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Alice Wheaton is one of the most accomplished Top Line Turnaround experts and keynote speakers for sales and customer service in North America.  Her humble beginnings start in a rural fishing town in Northern Newfoundland gave Alice Wheaton the determination and resourcefulness needed to make an impact.  She took that dedication and drive into a medical career, where she was an emergency room nurse until a patient suggested she apply for a job in sales at Xerox.

Within her first year of selling, she was 198% ahead of plan, only to set the bar higher in her second year with 232%.  From there, she began building her career and looking for ways to help others do the same.  It’s there that her career as a sales keynote speaker began to flourish.

Through speaking, teaching, and extending her reach Alice Wheaton has been able to equip sales professionals and businessmen alike with the skills they need to solve the #1 sales problem: cash flow.

Her programs focus on giving guests actionable solutions to sales and marketing issues, as well as tactics to overcome the anxieties and challenges that accompany a career in sales.  So whether you need to train your team on sales strategy, overcome a major slump in revenue, or introduce your team to new tactics and training: Alice Wheaton is the sales trainer for the job.

A Review of Alice Wheaton’s Presentations

With a Masters Degree in Curriculum Development and Instruction, Alice Wheaton has hand-crafted numerous sales training programs as well as designed an illustrious series of her own training programs.  Together with her clients, she delivers an experience that only the top sales speakers can.

Looking for sales keynote speakers?  You’ve found a perfect fit.  Take a look at Wheaton’s portfolio of available keynotes and training programs. Whether you’re looking to start a career as a Certified Sales Professional or expand your skill set with advanced sales strategies, either in a keynote, workshop and training format which will revolutionize the way you and your team look at sales.

In addition to these programs, Alice Wheaton is open to creating customized solutions for sales conferences and corporate events. In fact, she’s always actively expanding her resume of blogs, resources, and portfolio of satisfied clients.

Whether Alice Wheaton is working with companies on sales strategy, writing a new book, or working personally as a sales speaker, her work is united by one common theme: a passion for others.

By Roger Breault, President
& Gordon Breault, Executive Director
Speakers Bureau of Canada
Jan 26th, 2017