Ann Gomez

Speaker, Author, Former Management Consultant, Entrepreneur

Ann Gomez is an inspiring speaker, a USA Today bestselling author and the founding president of Clear Concept Inc., a global training organization. Ann Gomez is passionate about helping people do their best work at all stages of their career and has 20 years of experience delivering compelling and practical talks about productivity, collaboration, mindset, and wellbeing.

Ann Gomez is a 2x bestselling author of The Email Warrior and Younger Self Letters: How Successful Leaders & Entrepreneurs Turned Trials Into Triumph. She has been featured in The Globe & Mail and has appeared on CBC Radio, Global TV and BNN, and other major news outlets and online platforms, including Huffington Thrive Global. She is an active blogger and media spokesperson and is the 2021 winner of the Women Business Enterprises (WBE) Canada Leader Award. Ann is also a recurring faculty member at the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management Initiative for Women in Business.

Ann Gomez and her team at Clear Concept Inc. work with people around the world and across industries to help busy people make the most of their time.

Prior to founding Clear Concept Inc., Ann was a management consultant at A.T. Kearney. Earlier in her career, Ann was a pharmaceutical representative and research coordinator.

Ann has an MBA from Queen’s University where she was the President of the MBA class. Ann also has an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Science (Biology & Psychology) from McMaster University.

Speaker and Author, Ann Gomez, is passionate about helping people make time for what matters most. As a former management consultant, entrepreneur and mother of four children, Ann knows what it’s like to feel a sense of overwhelm and stress. Her compelling and practical talks are designed to have an immediate impact and help people to:

  • Take control of busy days.
  • Boost productivity and restore balance.
  • Deal with a high volume of work, email and meetings.
  • Build and contribute to a high-performance team.
  • Strengthen collaboration, feel less isolated and more connected.
  • Cope with stress and build resilience to navigate challenges.
  • Manage energy and reclaim focus.
  • Prioritize wellbeing.
  • Shift from surviving to thriving.

Topic Presentations

We are entering a new era in how we work with hybrid teams. This program brings leading-edge thinking to help you cultivate a high-performance culture. We’ll build upon well-established teaming principles, while addressing current challenges including retention and on-boarding.

In this talk, Ann shares practical strategies you can use to help your modern team thrive, including how to:

  • Ensure all team members have access to the same opportunities, wherever they work

  • Expand your influence to resolve issues and grow healthy relationships

  • Encourage accountability and engagement

  • Identify metrics to hold our teams accountable

  • Model high-performance leadership habits

Hybrid teams have an incredible opportunity to be more deliberate and proactive about how we collaborate. Building on long-standing teaming principles, this program is focused on how you can thrive, as an individual and team member, regardless of where you work. You’ll learn how to strengthen connections, lean into autonomy, and find more meaning in your work. Ultimately, you’ll learn how to make the most of the modern working style: hybrid work.

Ann will share a practical framework you can use to:

  • Identify strategies to build trust and strengthen team connections

  • Foster trust and collaboration

  • Leverage the power of optimism and understand why optimism is vital to building a high-performance team culture

  • Understand how purpose gives us meaning and learn strategies to help our teams ground everything they do in a solid sense of purpose

Mindset is powerful. Perhaps more powerful than any of us can imagine. Mindset is what allows us to thrive at both work and in life. And the world’s most successful and content people embrace this powerful approach in everything they do. Learn how these elite performers build their resilience, grow at exponential rates and use purpose as their north star.

Ann will share how you can use these proven habits to transform your life:

  • Use the power of resiliency to mitigate stress and adopt a positive stress mindset

  • Identify and understand the distinction between positive stress levels in helping us perform and achieve our goals and toxic stress levels, which are harmful to our health

  • Recognize our individual stress triggers and be equipped to take helpful action during stressful situations

  • Adopt a growth mindset by committing to continuous improvement and recognizing how to use optimism to your advantage in work and in life

  • Understand how the brain is capable of learning new skills

  • Use the concept of failing forward to your advantage

  • Use the power of re-framing and learn how to choose positive thoughts

  • Adopt an internal locus of control

  • Find the opportunities and gifts in every challenging situation we face

  • Learn practical strategies we can all use to respond versus react

  • Use body language to influence your mind

  • Build your confidence so you feel inspired by others

  • Understand how purpose gives us meaning and learn strategies to find purpose in everything we do.

Wellbeing is an essential foundation. Yet many people struggle to prioritize key behaviors such as sleep, exercise and eating well. Fostering healthy relationships, practicing gratitude and relaxation are also crucial for restoring ourselves physically and mentally. Fortunately, the latest science in habits can help us strengthen our wellbeing. We know why wellbeing is important. It’s time we focus on how to prioritize the activities that matter most.

Participants will discover:

  • The science of wellbeing and how the practice of positive psychology contributes to our own individual wellbeing

  • How chronic stress affects our focus, energy and productivity, including a discussion of mental health

  • Six core wellbeing habits and their importance today more than ever: exercise, sleep, nutrition, relaxation, gratitude and relationships

  • The latest science around the power of habits and how to establish long-term behavior change

  • How to use practical, simple techniques to integrate wellbeing habits into each day

  • How to address the knowing/doing gap associated with wellbeing habits and understand why habits drive results, consume less energy and diminish decision fatigue

  • How to establish their own framework to support new wellbeing habits – including an individual Wellbeing Habit Blueprint they can implement immediately

Prioritizing is a brilliant theory. It holds great promise of enabling us to supercharge our progress on our most essential work and achieve incredible goals. Yet despite how amazing prioritization is, in theory, it isn’t working. We are stretched thin and feel out of control. Our backlog grows bigger by the day. We are running faster than ever before, and it is still harder and harder to stay on top of everything. We are hitting a prioritization crisis. Clearly, we need a better approach.

In this talk, Ann will show you how you can:

  • Recognize the 4 ways we get prioritization wrong

  • Use the P3 Prioritization Formula to take control of your work and rock your productivity goals

  • Maximize your precious time with Your Proactive Routine, plan your time for optimal results

  • Pivot most effectively when things don’t go as planned

  • Identify the 5 components of an effective Master Action Plan – the foundation of productivity and your most essential productivity tool (so much more than a “to-do” list)

  • Build and use your Master Action Plan, and

  • Simplify, streamline and scale back using The Simplify Filter when there is simply too much to do

In today’s “always connected” society, we are losing the art of focus. But focus is a critical way to get big things done. Learn how multi-tasking negatively impacts us in three unfortunate ways. In a nod to the past, learn how to reclaim your focus, manage interruptions and do more of your most essential work. Your legacy depends on this.


  • How to stay focused when faced with non-stop interruptions using key strategies to manage the interruptions we all face each day

  • The power of using a Proactive Routine to make time for your top priorities and most essential work

  • Practical strategies you can use to stop procrastinating – and start thriving


Email. This started as a time-saving, breakthrough technology but has spiraled into a time-sabotaging vortex. Email has become a chore unto itself. Busy people, drowning in their inbox, are one click away from pitching white envelopes of defeat. Thankfully, there is hope. We are all capable of transforming into Email Warriors, in less time than you may think. Learn a practical and attainable formula to take back control over your inbox and gain peace of mind.

Having a clear inbox and knowing how to maintain it, feels amazing and translates into many other productivity benefits. When you’re an Email Warrior, you will:

  • Save time and feel less stressed

  • Protect time for your key priorities while still remaining responsive to your colleagues

  • Spend less time on email and get more done.

  • Take control over your most precious resource – your time

We know productivity tools, collaboration skills, and mindset practices are essential to our success. Often, we know what we need to do, but we don’t always succeed in making our habits stick. We were taught discipline is the key to being successful. But discipline is a depleting and unreliable resource. Willpower is also unreliable. Thankfully, building habits around our essential work is the most effective and sustainable way to drive results.

Learn how to make your key habits stick, so you can perform at your best.

Discover how you can:

  • Identify what behaviors are most essential to your success at work and for your own wellbeing

  • Use a proven three-step approach to entrench these behaviors into habits

  • Use your new habits to help you make time for your most important and strategic goals

  • Leverage the power of accountability by identifying champions and collaborators

Imagine, after a big presentation, your boss asks, “Can I give you some feedback?” Be honest: what feelings immediately come to mind? Joy and gratitude? Or anxiety and despair? Sadly, fear wins out for most people. Feedback is something we fear. But what if we could reframe feedback? What if we could champion this critical development tool to fast-track results on our teams and across our organization? Thankfully, this is possible.

Ann is going to show us exactly how we can all lean into fearless feedback by:

  • Overcoming 3 common feedback barriers, including the threat perception

  • Mastering feedback conversations using 8 proven success principles

  • Normalizing feedback and using feedback to help people thrive

  • Using delegation skills to create the foundation for delivering (and receiving) meaningful feedback

  • Establishing feedback loops to cultivate ongoing and productive dialogue among people leaders and their team members in order to build trust

  • Innovating, questioning, experimenting and reflecting

Ann is committed to understanding the unique attributes of each audience and will partner with you to deliver content that best suits your needs.

Ann offers customized, personalized combinations of keynotes, webinars, fireside chats, breakout sessions and Q&A.

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The Email Warrior: How to Clear Your Inbox and Keep it That Way

Are you overwhelmed by the number of emails you receive? Do you feel you could spend your entire day on email, with no time for anything else? Productivity expert Ann Gomez shares a practical and proven approach to help you clear your inbox in less than three hours - and keep it clear. In this essential guide, The Email Warrior, you will learn: -Timely and essential strategies to process email most efficiently -The reasons why email is so addictive -A streamlined approach to clear your inbox (regardless of how many emails are there now) -A better way to track commitments and manage priorities -How to save time and reduce stress You are now only a few short hours away from a radically different way of working. As an Email Warrior, you will spend less time on email and you will get more done. You will also protect more time for top priorities while remaining responsive to others. Ultimately, this book, The Email Warrior, is designed to help you better manage your most precious resource - your time.

The Younger Self Letters: How Successful Leaders & Entrepreneurs Turned Trials Into Triumph (And How to Use Them to Your Advantage) (The Younger Self Letters Series)

USA Today Bestseller! Burn brighter, get stronger, tougher, clearer, fiercer, sharper and more determined than ever by learning to turn your obstacles into opportunities. Come along on this remarkable journey with 30 of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs who have written personal and intimate letters to their younger selves about what they’ve learned on their roundabout journey to success; especially the trials they’ve had to overcome which led to their greatest triumphs. In The Younger Self Letters you’ll hear from an incredible group of leaders, visionaries, CEO’s and entrepreneurs who have literally turned obstacles into opportunities in order to achieve their dreams and goals. In the superficial world of social media we often ONLY see the success or result people are having without being privy to the years of hard work, sacrifice, trials, tribulations, obstacles and perseverance that got them to where they are. In The Younger Self Letters these vulnerable authors unveil the journey like you have never seen or had access to before. They are literally opening the curtain so you can see behind the scenes and learn the most profound lessons from everything they went through.

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