Doug Smith

Doug Smith

Ottawa, Ontario
Mental Performance, Trauma, Recovery and Overcoming Adversity Expert
Doug Smith is a Mental Performance, Trauma, Recovery and Overcoming Adversity Expert, a thought leader on the impact of workplace-induced emotional trauma. Doug Smith inspires and helps people to understand change as he tells his incredible life story of perseverance and resilience with a memorable system for better mental health and many fun simple hacks.
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Doug Smith is a retired NHL player whose career spanned over a decade. Picked 2nd choice overall in the NHL, Doug played for the Los Angeles Kings, Buffalo Sabres, Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, and Pittsburgh Penguins. When his two daughters were both under two years old, Doug’s professional sports career tragically ended in a headfirst collision resulting in a broken neck and spinal cord injury.
He played 607 professional games before the injury ended his career. Doug’s story of recovery and healing is unforgettable, and inspiring and helps people to better understand change.
Author of “The Trauma Code” & “Thriving in Transition”, Doug Smith is a thought leader on the subject of change and trauma. In his latest book, “The Trauma Code, unlocking your Mental Performance” Doug delves into his personal story of success and provides concrete actions leaders and employees can use immediately to effect positive change in the workplace.
An accomplished keynote speaker and communicator, Doug Smith presents an innovative solution through his teenage NHL story. The solution helps leaders to become more aware of trauma in their workplace in order to maximize human performance around them. Doug’s clients are able to use this new understanding and messaging to the benefit of their employees and the performance of their organization today.
Doug understands the impact of change, the process of recovery, and the rebuilding of personal performance because he has been there.
Award-winning author of ‘Thriving in Transition, How to Turn Adversity into the Opportunity of a Lifetime and ‘The Trauma Code, Unlocking Your Performance’, Doug Smith is a thought leader on the subjects of change, trauma, and human performance. As he tells his incredible life story of perseverance and resilience, Doug leaves the audience with a memorable system for better mental health and many fun simple hacks they can use to maximize their personal and professional performance.
Doug’s corporate clients are able to use this understanding and messaging for the benefit of their employees, the performance of their organizations, and their own personal well-being.
Confined in leg braces and diagnosed with rickets as a child, Doug Smith became an elite athlete and avid learner by just age 16. That year Doug played in the Ontario Hockey League as an “underage” and was the Winner of The OHL’s Bobby Smith Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. At 18 years old, Doug was the NHL’s 1st round draft choice of the Los Angeles Kings franchise.
Chosen 2nd overall, he was the youngest player to have ever played for the LA Kings at that time.



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Doug Smith Topic Presentations

an expert on workplace resilience & the impact of emotional trauma (an nhl story)

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  • A High-Performance expert, elite professional athlete, best-selling author and business owner, Doug Smith teaches his clients how to overcome the odds and achieve phenomenal performance. He achieves these gains by demonstrating the impact of emotional TRAUMA on the achievement of high performance. His dynamic presentation opens the mind, is backed by science and is a Catalyst for Change.

    What happens to the audience during the presentation is like magic.

    Doug not only inspires and educates everyone that hears his story, but he also delivers  a simple system each audience member can take, use and s

doug smith's customized presentations

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  • After suffering a catastrophic, life-altering, injury while playing professional hockey, former NHLer Doug Smith decided right then and there, that if he survived the impact and physical injuries, he would do better emotionally as a human being. It was at that moment, laying on the ice, that the humble beginnings of “System 438” sprang into action.

    Doug’s incredible story will leave you, inspired, empowered and more aware. He will explain why and how the impact of emotional trauma combined with the “rate of change” is our ticking time bomb in the workplace today. He will show you how to disarm it. Why and how System 438 can enhance human performance through awareness. Trauma can hurt our performance without us being aware it is happening to us.

    The human species suffers from only 4 types of trauma. 3 types of trauma can be easily seen and felt. One type
    of trauma we are not well-equipped to see and feel. Doug will show you how to see and feel cumulative emotional trauma, so you can lead with confidence, support using empathy, and achieve phenomenal outcomes.

    3 – Assessment: What controls us? The subconscious brain controls more than 95% of human functioning. The subconscious brain has only 3 priorities. You will learn what these priorities are.

    8 – Performance: Revealed through Doug’s story, you will learn the 8 behaviours and performance-fueling actions that he used to feed the 3 priorities of his subconscious brain. Playing the lottery with your emotional performance and the performance of others is not a requirement. There is a systematic approach to better manage emotional states.

    Let Doug be your guide to System 438.

mastering mental wellness in the workplace - a simple, rational approach to managing trauma, wellness, and performance

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  • “For 20 years, I would get 2 minutes in the penalty box for doing something to someone that you would get 15 years in jail for. To be treated this way psychologically is a form of human conditioning or emotional trauma.” Doug Smith

    It was not his physical ability. Doug Smith was unaware of what was happening to him emotionally as a teenager in the NHL. Cumulative emotional trauma would slowly take over his life and his ability to perform as a professional athlete.

    Today, Doug presents his scientifically supported model which anyone can use to manage trauma more effectively.

    What Doug has learned from his experience and what he teaches can significantly benefit your employees, your leadership, and your bottom line.

    Doug is a spinal cord injury survivor and former NHL first-round draft pick. As an award-winning author of ‘The Trauma Code and Thriving in Transition’, Doug has been telling his story of emotional trauma and performance and wowing audiences around the world for over a decade.

    Doug makes life better for others by turning the confusing and misunderstood topic of “trauma” into a simple and easy-to-understand model and system that anyone can manage with little effort.

Doug Smith travels from Ottawa, Ontario & delivers customized and tailored keynote speeches, presentations, workshops and training sessions. on the topics enlisted below. These services are designed for a variety of audiences, industries, and event types and event formats.


My staff and personnel, a combination of military and civilian, benefited tremendously from your expression of your personal experience, in addition to the life lessons and tactics you have acquired throughout your journey.

Lieutenant-Colonel, Angie Lapointe


Doug’s keynote presentation was in perfect alignment with our leadership workshop. He delivered the inspiring messages that we hoped for and our entire team got so much more.

James S. Paul

President & CEO
Defence Construction Canada

Doug Smith has captured the interest of people around the world because of the important issues he has been addressing in his books, presentations, and with his system. This work is relevant to everyone, and even more so today. We are pleased to have Doug as our Vice-President of Communications and Outreach, as Doug is an experienced professional that can effectively communicate a message to businesses and their employees that we believe is important to hear.

Craig Campbell,


Bringing out the best is the goal; dignity, respect, empathy, humility, confidence, is the approach. Subconsciously, I was always there, now I understand it better and have made that link with my conscious self. Thank you for helping me understand that this philosophy on life is not merely an idea or thought, but a fundamental truth to what it is to be a human being.


Hydro Ottawa Keynote Presentation

I am a young man in South Ottawa and I just had to let you know how much your book has done for me. Almost a year ago, I suffered a severe stroke that should have killed me. I was alone for 25 hours before paramedics broke into the house to save my life. I was in intensive care at the Ottawa civic hospital for 12 days, while doctors contemplated surgery to release the pressure in my head. My good friend Jason Daley went to hear you speak and bought me a copy of The Trauma Code. My Neurologist didn’t think I’d ever walk again and I’ve been skating for 5 months now. I’d love to shake your hand someday


After hearing Doug Smith speak I went full force into working towards my own dreams. People told me that I would never own my own gym… on the 15th of October, I move in as the owner of the Phaze1 Fitness Centre. I am going to take on some medically releasing soldiers and pass on the same encouragement I got from seeing and hearing Doug at Algonquin College. Thank you so very much.

Erica Murphy

Former Officer
Canadian Armed Forces

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The Trauma Code
The Trauma Code
The Trauma Code
Thriving In Transition
Thriving In Transition
Thriving In Transition
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