Beth Hanishewski

Resilience, Teamwork and Relationship Expert

Beth Hanishewski is an internationally recognized Speaker, Coach and Writer who teaches her audiences that the Real Path to Success is through Relationships. She has shared the stage with the world’s top speakers including Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Lisa Nichols and Mike Dooley in Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

Called the “swiss army knife” of coaches Beth has over twenty years motivating, leading and coaching business professionals with one singular goal in mind: RESULTS. Beth’s promise is simple: to provide simple solutions to the most challenging of business and life problems. When Beth Hanishewski speaks… relationships and workplaces are transformed.

Beth leaves audiences laughing, engaged and armed with the tools they need to decrease the toxicity of the relationships that surround them at home and at work. Companies hire Beth because they understand the cost of toxic workplaces and strained relationships in teams. When stress takes over the workplace EVERYTHING else is secondary. Profits. Productivity. Creativity. It all goes out the window when relationships break down.

Beth’s presentations are engaging, informative, high energy and fun. They are also based in a deep understanding of how relationships work, both at home and at work, and delivered with an innovative approach that can be immediately practiced and applied… and they work! Beth helps audiences slice through the “Why is this happening?” mentality and get to the core issue and simply deal with the relationship in front of you.

Beth Hanishewski believes inspiration is only effective when paired with action and her training delivers bite-sized takeaways that audiences can implement immediately. She incorporates visuals, music, storytelling, interactive processes and live coaching that creates engagement, accountability and inspires leadership. At work. At home. At life. Beth has taught professionals around the globe, the simple yet powerful systems for personal and professional transformation that are innovative, and yet incredibly straight forward.

Beth specializes in helping people create lives they love and experience deeply connected relationships. She is a highly intuitive coach with an uncanny ability to see the heart of a problem and offer solutions to help her clients shifts quickly. Beth Hanishewski has been called “the swiss army knife of coaches” with a knack for breaking down the most complex challenges into small doable steps. She is well known for her highly interactive and hilarious presentations.

Topic Presentations

In a world where we all experience both sides of life - the great and the not-so-great moments there is one quality above all others that determines our success in life: resiliency. Thriving is pretty easy when things are going well but the ability to thrive in times of adversity, pressure and strife comes down your daily habits. In this presentation some surprising antidotes will be given on how to cope with modern life and be resilient in the real world. Get ready to thrive!

Key Takeaways:

  • A STRATEGY assess each of the four essential areas

  • A PLAN of how to increase your weak areas and sustains your strengths.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to inspire implementation and take immediate action

Life made easy? Yes. But first you must stop being “fine”. How many times a day do you use the “F” word - answering “fine” when someone asks how you are? As time goes by, fine often becomes a default in our jobs, businesses, relationships and other areas. By refusing to accept fine and embracing the excitement of fulfillment we can start to feel alive again, creating energy that spills over to all aspects of our lives, both business or personal.

In a world where you are asked to juggle many hats, inevitably one or more areas of your life are sacrificed in order to be successful (or at least look like you are!).

In this funny, down-to-earth, and insightful talk, Beth shares practical strategies with her audience, showing them how to create positive, exciting life change that will leave them feeling more alive and fulfilled.

Key Takeaways:

  • A MODEL of assessment for work and life thriving.

  • A PLAN of how to increase your alive-ness both long and short term

  • ACCOUNTABILITY to inspire implementation and take immediate action

Relationships are at the heart of everything that matters. Family. Friends. Business partnerships. Clients. Colleagues. Everyone. If you have humans in your life, the relationship you have with them affects your stress, your ability to produce results, your mental focus and your overall wellness. If your relationships are strong, stable and happy, it shows it everything you do. If they are not, it shows there too. In this interactive training, you will learn the mathematics of relationships with a proven formula that when mastered, can enhance every relationship in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • A 3-step FORMULA that can impact every relationship you have.

  • A SYSTEM for conflict resolution that can create immediate results

  • A new UNDERSTANDING of how people think, act and work.

Alchemy is a scientific term that describes a process by which basic materials are turned into gold, silver and other metals using heat and pressure. In today’s world, we’re surrounded by the heat of competition and the pressure to perform. Many, people end up feeling wilted or crushed by circumstances rather than recognizing the opportunity to transform themselves into something rare, unique and valuable.

In this insightful talk, Beth demonstrates how to reframe your experiences by using the principles of alchemy. The foundation for success in business and life lies in the ability to be an alchemist and use any circumstance or challenge to empower you.

Key Takeaways:

  • An UNDERSTANDING about the power of story in the role of success.

  • A powerful PROCESS that can shift any negative thought, pattern or belief.

  • A PLAN for conflict resolution that can create immediate results.

Corporations/Entrepreneurs/Business leaders need to build teams to increase their revenue. Relationships are a key part of this process. However, sometimes with so many relationships on the go, they start to seem a burden rather than an asset. When this happens either business or personal relationships start falling apart.

For many, the relationships they have with their spouse and family get pushed aside, leading to a feeling of unhappiness and failure despite business success.

Too often they are thinking of ways of influence and persuade others rather than understanding how they can build the type of strong relationships that will provide value and fulfillment naturally.

Developing great relationships will help them build bigger stronger teams more quickly and help them make more money. It will also help their health (less stress) and dramatically improve their emotional and sexual relationships with their spouse – allowing them to have a truly successful life and thrive as a person.

Associations and Corporate organizations and internal teams are often composed of both men and women who bring various types of masculine and feminine energy to their jobs and their workplace.

Negative masculine energy (sex/manipulation) can lead to lack of trust, feelings of harassment or toxic work environment – particularly for women.

Negative female energy (neediness, control over others) emanating from either sex can lead to a lack of respect for that person – often resulting in delayed projects, inter-personal conflicts and hostile meetings.

By understanding how to identify and change the type of energy their employees and leaders bring to the table, organizations can reduce lawsuits, gender conflict, harassment, and build stronger more effective teams that feel secure enough to explore creative and innovative ideas.

Corporations/Entrepreneurs/Business leaders are often under a lot of pressure to perform and provide exceptional results in both their work life and their personal life. For many people, the constant pressure and heat of competition eventually crushes them or burns them out, resulting in costly ruined relationships at home, ruined health (both mental and physical) and a sense that the struggle for success has been all for nothing.

Understanding how to use life’s pressures as an opportunity to grow and transform will improve their lives and businesses. This involves transforming the stories well tell ourselves about what is happening in our lives.

Associations/Corporate Employees and organizational leaders are often under a lot of pressure to perform and provide exceptional results in both their work life and their personal life.

For many people, the constant pressure and heat of competition eventually crushes them or burns them out. This increases absenteeism, health costs, productivity costs, and delays in implementing projects for the organization.

Your people and their challenges are unique and you want your event to both to meet the needs of your attendees and create a shift that lasts long after they leave the room. Events and sessions that are dynamic, interactive, provocative and inspires practical immediate strategies leave lasting impressions. Beth Hanishewski can help you make your event extraordinary. She specializes in relationships and believes business, success, happiness and wellness all depend on the kind of relationships we have. Her approach is to partner with you to customize a keynote or training session so the material is personalized and relevant.

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