“There is no other activity that we know of in the world that accesses as much of the brain simultaneously as music”

Jennifer Buchanan

Music Therapy Expert | Health Speaker | Lessons Learned in Business

Jennifer Buchanan is an certified Music Therapist (MTA), Past-President of the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and author. She is instrumental in the implementation of hundreds of music therapy programs with her company currently serving over 1800 clients through the efforts of her specialized team – 20 members in total.  Their youngest client is 2 months old and their oldest is 104.

A trail blazer in the field of music therapy, Jennifer Buchanan is a popular keynote and workshop speaker who has spent over two decades inspiring audiences on how music fosters connections, focus, and feeling better.  Bridging the gap between academic research in the area of music medicine and the public, Jennifer has spoken internationally to a wide variety of education, healthcare, government, small business and corporate audiences.

In addition to her extensive healthcare and education experience, Jennifer has completed her MBA to continue growing her 25 year, award winning and social-purpose business that is based in partnerships, connections, and networks.

Jennifer has been a sessional instructor and guest lecturer at universities and is frequently interviewed on radio or television or quoted in health care and popular magazines. She has appeared as a guest on numerous news and current affairs programs including Fox News Health, NBC, CBS, CBC Radio, CBC Television, CTV, Global TV, and has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, Chatelaine Magazine and Canadian Living.

Topic Presentations

When we experience the right music, in the right way, transformation can happen –  improved health, a boost in motivation, overall feelings of happiness, and stronger communities.

Like music, Jennifer’s TUNE IN message is universal – it reaches people worldwide regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location.  Learn what your listening habits, your music preferences, and your life’s soundtrack say about you – and why it matters for your health, productivity and happiness in your personal and professional life.

During this music – infused presentation you will be entertained while receiving a huge dose of inspiration.  Jennifer will demonstrate how music, when used intentionally, can transform lives – one note at a time.

Based on over 25 years owning and operating a Social Purpose Business, Jennifer uses some of her most famous stories from the Tune In series to convey the major lessons that have been learned….and lived through including:

  • we are all in this together

  • trust your learning

  • life is full of surprises

  • mistakes must be allowed to be made

  • there is strength in numbers

  • walk your talk

  • you don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward

Technology has changed so much over the last two decades that we are now able to take our entire music library with us and arrange it into playlists for particular purposes – both health and leisure. Because music is now available “on demand,” –  it makes the creation of purposeful playlists accessible and simple. Learn the most successful 7 Key Steps to put together your own purposeful playlists for sport, work, home and life.

Music Therapy is regularly talked about in mainstream media and considered a conventional treatment, however it is still considered a fringe service for many.  For Jennifer Buchanan, music therapy is not a secondary business… it is where her experience, training, and passions lie.  It is what she does – and has been doing for 25 years.


  • the difference between music entertainment and music therapy

  • how the areas of the brain react to music and why this matters

  • how persons with neurologic impairment can still respond to music regardless of where the impairment resides

  • how music can reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety when used with intention

  • how music therapy benefits all ages

The benefits of playing music at work are numerous but they are different for everyone. For the employer, it may be boosting efficiency, expediting projects, and working with greater enthusiasm. For the staff member, it may be sparking creativity, or help for working through a barrier in a project. For others, it may be feeling better connected to others. Keep in mind that not everyone feels more productive, creative, or inspired when listening to music. Instead, they may feel distracted, stalled, or annoyed. Inspirational, refreshing and hope infused – like a vitamin pill for the spirit – Jennifer Buchanan will show you how to use music in a revolutionary way – and you do not have to have any previous music experience to try it.

For teenagers, music frequently provides a means to identify and label emotions. In music with lyrics, teenagers express happiness and sadness, frustrations and relief. Music helps to express issues arising from relationships with family or friends. When teenagers use music as a mood-modifier, it can be used to reinforce and perpetuate negative emotions as well as positive emotions.

Learn how to:

  • use songs with lyrics to explore current topics, trends and experiences.

  • use music to help an anxious teen relax.

  • discuss the benefits and harmful attributes of some music – yes, music can harm.

  • incorporate music in the classroom to set the tone of an assignment, or time of day.

  • write new lyrics to an existing song to explore creative writing and to uncover the educational experiences within it.

There have been many studies on the effects of music and development. The parts of the brain associated with music making results in heightened interest and response, learning and creativity, feelings of acceptance and increased happiness.


  • how children perceive music – and why they gravitate to it so much

  • how all children regardless of age or ability can benefit emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically from learning and experiencing music.

  • music activities (that can be fostered by the non-musician) that can be done at home, and in the classroom to strengthen learning and growth.

Music enrichment bridges seniors and young people together for the pure enjoyment and love of music – to learn more about one another’s lives.  Students will hone their musical repertoire and technical support skills while appreciative seniors will interact and enjoy the music-infused presentation and experiences. Logistics, intentions, and details will be detailed in order to ensure the best success. Students can apply their volunteer hours towards their learning.

Explore the science, interventions, and perspectives of using music throughout our later life. Music memory is deep seated in the brain and is protected from many signs of aging, including significant neurological changes. Through the use of stories and demonstrations you will gain knowledge and strategies for using music for greater wellness at home, in retirement communities, and long term care. Music is a medium that brings back positive memories. For the older adult music can quite simply be a lifeline into the past – and a connection to the present.

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A music therapy approach to life: use music intentionally to curb stress, boost mood and restore health. Publication date: 2015 (Revised & Expanded), Hugo House Publishers Tune In from trailblazing Music Therapist Jennifer Buchanan, details how music can be used intentionally by anyone, anywhere, at any time, with enormous benefit. Combining powerful personal stories, cutting-edge clinical research, and straightforward strategies and exercises that have immediate take-home value, Tune In is an accessible and perspective-shifting read unlike any other that’s been written to date on the topic of music therapy. Intended to help readers from all walks of life learn how to use music to reduce stress, boost morale, and restore health, Tune In provides a roadmap to the incredible ways in which music can help us connect and find wellbeing – even (or especially!) in the darkest and most stressful of situations. “Music can and does save healthcare dollars, but its effects go far deeper than its monetary value,” says Buchanan. 

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