Mahfuz Chowdhury

National Award-Winning Brand Storyteller

Mahfuz Chowdhury is a National Award-Winning Brand Manager of one of the fastest-growing companies in the country (ranked on Growth 500 for the last three years in a row).

Over the last 12 years, Mahfuz Chowdhury has been heavily involved with speaking at conferences and events to help brands, organizations, and changemakers engage their audience, generate leads, and convert them into raving fans through the art and science of creative storytelling. Mahfuz Chowdhury has spoken to audiences from Microsoft, IBM, KPMG, PwC, EY, along with other notable organizations, and continues to focus on helping individuals amplify their brand voice and build long-lasting relationships with their customers, one story at a time.

Each talk is customized to provide the audience members with the right combination of energy and actionable takeaways. Past conference attendees tend to return for multiple talks because they learn something valuable every single time (their words, not ours)!

Mahfuz Chowdhury continued to demonstrate his storytelling capabilities by publishing his latest book, called “Project Reinvention: The Social Timeline of a Millennial”. This book shares Mahfuz Chowdhury’s personal story of resilience and reinvention, from a coffee-server to a national award-winning Brand Manager.

These personal stories and takeaways have also been shared through Mahfuz Chowdhury’s new podcast, called “Ride With Me”. This is a unique podcast show where you can eavesdrop on Mahfuz Chowdhury’s thoughts, stories, and ramblings in between his long drives (don’t worry, mic is safely attached)! Each week, Mahfuz Chowdhury uses this platform to actively share insights around personal branding, self development and day-to-day thoughts of a motivated millennial.

Topic Presentations

In this digital age, the ability to share attention-grabbing stories is no longer just a luxury; it is an absolute necessity. Mahfuz shares practical ways to be heard, in a world dominated by social media networks, through the art of creative storytelling. He will outline the unique approach used to stand out in a crowd when constructing his book, podcast, speaking, and marketing style.

Learning Objectives:

  • Create attention-grabbing stories that are easy for your customers to consume

  • Understand the psychology of each generation and how they process information in the modern age

  • Learn how to connect with your audience through different mediums (and why context matters more than content)

  • Build brand loyalty with three specific types of storytelling objectives

  • Avoid the mistakes that most businesses make with social media (hint: there are two critical steps needed!)

“We The Brand” plays off the popular "We The North" statement (by the Toronto Raptors) to demonstrate how the individuals behind the logo create the brand. Next, Mahfuz will share how organizations can enhance their brand image through practical steps.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how telling your brand story can generate long term revenue

  • Define an authentic voice that is consistent with your brand

  • Create a brand statement (that can be shared with all members of your team) with a proven step-by-step exercise

  • Deliver your unique story (with practical strategies) to win over the attention of your ideal customers

  • Convert your existing customers into raving fans (hint: word of mouth is still undefeated!)

The ability to change and adapt is needed now more than ever. Mahfuz shares the latest digital marketing trends that are working for his clients and how organizations and changemakers can capitalize on these tactics.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the art and science of “impact stories” and how they can be used to empower action in your market

  • Develop a culture and community where changemaking and disruption is encouraged within your organization

  • Inspire your team to build meaningful relationships with current and potential customers through a proven four-step process

  • Adapt to the rapid-changing digital environment through practical growth strategies

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Project Reinvention: The Social Timeline of a Millennial

From Tragic to Magic Project Reinvention shares the challenges that Mahfuz faced over the years, including: his parents immigrating to Canada with little money, Mahfuz collecting $30,000 in debt before being suspended from university, pursuing a career with virtually no experience, recovering from heartbreak, and constantly failing after being put down by his mental chatterbox. Like his presentations, this book shares how an average millennial bounced back from these challenges and reinvented his life from tragic to magic. This is his social timeline.

Journey To My Best Self

Journey To My Best Self emphasizes gratitude along with your priorities each day. This is an enhanced and tangible journal, with a focus on personal development, to help you become your best self.

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