Akeem Haynes

Akeem Haynes

Calgary, Alberta
Olympic Bronze Medalist - Mindset Resilience, Determination & Overcoming Adversity Expert
Olympic Bronze Medalist and Sports Motivational Speaker Akeem Haynes excelled in sports & specializes in resilience, high performance & personal development. Akeem Haynes shares his inspiring life story of extreme hardships and how he has overcome adversity to achieve success through dedication and determination. Akeem Haynes represented team Canada as the lead-off runner; Akeem Haynes helped Canada break a 20-year-old national record to win bronze in the 4x100m relay at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. That success came four years after he had placed fourth in the 100m at the 2012 Canadian Championships, earning him a spot on the relay team for London 2012, but he did not compete at the Games. In the years that followed, he struggled with injuries while attending the University of Alabama. But he was named a First Team All-American in 2013 after helping the Crimson Tide’s 4x100m relay team finish second at the NCAA Championships in school record time.
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Born in Savlamar, Jamaica, Akeem Haynes didn’t have much of an advantage from the beginning. With limited options and tragic events happening early in life, he moved to Canada with his mother seeking a better life. When he was seven, he and his mother moved to Yellowknife before settling in Calgary when he was 10. Akeem’s mother struggled to raise her family as a single mother, and Akeem took a leadership role with his siblings at a young age. They fell into tough times and struggled to find stability. In five months, they moved seven times and eventually found themselves homeless in winter when Akeem was 13 years old.

Down but not out, with some friends’ help, they could get back on their feet. Akeem Haynes became involved in sports, mainly football and track and field. Akeem excelled on the field and the track and won many different awards. In the 11th grade, he started to gain offers from Division I schools in the United States. Nevertheless, Akeem’s path to becoming an NCAA Division I student-athlete was not smooth. After taking the S.A.T. three times and the A.C.T. once, Akeem Haynes failed to get the needed scores. In hindsight, none of this mattered. Akeem was automatically ineligible due to an NCAA violation in his ninth-grade math class.

You would think all this adversity, on top of having multiple learning disabilities, would’ve stopped Akeem from furthering his education. But quitting has never been an option for Akeem. He attended Barton Community College in the fall of 2010. Two years later, he would go on to make his first Canadian Olympic Team and earn All-American honours, becoming a national champion and earning a full athletic scholarship to The University of Alabama. Akeem Haynes eventually became the first in his immediate family to graduate from college and become a Division I Track and Field All-American. Through perseverance, a resilient mindset and a stubborn attitude to succeed, Akeem has become a 2x Olympian (2012 & 2016), helping Canada bring home an Olympic Bronze Medal at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

Akeem attended Barton County Community College in Great Bend, Kansas, before transferring to the University of Alabama, where he earned a degree in General Health. His self-help books entitled Love, Life & Legacy and Fear, Faith & Fruition which about dealing with hardships and setbacks. With his smooth tone, calm demeanour, and ability to paint a transparent picture with his words, there isn’t a room Akeem Haynes has walked into and not left a lasting impact on the audience by resonating with their hearts.




Unscripted With Akeem Haynes


Unscripted With Akeem Haynes

Akeem Haynes Topic Presentations

the relentless pursuit to be the best

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  • A presentation based on motivation, perseverance, leadership, and believing in yourself when no one else does. Once homeless, Akeem Haynes tells the story of how he overcame tremendous adversity and setbacks to get to where he is today. Akeem lived in poverty for most of his childhood with a single parent, often not knowing when the next meal would come. His family immigrated to Canada from Jamaica, and raised in Yellowknife and Calgary, Akeem grew up quickly and embraced being the man of his household.

    He had to adjust to Canadian culture quickly, often dealing with racism and exclusion, while continuously having to prove himself. He uses his story to offer the audience inspiration on how to develop and maintain a positive attitude no matter what is going on in their lives. He shows the audience that it was only when he started going outside his comfort zone and faced his fears head-on was when he was able to build the foundation for his success. Akeem Haynes’ presentation explores perseverance, faith over fear, and gratitude for every good and bad experience one goes through. It also explores the important coaches, teachers, mentors and relationships that assited Akeem to become who he is today.

live your story - the olympic dream

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  • Akeem Haynes faced many challenges throughout his personal and sporting life before he represented Canada at the 2016 Summer Games. He was constantly set back by different institutions, coaches, and himself. Akeem offers the audience his story of how to deal with setbacks, how to let go of the past and to keep focused on your vision. He offers insight into mental resiliency, how to manage opportunity, and to calculate the right decision. Akeem shows audience members how to deal with loss/failure and turn it into motivation. Akeem believes that the importance of positive thinking and positive self-talk is the key to having confidence which then brings success.

    Akeem has dealt with a lot of pain and setbacks in his life, there are two types of pain in this world. Pain that makes you bitter, and pain that makes you better. The number one thing is that we trust ourselves and have faith in who we are and what we want to accomplish and that we surround ourselves with those who support our dreams. His story on his early career and life to become an Olympian offers audiences a personable story of overcoming all odds to become who he is today.

own your story - the right balance

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  • Being one of Calgary’s and Alberta’s most decorated dual sport athletes, Akeem Haynes earned a full athletic scholarship to The University of Alabama. While the student-athlete lifestyle might seem glamourous, it taught him how to be productive and manage his time while getting optimal results. Akeem teaches us that time management, positive habit-forming, the power of positive self-talk, and holding ourselves accountable all play a strong role in being productive. The results of being productive are impacted by one’s discipline to keep focused on small/daily goals, that build you closer to the vision of where you want to be. Akeem helps others focus on how to put the right amount of effort into our work, our lives, our loved ones and ourselves.

write your story - adapt, grow and succeed

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  • If you truly want to make a change in your life, you first have to accept complete ownership. We are the one constant in our problems and solutions. Akeem’s speech will give you perspective how to grow and development from within yourself and how to deal with internal and external challenges. Akeem shows us the importance of values and maintaining loyalty to our beliefs so that we can more easily deal with change and challenging situations. He shows the importance of building relationships with those who are like minded so that we can master ourselves and control our destiny. This allows us to better handle change and to adapt ourselves to become whoever we need to be in order to accomplish our goals. Akeem’s presentation explores how it is adapting to challenges where we can grow the most, therefore making challenging situations an opportunity rather than a struggle. Being different is never a bad thing as long as you deal with it in a positive way. Akeem teaches us the power of positivity, strategies for dealing with change and how to put it all together for success.

ja-canada: from jamaica to yellowknife to olympic medalist

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  • In 1998, Akeem Haynes and his mother departed from Sav-la-mar Jamaica and migrated to a small town in the far North of Canada to Yellowknife, NWT. This was a huge adjustment for their family coming from Jamaica. Not only were the winters tough and the days sometimes light for 3 months out of the year, Akeem and his family had to adjust to an extreme version of Canadian culture in being one of the only black families in the area. They struggled early in those days in the forced shift to lose part of their cultural roots, with no access to Jamaican ingredients for home cooked meals as well as learning the Canadian way in an unpopulated and limited access location. Akeem felt the pressure of being culturally different early on in those years. He heard his classmates whispering jokes behind his back, and felt eyes on him wherever he went. A huge culture shock for Akeem and his family, they pulled together to discuss and strategize on how they needed to act, work and respond when faced with challenging situations due to the culture barriers.

    It was in these moments that Akeem understood that he was going to be judged in Canada for his looks and his culture. Something hard for a young person to understand, Akeem continued to take the high road and to transform the challenges into proven success. Akeem later went on to go to University on scholarship to Kansas and Alabama. Two of the most culturally divided states in the USA. Akeem used his previous experiences in what his family had taught him early on in Yellowknife as well as what he had taught himself in different situations. Akeem identifies the challenges of what is like to be a new immigrant in Canada in small towns as well as some of our larger cities. Akeem shares a deep and personal story of the troubles his family faced as new immigrants in a remote Canadian community and the struggles he and his family faced early on in his life to be accepted in Canada while also navigating poverty, discrimiation and a loss of identity. He shows the importance of one staying connected to their roots, and what he learned on how to interact with non-black Canadians, as well as how to overcome negative thinking that is usually a result of one being labelled “different”.


Akeem’s speaking captivates your attention and he always brings a message that feels like it was hand crafted just for your ears. He uses his life experiences, struggles and success to paint a picture of life and what it really takes to achieve what you want from it. When he speaks you can hear the passion behind his words and makes you want to get up and go and light the world on fire. At the same time, he brings a truth that everyone needs to hear.

Ian Warner

CEO and Founder
Kho Health

To have the opportunity to hear Akeem speak is always a highlight to any day. His ability to connect motivation and hard work to attaining goals is truly inspirational. His connection with his audience is so organic and evolves as he starts to reach his clientele. If you have the opportunity to listen to, have this man speak to your work team, or sports team it is an investment of time that is well spent. His ability to help people understand what it means to overcome adversity, face challenges head-on and still achieve at the highest level is beyond inspirational.

Cody Ehrmann

Head Football Coach
Henry Wisewood High School

Akeem is a young man who is wise beyond his years. His story is beyond inspiring, hearing what he’s been through makes you wonder why you complain about anything. A gifted athlete but above that he is a special human being. There aren’t many people who can capture the room as soon as they walk in, His presence is with each word that he says. You can tell that everything he says, he’s lived every minute of it. Akeem is truly a remarkable speaker and the world needs to hear his message. Akeem is worth every single penny and then some. Do yourself a favor and invest in having this young man speak with your company, workers, and leaders.

Keith Luce

Owner and Chef
Tavernetta Restaurant

Akeem is so young and yet so talented. As a University graduate, Olympic Medal-winning athlete, and now a novelist. He has experienced highs through the dedication and determination needed to achieve success, while his life story is one that will truly inspire. Hearing Akeem speak is what I imagine Anthony Robbins to have been like when he first started motivating people. I have been so moved by Akeem’s presentations. I, therefore, give him the highest of recommendations. Look no further for an exceptional motivational speaker.

Tom Higgins

Former Edmonton Eskimos Head Coach (2003 Grey Cup Winner)
Canadian Football League

Mr. Haynes, I would like to applaud you on the impressive speech that you gave in June of 2018 regarding “Mental Health”. I was encouraged to attend your speaking engagement last minute by a friend who was also in attendance. I am extremely glad that I was able to attend, as you exceeded our expectations! From the moment you made your entrance and began speaking, you captured our attention and connected with your audience so very well.

Simon Hodnett

Head Track and Field Coach
Long Island University Brooklyn

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Love, Life & Legacy
Love, Life & Legacy
Love, Life & Legacy
Fear, Faith & Fruition
Fear, Faith & Fruition
Fear, Faith & Fruition
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