Keld Jensen

Communication, Negotiation, Behavioral Economics Expert

Keld Jensen is a sought-after international keynote speaker, delivering his presentations across Asia, Europe and the USA and Canada.  His highly engaging speaking style and his innovative content have made him a sought-after keynote and workshop presenter for senior corporate executives, legal and professional associations, trade organizations, and government agencies and diplomatic officials.

Jensen is an acclaimed speaker, author, advisor and professor, making him one of the most-published experts in his field. He has received several honors and awards for his publications, and his most recent book, Honest Negotiation, was recognized as Amazon’s #1 New Release in its category.  He was voted one of the best public speakers in Scandinavia.  A native of Denmark, Mr. Jensen currently lives in the US – but his work is global in nature.

Keld Jensen brings an entirely fresh perspective to the process of bargaining for something you want. Using his approach, both parties to a commercial transaction leave the table with much more than they originally thought possible. Jensen’s unique expertise lies at the intersection of three crucial areas – trust, behavioral economics and negotiations.

Jensen is a highly-experienced negotiator who brings insight and judgment to commercial transactions from his seasoned corporate perspective and more than 25 years of experience in international management, negotiation, and communication. He has acquired a global following as a result of his highly-rated speaking engagements at international conferences, his widely published media commentary, and through the publication of 24 books in 36 countries in 14 different languages. He has also served as Chairman of the Centre for Negotiation at the Copenhagen Business School.

Through his early experience at Xerox and Toshiba, he gained a solid foundation in problem solving from the corporate perspective. He has served as CEO of a publicly-traded Scandinavian company and participated in numerous start-ups. He has advised many of the leading companies in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America while serving as CEO of his own research development and consulting firm. Keld Jensen has documented his innovative ideas through original research, reported in internationally-recognized publications.

He is often used as a commentator in national and international media, and has written feature, articles for the Financial Times, Forbes, CNBC, The Christian Science Monitor,, Berlingske Tidende, and Børsen. His articles have appeared in industry publications such as the Institute for Supply Management, Producers, eSource, Business Ethics, Industry Week,,,, and eSide Supply Management. He appears frequently in the broadcast media as a highly-regarded commentator and expert on international business issues.  Keld Jensen is a contributor to Forbes magazine, on the subjects of negotiation, trust and behavioral economics, reaching more than 2.8 million readers globally.

Keld Jensen is a former CEO of a public IT company and today heads an advisory organization in the industry. Based in the US, he is now an Associate Professor at Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, an Associate Professor at Aalborg University in Denmark, and a lecturer in the eMBA program at Lithuania’s Baltic Management Institute. He is also frequently featured as a guest lecturer at a number of international universities.

In 2016, he was awarded Top Thought Leader in Trust. In,2017, he received the award: “Best Negotiation Tender” by the Organization of Public Procurement Officers in Denmark and an Award for outstanding Service Provider/innovator by ACCM.  The same year Jensen was named as one of the top 100 global thought leaders in the area of trust, by the organizations Trust Across America and Trust Across the World.

In 2017, his client, the Danish company BlueKolding received an award for the year’s Best Negotiation/Tender Strategy from Denmark’s Organization of Public Procurement Officers, for their application of Mr. Jensen’s unique business-strategy concept, SMARTnership.

This same SMARTnership concept also won the 2018 International Association of Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) Innovation Award.  Furthermore, Keld’s NegoEconomics financial concept has been recognized as a groundbreaking approach to financial development in negotiations, and endorsed by a number of international organizations.  Among his list of distinguished clients, you will find the Government of Canada, the Danish Armed Forces, Novo Nordisk corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Danske Bank, LEGO, Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Carlsberg and EADS.

The World Economic Forum has identified competence in negotiations as the fifth-most-important skill regardless of what job you hold.  Studies have found that, over the past twenty years, the level of trust in our societies has dropped by more than 55 percent.  Two recent winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics were awarded for their studies in behavioral economics. Their research proved that we humans are fundamentally irrational in our behavior. In large measure, our actions and decisions are dictated by our emotions.

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A competitive, zero-sum mindset dominates virtually every high-level negotiation, and all sides inevitably fail to perceive or take advantage of vast amounts of hidden value. In studies of over 25,000 negotiations, the Copenhagen Business School found that over a third failed to reach a deal; another study reached the startling conclusion that businesses were forfeiting up to 42% of the total value in the transactions by failing to use all the variables available to them during the bargaining process.

Keld Jensen offers four guiding principles that will unleash the non-visible value that is being left on the table in the vast majority of commercial transactions. Using real-life anecdotes and business school research, he demonstrates the shortcomings of the traditional zero sum approach and shows the vast benefits of this new paradigm of negotiation.

Jensen’s revolutionary new approach to cooperative deal making is captured in the word SMARTnership. In this mind-altering presentation, he shows the audience that mastery of the skills of negotiation is a leadership competency. Corporate executives are constantly negotiating. Acquiring the strategic perspective of SMARTnership enables business leaders to come away from the conversation with more than they originally expected, increasing their personal effectiveness as well as the value of the transaction.

Based on Keld Jensen’s groundbreaking book Communicative Competence, this presentation makes the bold assertion that 85% of success in business can be attributed to interpersonal skills. The ability to influence others and establish credibility is a crucial skill for people in leadership positions. This presentation provides audiences with the tools for optimizing communication in order to get the most out of what they strive to achieve.

The global recession has thrown into sharp relief the consequences of slipshod ethics in the business community. Conducting business honestly and ethically isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing!  Keld Jensen shows how those who keep to the straight and narrow are more successful in the long run. He provides the audience a managerial toolkit for behaving ethically and building trust among the management team, employees, vendor partners, shareholders, and investment analysts.

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