Nikolas Badminton

Futurist Speaker, Trends, & Innovation Expert

Nikolas Badminton is one of Canada’s and the World’s leading experts and keynote speakers for futures and foresight predictions and trends. He is a master of igniting curiosity in the changing world. He inspires audiences in thinking creatively on the impact of exponential technologies including: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality; Work Productivity; Hospitality and Travel; The Sharing Economy; Autonomous Transportation; Smart Cities; Education; The Future of AI integrated with Life and Business; and Predictions for humanity from 2018 to 2030, and beyond. Nikolas Badminton offers dynamic presentations because he brings forward in-depth knowledge on the subject matter, coupled with plenty of humour and creativity.

Oftentimes organizations are overwhelmed by the amount of changes happening in society. They sometimes become paralysed to know how to adjust how they work, and what to invest time and money into. Nikolas demystifies how the world is changing and focuses in on what directly affects industries, consumers, and the business landscape to allow for strategic thinking and frameworks to evolve how organizations work and can grow over the next 10 to 20 years. Above all, Nikolas Badminton is a game changer for you, your conference, and your business. It’s not what you want to hear. It’s what you need to hear. And, you will take action based on his powerful content rich solutions.

Badminton has spent over 20 years defining business-changing strategies with global technology companies. He consults world-leading blue chips on how to optimize and grow their businesses, advising start-ups on consumer engagement and growth. He is passionate on speaking to audience’s keen to understand how society will change. As a result of his unique insights, Nikolas will bring his broad range of expertise and practical advice to each presentation. Badminton will be able to asses your audience and their industry to give practical advice on how to prepare for the future. Badminton believes that everyone can create a future for their lives and business through continued education, the application of knowledge, and critical thinking. His mantra is ‘Learn something new each day and understand how that changes the world.

Nikolas Badminton has also helped some big organizations be future-ready. He has worked with Dell to help them evolve their direct marketing capability in 14 countries across Europe through big data, analytics, and creative engagement to significantly grow their business. He has also enabled Microsoft to engage consumers globally in new ways through authenticity and transparency in social media communications. Nikolas has also delivered innovative solution to TELUS through 3D printing, and social engagement with vending machines. He has also produced Cyborg Camp YVR which brought 150 of the world’s greatest thinkers together to ignite change and new thinking in cyborg anthropology, wearables, emotional robotics, and business evolution.

Nikolas Badminton has presented to HSBC, TELUS, PwC, University of Waterloo, IDEO, Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC), Ontario Securities Commission, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, BC Association of School Board Officers, Canadian Government, University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, London Futurists, Communitech. He is also a go-to futurist for prominent media organizations. He is currently the host on CTV Future Fridays that goes out nationally in Canada once a month and the go-to-Futurist for them to comment on technology and changes in the world. He also regularly speaks nationally on Global TV, CKNW radio, and CBC radio on both business and countrywide matters. He is the host and subject of a feature documentary from the CBC called ‘Smart Drugs, a Futurists Journey into Biohacking’, due to be released in Fall 2018 and is currently working as the ‘Futurist Advisor’ on Robert Downey Jr.’s new Youtube Red documentary series ‘The Age of A.I.’ due out in 2019.

Topic Presentations

​Nikolas speaks to amazing clients about the rise and impact of exponential technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things, renewable energy, blockchain, gene editing, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.

He provides deep and truthful insights by talking about the signals of change he sees in:

-The future of finance, insurance and fintech

-The future of retail, eCommerce and consumer goods

-The future of food and agriculture

-The future of smart cities, construction and city planning

-The future of automotive and transportation

-The future of ethics, policy planning, eGovernment and eDemocracy

-The future of energy, water management and climate change resiliency

-The future of marketing, advertising and media

-The future of education and entertainment

-The future of content, social media, software platforms and privacy

-The future of medicine, health, wellness and biohacking

He also speaks about many other subject and tailors research and keynotes for every client.

This talk will ask what’s the big deal with AI and what it means for us in society, business, and personal life. It will also look at how startups can benefit and take advantage of open source AI in practical terms. This presentation covers the birth of AI, its relevance to business and its roles in industry and everyday life. Nikolas also explores questions around ethics and equality in AI Applications. Nikolas looks at the changing dynamics in markets, how cities and businesses operate with the rise of exponential technologies. He looks at the rise of the $1.7 trillion mobile economy, its effects on all aspects of life, how the Sharing Economy is changing how we do work, socialize, travel, and interact for business, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to revolutionize every part of life. He looks at incredible innovations and paints a picture of where we will be by 2025, 2035, and beyond.

This session is perfect for startups, businesses struggling to change and grow, and those people considering starting their own business in a fresh and sustainable way. It will go into the sharing economy and new modes for working in the G.R.O.W. model:

  • Growth-driven and productive

  • Radical working practices

  • Open communities

  • Working smarter

This presentation looks at how the world is changing with the advent of mobile as the predominant device, the growth of the sharing economy, and how businesses are recalibrating to empower their staff to do more while loving their jobs.

The Digital Revolution is underway. Global companies are transforming from consumer, product and service companies into digital organizations that utilize IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies to reconstruct themselves internally to become more competitive, while delivering greater value to their customers and partners. This future-now of digital, and IoT out in the world, will be explored during this presentation.

We are seeing a revolution. Businesses can be created in a minute with a cellphone and a credit card. The ubiquity of Internet access and the sharing economy has revolutionized how we hire, grow our businesses, operate in our cities and change the world. This talk looks at the opportunities for businesses and workers when harnessing the power of online platforms and looks to how we will survive in the future ‘under the API’.

Online platforms, big data and new business practices are revolutionizing businesses, individuals and how society works. Education, transport, accommodation, fundraising, health, food, and many other industries are being revolutionized every day. This talk looks at the new world of the sharing economy, the macroeconomic and societal effect that will enables and how to take advantage and thrive as in business.

Nikolas look at how the education sector must change, and how that change will mean we
encourage our children to be radical freethinkers.

Media & Advertising
Nikolas will talk about how media and advertising is changing at an exponential pace and is
leaving agencies, marketing professionals, and brands with some tough decisions to make.
Disruption through channel diversity, platform hijacking, and immersive experiences. The talk
will cover; the ages of advertising, innovation, the new channel mix and the future of consumer
connection, immersion, and brand affinity.

Now, more than ever, we are seeing more innovation delivered across many industries. In the
next few years, there will be huge opportunities to look at, and implement, technology
innovations that advance the business of farming. Nikolas will touch on trends in key areas
including the Internet of Agricultural Things (IofAT), apps to help with business management,
access to design, engineering and admin resources online, open data, virtual and augmented
reality, wearables and implantables, vertical and underground farming, automation in the field
(robots), and quantified cattle.

Energy and Fuel
This will be a stimulating and thought-provoking talk on how we operated today, what
innovations are coming to change supply and demand, and how we will progress in the modern
world over time.

Why will automation change the HR profession forever? True disruption will come from
unbiased computers and artificial intelligence.

Cars are hot news these days and the industry is at an inflection point. From self-driving to
electric vehicles that upgrade automatically without recall, from the Internet of Cars to the
challenges of changing city infrastructures, we are seeing innovation disrupt one of the stalwart
industries of the world. This evening presents some opinions and kick starts the discussion.

In 2018, we are at the horizon of change and are seeing the third industrial revolution take place with advances never seen before across the digitized communications, renewable energy, and automated transportation Internet. At the heart of all of these is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Nikolas draws on his 20+ years of experience in big data, analytics and A.I. to look at how this revolution is starting and changing society, business, and personal life. The insights he provides gives to you deeper understanding of what he world will look like in 2030 by showing you the techniques, research, and systems that are being deployed across industries, cities, and transportation. He also looks at wider societal implications and the ethics around data, privacy, and how we are all going to be affected.

The world will change in the next 20 years more than it has in the previous 100. At the heart of that are technologies that are advancing at a pace never seen before - exponentially. Nikolas will provide an deep dive into the key exponentially developing and growing technologies that are changing the world, including Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Robotics, Computational Systems, 3D Printing, Medicine/Neurosystems, Cybersecurity and Bioinformatics, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology, and Quantum Computing. He will highlight the ‘signals of change’ that show how quickly the world is changing across industries - finance, agriculture, medicine, media, transportation and logistics,  construction, and many more. Nikolas will also provide a view on ethical implications and insights on how these technologies affect planning, policies, and regulations at both federal and state level.

Over 1000 smart city pilot projects are in progress today with over 500 of them being developed in China. The future city is going to have systems in place to create the ability to monitor, and program the city to react to what is needed in real-time. With this vision comes the implementation and rollout of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro), self-driving vehicles (autonomous truck fleets, municipal transport, on-demand taxis and personal vehicles), electric vehicles, the internet of things, with Big Data and Data Science at the heart of operations. Nikolas will look at how city planning is changing along with the core technologies being deployed, and will profile the global cities that are embracing this approach.

The Internet surrounds us, binds us together as a society, and helps us with almost all aspects of our lives. Everything seems to be in its place and useful. But, in 2018 the world is changing. Social media is both the amplifier and controller of our emotions as we go about our daily lives. Algorithms optimize every aspect of lives, and ubiquitous connections across billions of devices capture our every move. The new world won't look that different but, it will operate completely differently with these systems. Nikolas will help you look deeper into this new world and realize how the normal function of childhood, family and community is being altered and manipulated for profit. And, with our full permission.

In this new in-depth and essential keynote from trusted futurist Nikolas Badminton illustrates pathways ahead on the mega trends that will shape our world, and shape your business over the next 20+ years.

Expert insights and guidance includes:

  • Shifting mindsets from WHAT IS to WHAT IF, and the power of Strategic Foresight for futures planning

  • Global shifts - economic and population growth, global warming and the dynamics of the water-food-energy nexus

  • Renewable energy and decarbonization

  • Opportunities and challenges on data, sensors, artificial intelligence and automation

  • Industry effects relating to smart cities, transportation and logistics, finance, agriculture, retail, media, telecommunications, and more

  • Your attendees will never see the world in the same way again. And, that will lead to an incredible shift in thinking towards our positive futures.

As always, the keynote will be customized to the client’s needs.

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When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Futurist

Nikolas Badminton loves to think about the future. In 2014 people started calling him a futurist. This was probably because he had been talking about the strange future of sex, the Internet of Things in 2020, why software is sexier than advertising, creativity, the collaborative economy, the #thefutureofwork, industrial wearables, surveillance, psychedelics, the connected society, and the quality of life we have with technology

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