Ken Larson

Ken Larson

Calgary, Alberta
Certified Executive Coach, Business Strategy, Leadership, Productivity and Performance Expert
Ken Larson is a high-performance executive coaching, strategic thinking, execution planning, leadership, team development & overall business growth expert. Ken Larson walks his talk, lives by his core values & overall philosophy toward life, and has delivered successful executive coaching experiences & growth to organizations.
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Ken Larson has owned and operated Champion Performance Systems since 1996 and is considered an expert in high-performance executive coaching, strategic thinking, execution planning, executive leadership & team development, and overall business growth.

He delivers high-impact keynote presentations on human high performance, strategic thinking/execution planning, leadership, authentic living, and inspiration. Ken Larson’s mission is to inspire the Champion in all of us through sharing his energy, experience, and enthusiasm. His purpose, or Ikigai, is… “To Ignite”.

Before founding Champion Performance Systems, Ken Larson was the Athletic Director for the top college athletic program in Canada (now Mount Royal University). He is a former member of the University of Victoria Vikings as part of their seven (7) National Championships in a row in the early 1980s.

Ken Larson was also a member of the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team (1981-84), playing for well-known Coach Jack Donohue. At the time, the Canadian Team was ranked 4th in the world – the highest Canada has ever been ranked.

According to Ken Larson, it isn’t what Coach Donohue did to him, but what he did for him that has allowed him to coach over 300 (and counting) leaders in the last 25+ years, and what also laid the foundation for his most successful keynote, Inspirationship™.

Ken has delivered successful executive coaching experiences and growth to organizations with topline revenues ranging from millions to billions. Ken Larson has his own executive coach, personal trainer, and health coach. This team has helped and inspired him to seek the very best for himself and others.

As a lifelong learner, Ken Larson is always learning from his experiences, his colleagues, and his clients. His goal is to read a minimum of 50 books a year. He is currently working on one of his own. He walks his talk and lives by his core values and overall philosophy toward life.



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Ken Larson Topic Presentations

motivation is dead

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  • Ken Larson doesn’t believe in motivation anymore. There is nothing that he, or anyone for that matter, can say or do that will motivate anyone with any sort of lasting results. Your people already have their own motivation within themselves, it’s just a matter of bringing it out.

    Frankly, most people are downright tired of motivation tactics and seek much more. That’s why it is the responsibility of every person within your organization to inspire themselves first, and then to infect everyone else around them with the same.

    Inspiration is not a play on words. It is an entirely different concept and paradigm than the common practices of most organizations in the world today. High-performing organizations understand and foster this. It all starts with the individual. If your people aren’t actively choosing to inspire themselves, then they are, by default, relying on someone or something else to motivate them.

    That is a recipe for disaster in any organizational setting. Inspired people inspire others. Teams of inspired individuals inspire the organization. Inspired organizations rise above their competitors and customers are willingly drawn to them.

inspiring self and others

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  • Leaders cannot give away what they do not possess. How does one inspire others if one is not first inspired? Applying the simple steps toward self-generating inspiration is the first step to creating a contagiously inspirational culture.

    The daily inspiration of others begins with daily inspiration for self. It’s as much of a mindset as it is a set of skills and activities. Once on track, the aspiring self-inspiring person begins to infect others through their renewed energy and enthusiasm.

    Truly connecting with the organization’s cause and purpose puts people in a position to connect with others in a caring fashion. Watch the virus spread rapidly! Self-inspiring individuals affect and create self-inspiring teams, which in turn, create self-inspiring organizations.

    Organizations that constantly battle with motivational challenges stand to gain amazing amounts of positive culture shift once the inspirational paradigm is embraced, adopted applied and fostered.

the inspiration paradigm

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  • The motivational paradigm is truly outdated, based on doing things TO people, short-term results, and calling upon people’s fear of failure to motivate them to perform. As a result, people work as the course of least resistance. The inspiration paradigm is virtually the opposite.

    It’s based on doing things FOR people, long-term engagement and productivity, and calling upon people’s inner strength and wisdom. For these people, work becomes meaningful, and as a result, they become more productive and happier. Sound good? The interesting part about the inspiration paradigm is that we all have it already – it’s inside us.

    The trick is to understand it, access it, and apply it consistently.

ken larson's custom presentation topics

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    • High-performance executive coaching
    • Strategic planning and Execution
    • Accountability
    • Team development
    • Productivity
    • Life-work balance
    • Stress management
    • Change management
    • Business growth
    • Leadership development and Accountability
    • Communication


Ken seemed to identify with the group right away and find a common ground that made it easy for myself and others to get a hold of the problems and complications in our lives and find motivation – no, INSPIRATION – to do something better for ourselves, mentally and physically, as well as in our work and personal lives.

Restructuring and Government Efficiency - Province of Alberta

He not only changed the perception of stress to a positive one, but his energy also inspired everyone to challenge life’s stressful situations by using his techniques. I was impressed by how Ken customized his presentation so that it was relative to the stress faced in our industry and the deadline-driven atmosphere that the production accountant faces every day.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting

Ken’s presentation rekindled the spirit of “NOW!” in me, and reminded me of the importance of a personal vision (clarity!), setting priorities (focus!), and knowing who and what inspires me. I loved the “INSPIRATION”!

Corporate Human Resources - Province of Alberta

Employees continue to ask when Ken is coming back. I even had a senior staff suggest to a more junior employee, who is struggling with confidence and presentation skills, that they think about working with Ken as a mentor and coach. We will definitely have Ken back to do more.

PrimeWest Energy

He was very instrumental in helping me to get on a better path, and I started to make some life-altering changes that have led me to a point two years later, where I am the happiest that I have ever been.

Dome Britannia Properties Inc.

Articles & Media



Wrangling the Double Black Swan With Ken Larson, President of Champion Performance Systems Inc.


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