Nikola Danaylov

Nikola Danaylov

Toronto, Ontario
Futurist, Strategic Adviser, and Business Expert
Nikola Danaylov is a keynote speaker, futurist, strategic adviser, popular blogger & podcast host, #1 bestselling author of Conversations with the Future. Nikola Danaylov helps event planners deliver eye-opening conferences about the dangers and opportunities of new technology so they can stand out with maximum attendance, engagement, and impact.
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Nikola Danaylov is a keynote speaker who helps event planners deliver eye-opening conferences about the dangers and opportunities of new technology so they can stand out with maximum attendance, engagement, and impact. Like Socrates of Athens, Nikola Danaylov is deeply in love with learning but keenly aware that his personal knowledge is always going to be dwarfed by his ignorance. Yet, Nikola Danaylov is of the strong belief that we can attain profound insights by asking challenging questions in the company of good people, gathered within an open, informal and interactive symposium. Nikola Danaylov hopes to be the midwife, and “Singularity Weblog” – the setting, where you come to examine the questions, search for your answers, challenge, be challenged and, ultimately, give birth to your own ideas.

It is for this reason that, having spent the past 10 years producing over 1,000 articles and interviewing more than 200 of the world’s best-known experts, Nikola has gifted all his content for free – in the hope of helping you create a better future, better you. In 1998 Nikola moved to Canada where he completed an HBA in Political Science, Philosophy & Economics at the University of Toronto followed by an MA in Political Science at York University. It was at YorkU that Nikola Danaylov became deeply interested in the Technological Singularity and wrote “Hacking Destiny: Critical Security at the Intersection of Human and Machine Intelligence.” In 2011 Nikola went to NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California and completed the Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University. 

Nikola Danaylov has spoken at public events on topics ranging from technology, transhumanism and the technological singularity to new media, blogging, and podcasting. He has been profiled in Next Stage Rising Stars Magazine and has been interviewed himself for numerous documentary films, blogs, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers. Nikola’s Singularity.FM interviews have had over 6 million views on iTunes and YouTube and have been featured on international TV networks and other media, such as BBC, MTV, Space, ArteTV, TV Japan, Channel NewsAsia, RTL4, WIRED, the Telegraph, io9, the Huffington Post, ZDNet, BoingBoing, and others. Today Singularity Weblog is the biggest independent blog on related topics. Singularity.FM is the first, most popular and widely recognized podcast interview series in the niche and, according to Prof. Roman Yampolskiy, Nikola has established himself as the “Larry King of the Singularity.” 



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Nikola Danaylov Topic Presentations

the future finds us....but will we find the future

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Prepare to be captivated by the electrifying keynote session delivered by Nikola Danaylov, renowned as the ‘Larry King of the Singularity,’ at your conference event. Whether as the opening or closing session, this high-energy talk is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact. In this thought-provoking keynote, Nikola Danaylov will shatter conventional wisdom and reveal why technology alone is insufficient in shaping our future. He will ignite your curiosity by emphasizing the transformative power of asking the right questions. By delving deep into the core issues we face, individually as citizens, and collectively as businesses, nations, and a species, Nikola will help you envision the path that lies ahead in this critical century of our development.

    Nikola explores the profound parallels between the transition from natural to artificial power and the impending shift from natural to artificial intelligence. Through captivating storytelling, he will elucidate the consequences of a world where even your toothbrush may surpass your own intelligence. Prepare to question your assumptions and explore the implications for your business, your country, our civilization, and even your own existence. Will we ascend to immortality, basking in utopian abundance and venturing beyond the confines of our planet? Or will we find ourselves embroiled in a dystopian AI Giga-war, ensnared and ultimately facing the same fate as the dinosaurs? Nikola Danaylov’s keynote session will ignite your imagination and leave you pondering the profound challenges and opportunities that lie on the horizon. This is an unmissable opportunity to gain insights that will shape your understanding of our evolving world and guide your decisions as we navigate the frontiers of technological progress.

navigating future shock: the risks of rapid innovation

  • Keynote Presentation
  • As emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence & quantum computers continue to transform the way we live and work, we are experiencing a level of technological change that is unprecedented in human history. While these technologies offer tremendous opportunities for innovation and progress, they also bring with them a host of challenges and potential risks, and these risks impact our ability to think clearly and make business decisions to sustain the changes around us.

    In this talk, participants will learn about the ethical and societal implications of how rapid exponential change and technologies are changing the way we think about work, education, and social interaction. Through case studies and real-world examples, examining ways in which new technologies are being used to improve healthcare, enhance transportation, and streamline business operations.

    From an unbiased perspective, Nikola presents the cause and effect of new how change coming too fast & too soon, leaving a negative outcome for industries and employees. He shares the potential risks and challenges associated with these technologies, including job displacement, data privacy concerns, and the potential for misuse of powerful technologies.

    By understanding the impact of disruption within our industry, society, and ourselves, we can better prepare ourselves with a mindset for the changes that lie ahead and take a proactive approach to shape the future.

uncontrollable & uncomfortable: leading through disruption

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Discover a fresh perspective on leadership and the power of storytelling with renowned speaker Nikola Danyalov. In this thought-provoking keynote, Nikola challenges conventional notions of leadership and offers insights into the transformative potential of storytelling in today’s dynamic world. As disruptions become the norm, leaders must navigate uncharted territories and embrace discomfort. Nikola’s captivating presentation explores why discomfort and unreasonableness are essential qualities for effective leadership. He dives into the power of storytelling as a tool to inspire, engage, and drive change, even when the stories themselves might be uncomfortable.

    Drawing from his wealth of knowledge and experience, Nikola prompts aspiring leaders to ask themselves: What uncomfortable story am I prepared to tell? By embracing discomfort and thinking beyond conventional boundaries, leaders can seize the opportunity to create lasting impact and drive positive change. Nikola Danyalov’s dynamic keynote challenges the status quo and empowers leaders to harness the power of disruptive storytelling. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to lead boldly in a world that demands innovation and resilience.

conversations with the future - 21 visions for the 21st century

  • Keynote Presentation
  • For generations, humanity has gazed at the vastness of the oceans, pondering the possibilities. Today, having traversed the curves of the Earth, we find ourselves looking up at the endless stars, still wondering, “What if?” Our technological advancements have brought us to a pivotal moment in human history—a moment of great significance. We stand at a crossroads where we can either succumb to complacency and face extinction, much like the dinosaurs, or embrace the vision of Carl Sagan and venture out into the cosmos.

    What if your toothbrush surpasses your own intelligence? How will it impact your business, your country, your planet, and ultimately, yourself? What if cars no longer require drivers? What if we can defy aging and mortality? What if machines surpass our own intellect? Rather than fearing the future, what if we see opportunity? Instead of perceiving an end, what if we see a new beginning? In place of loss, what if we discover profit? And instead of death, what if we find life? What if you and your organization become primed for the future?

    Nikola Danaylov, through his extensive interviews with visionaries and futurists, has long been exploring these questions and inspiring individuals worldwide to embrace the future. “Conversations with the Future” is the culmination of these interviews and Nikola’s unwavering curiosity to delve into the realm of “What If” with some of the most forward-thinking minds of our time. Nikola Danaylov guides participants through these transformative conversations, challenging our perspectives and motivating us to embrace the boundless potential of the future. Let us move beyond fear and uncertainty, and instead, become future-primed—ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

navigating the uncertain terrain: strategies for futures and foresight"

  • Keynote Presentation
  • In an era of unprecedented complexity and rapid change, the ability to anticipate and navigate the future has become a crucial skill for individuals and organizations alike. Join renowned futurist Nikola Danaylov as he delves into the realm of futures and foresight, unravelling the tools and strategies necessary to thrive in an uncertain landscape.

    In this captivating presentation, Nikola will share his insights and practical approaches to future thinking, equipping attendees with the knowledge and mindset required to make informed decisions amidst ambiguity. Drawing from his extensive experience in interviewing visionaries and exploring emerging technologies, Nikola will unveil the key principles and methodologies of futures and foresight, empowering participants to become proactive agents of change.

    From scenario planning to trend analysis, from wild cards to weak signals, Nikola will guide attendees through a comprehensive toolkit for future thinking. He will unravel the importance of cultivating a future-ready mindset, embracing uncertainty, and identifying emerging opportunities in an ever-evolving world.

    This session is designed to inspire individuals and organizations to embrace a futures-oriented mindset, enabling them to navigate complex challenges and capitalize on the transformative opportunities that lie ahead. Join Nikola Danaylov on this transformative journey and unlock the power of futures and foresight to shape a more resilient and prosperous future.

embracing the fifth industrial revolution

  • Keynote Presentation
  • The Fifth Industrial Revolution has arrived, ushering in a new era of unprecedented advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and quantum computing. Join visionary thinker Nikola Danaylov as he delves into the frontiers of this transformative revolution, uncovering its profound implications and exploring the boundless opportunities it presents.

    In this enlightening keynote, Nikola Danyalov will provide a comprehensive overview of the Fourth Technological Revolution, delving into the capabilities and impact of AI, machine learning, and quantum computing. He will demystify the complex concepts surrounding these technologies and unveil their potential to reshape industries, revolutionize problem-solving, and propel us into a future of unimaginable possibilities.

    Through captivating examples and real-world case studies, Nikola will illustrate how AI and machine learning are transforming various sectors, from healthcare to finance, and from transportation to education. He will also shed light on the disruptive power of quantum computing, revealing how its exponential processing capabilities hold the key to unlocking breakthroughs in cryptography, optimization, and scientific discovery.

    Attendees will gain valuable insights into the ethical and societal considerations accompanying these advancements, as well as strategies for harnessing their potential for positive impact. Nikola will explore the importance of responsible AI development, the need for inclusive and ethical practices, and the imperative of upskilling and adapting to thrive in a world driven by AI, machine learning, and quantum computing.

    This keynote is an unmissable opportunity to grasp the magnitude of the Fifth Technological Revolution and to gain a strategic advantage in navigating the complex terrain of AI, machine learning, and quantum computing. Join Nikola Danaylov on this enlightening journey and embrace the transformative power of these technologies to shape a better future for humanity.

an artificial future?

  • Keynote Presentation
  • In the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation, the influence of technology in our lives has reached unprecedented levels. It is within this context that technology has emerged as the new religion, with Silicon Valley as the sacred land and entrepreneurs as the chosen few. They promise a future that surpasses our current capabilities—a techno-heaven of abundance and the tantalizing prospect of immortality. Consequently, we find ourselves wholeheartedly embracing these beliefs and becoming devoted followers.

    However, amidst our enthusiasm, it is imperative to critically assess our position in relation to technology. Are we truly in control, or have we become mere tools of our tools? Are we, perhaps unintentionally, exhibiting a form of religious fetishism, fixating on the very technological objects we have created? Do we elevate certain individuals to the status of techno-prophets, constructing personality cults around them? Are we susceptible to the allure of new techno-religions, surrendering our agency to their promises? And ultimately, who holds the power—those who operate behind the screen, or those who interact with the technology in front of it?

    These questions urge us to reconsider our beliefs and our role in the technological landscape. While advancements in machine learning, AI, and automation hold immense potential and offer undeniable benefits, it is crucial to approach them with a discerning eye due to the capabilities of AI & other technologies having a negative impact on society. If in the wrong hands, these technologies become damaging, hurtful and illegal.

    Blind faith in technology can lead to unintended consequences and a loss of human agency. As we navigate this evolving terrain, we must vigilantly examine the power dynamics at play and ensure that technology remains a tool that serves humanity’s betterment, rather than a force that diminishes our autonomy.

    Nikola shares a balanced perspective—one that appreciates the remarkable capabilities of machine learning, AI, and automation while preserving our ability to exercise critical thinking and maintain control over our own destiny. By doing so, we can harness the transformative power of these technologies to enhance our lives, empower individuals, and shape a future that reflects our collective aspirations.

singularity and transhumanism: expanding human potential

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Join renowned futurist Nikola Danaylov on an exhilarating exploration of Singularity and Transhumanism, two groundbreaking concepts that challenge the very limits of human potential. In this thought-provoking keynote, Nikola unveils the transformative possibilities and ethical considerations that arise from embracing these cutting-edge movements.

    Singularity represents a future point where technological advancements accelerate exponentially, leading to a paradigm shift in human civilization. Nikola guides participants through the implications of merging human intelligence with advanced technologies, unlocking enhanced cognitive abilities, extended lifespans, and the potential for digital immortality. This profound transformation prompts us to reconsider traditional notions of what it means to be human.

    Delving further into Transhumanism, Nikola explores the ethical and societal dimensions of augmenting human capabilities through technologies like genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and brain-computer interfaces. By transcending our biological limitations, we unlock the potential for unprecedented achievements and advancements. However, this raises critical questions about responsible development and equitable access to these technologies.

    Through engaging discussions, Nikola inspires participants to reflect on the impact of Singularity and Transhumanism on our personal lives, society, and ethics. The keynote encourages thoughtful dialogue about the implications of human enhancement, ensuring that progress aligns with our shared values and aspirations. By embracing responsible and inclusive development, we can shape a future that enhances human well-being and fosters a thriving global community.

    Nikola Danaylov brings the audience on an intellectual journey with insights on navigating the frontiers of human potential through complexity. Discover how embracing Singularity and Transhumanism can open doors to unimaginable possibilities while maintaining a commitment to ethics and equitable progress. Together, let us embrace a future that empowers individuals, enhances our collective capabilities, and pushes the boundaries of what it means to be human.

thriving in the future of work: navigating transformations in employment

  • Keynote Presentation
  • Explore the ever-evolving landscape of work, jobs, and employment alongside acclaimed speaker Nikola Danaylov. In this enlightening keynote, Nikola examines the future of work and equips attendees with the tools and mindset needed to excel in an era of rapid change. The future of work presents both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. Nikola guides participants through the shifting dynamics brought about by automation, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy. Drawing from extensive research and real-world examples, he illuminates the transformations occurring in industries and jobs, empowering individuals to adapt and thrive.

    Gain a deep understanding of the disruptive forces shaping employment. Nikola emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning, adaptability, and resilience in the face of technological advancements. Discover the key skills in high demand and position yourself for success in a competitive job market. Beyond technical skills, Nikola highlights the significance of human-centric capabilities. Cultivating creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and collaboration is crucial in the future workplace. By nurturing these skills, individuals can stand out and unlock new opportunities amidst automation and digital transformation.

    This keynote encourages proactive engagement with the future of work. Nikola inspires attendees to embrace entrepreneurial mindsets, seize opportunities for innovation, and leverage technology as an empowering tool. By doing so, individuals can create fulfilling work experiences and contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable future. Embark on an enlightening journey with Nikola Danaylov into the future of work, jobs, and employment. Gain insights, strategies, and inspiration to navigate the transformations ahead, seize new opportunities, and forge a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic world of work.


he literally blew the minds of 90 medical professionals who kept asking him questions so late into the evening that the cleaning crew had to ask us to leave.

Julielynn Wong


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Nikola Danaylov keynote speaker is an expert presenter and has a wide range of experience speaking to a wide variety of audiences and organizations. Nikola Danaylov delivers keynotes, workshops & training sessions. They may also host or emcee events. Hire Nikola Danaylov from Toronto, Ontario for your event to inspire the audience to take action and make change in their work and their lives. Your workplace will benefit from our keynote speaker and their keynote talks and speeches will shift the mindsets or behaviours for the audience members in Canada. 

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Are you looking to hire Nikola Danaylov for your event? Nikola Danaylov Toronto, Ontario is a dynamic and engaging speaker that offers audiences researched content paired with expertise and a dynamic speaking ability. Nikola Danaylov is also a Canadian corporate consultant and coach and facilitates workshops and training sessions for a corporate audience. Nikola Danaylov is an expert keynote presenter and speaks on wide variety of topics. Hiring a great speaker for your event is important and working with a thought leader like Nikola Danaylov from Speakers Canada’s roster will engage audiences into the content of the presentation to bring awareness and a fresh perspective for their approach to their work and their lives. Book Nikola Danaylov to educate, motivate and activate the audience through an interactive and entertaining presentation at corporate meetings and gatherings.

Known as a popular key note speaker in Canada, Nikola Danaylov creates life changing experiences for the participants with practical insights and strategic advice they can implement right after the session. Working with a one our leading expert speaker like Nikola Danaylov from Toronto, Ontario offers organizations a fresh perspective to assist the people of the organization. No matter if it is a government, association, or business crowd, Nikola Danaylov is a perfect speaker for your event. Through unique practical insights for trending topics and years experience speaking to different organizations, Nikola Danaylov focuses on changing individuals to make better decisions at work and their lives. No matter if you are holding an in person or virtual event, having an influential speaker such as Nikola Danaylov will engage, motivate, and activate the audience to make a change in their lives and inspire action for results to meet organizational goals. Your workforce will benefit from Nikola Danaylov’s presentations and speeches, with measurable results set to shift the people of the organization and core direction of the company. Book Nikola Danaylov speaker for your annual general meeting, conference, summit, or convention in Canada.

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Nikola Danaylov is an expert professional key note speaker with a lot of experience speaking and delivering engaging talks to organizations and audiences in Canada. Each of Speaker Bureau Canada’s talent have different ways to assess their fees, and Nikola Danaylov speaker fee ranges depending on the size of the audience, event format (in person or virtual), event location, and if the organization booking them is a non profit, association, government department/government agency or business/corporation. The speakers we work with are flexible with their fees, and it is important for us to learn more about your event before we approach them, as it is our role to work for you, and to help you find a speaker within budget. 

Please contact Speakers Bureau of Canada and provide us with your event details so that we can contact Nikola Danaylov to check availability or confirm the pricing and associated costs to hire a great speaker like Nikola Danaylov for your event. As Nikola Danaylov's agent and as a Canadian top speaker bureau and talent agency for speakers, we are able to propose each event opportunity from each host organization’s behalf to try to help you get in touch with Nikola Danaylov and confirm them for your in person or online meeting/event. We can also provide and advise on the booking process and potentially negotiate their fee. Speakers Canada is a client focused speaker agency, and we work for you in finding good speakers for your team meetings and booking processes.

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