it cost to hire Ross Pambrun for a keynote presentation or virtual event?

Ross Pambrun is an expert professional key note speaker with a lot of experience speaking and delivering engaging talks to organizations and audiences in Canada. Each of Speaker Bureau Canada’s talent have different ways to assess their fees, and Ross Pambrun speaker fee ranges depending on the size of the audience, event format (in person or virtual), event location, and if the organization booking them is a non profit, association, government department/government agency or business/corporation. The speakers we work with are flexible with their fees, and it is important for us to learn more about your event before we approach them, as it is our role to work for you, and to help you find a speaker within budget. 

Please contact Speakers Bureau of Canada and provide us with your event details so that we can contact Ross Pambrun to check availability or confirm the pricing and associated costs to hire a great speaker like Ross Pambrun for your event. As Ross Pambrun's agent and as a Canadian top speaker bureau and talent agency for speakers, we are able to propose each event opportunity from each host organization’s behalf to try to help you get in touch with Ross Pambrun and confirm them for your in person or online meeting/event. We can also provide and advise on the booking process and potentially negotiate their fee. Speakers Canada is a client focused speaker agency, and we work for you in finding good speakers for your team meetings and booking processes.

Ross Pambrun Disclaimer
Speakers Bureau Canada assists companies and event planning teams seeking to hire talent like Ross Pambrun for speaking engagements, virtual meetings, conference appearances, training sessions and workshops facilitations. Our Canadian speakers bureau does not claim to exclusively represent Ross Pambrun, however they are represented by Speakers Canada, and we work with them closely for their Canadian speaking opportunities and bookings. As Canada’s top speaker bureau, we represent Canadian motivational keynote speakers and professional guest speakers that will be available on your upcoming events date and location that are withing the budget. Our talented bureau speaker booking agency can help find business speakers or celebrity speakers that aligns with each organization, audience, event theme and the topic themes you hope for the speaker to address in their presentation. 

When SBC receives a request to book Ross Pambrun we provide you with their speaker fees, travel costs and check their schedules. We work closely with the host organization’s event planning team and the speaker to handle the logistics and to relay or negotiate associated costs. Our talented team members then will work with our talent directly or their agent/manager/assistant to confirm the Canadian speaker fee and travel expenses, so that event planning teams can receive an official quote for the speaker appearing at the event. Speaker fees and travel costs vary per speaker and our role is to contact Ross Pambrun about your event, after we have connected with the event organizers to learn all the event details and/or conference program. Each booking request is unique since session durations and audience sizes can vary which may affect the speaker’s fees. If you are looking to hire Ross Pambrun, we recommend filling out the booking request form so a booking agent from Speakers Bureau Canada can get in touch with our talent to help you coordinate with your team to engage the speaker for a successful event.

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