Henry Wong

Henry Wong

Toronto, Ontario
Entrepreneurial Business Leader, Branding and Strategy Expert, Leadership, Future Marketing, Author
Henry Wong is a powerhouse in branding, creativity, and entrepreneurship. As President and Brand Strategist of Vyoo, he's revolutionized impact companies, elevating small ventures to 500-level success stories. With 25+ years in senior roles at the global ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, Henry's brilliance is celebrated by prestigious awards like Clio and Marketing. A versatile writer, he began in business publications before diving into advertising's mad world. Henry's prowess in storytelling has driven iconic brands like CTV, Toyota, J&J, and Procter & Gamble, while empowering start-ups and non-profits, including The Canadian Mental Health Association. As a personal brand guru, he's mentored politicians, athletes, and leaders. Author of "Telling Your Story, Building Your Brand," Henry's guidance inspires entrepreneurs and professionals to excel. As a recognized expert in entrepreneurship and entrepreneur investor, Henry Wong actively serves on boards of family foundations and holds advisory positions in mid-growth start-ups, spanning consumer food products, tech, and wellness companies. Henry ignites greatness in organizations and leaders with his boundless expertise and infectious enthusiasm.
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Henry Wong is a brand strategist, creative director, designer and writer. Henry is the President and Brand Strategist of Vyoo, a branding and content company he founded that focuses on impact companies. It is currently based in Toronto. He has guided small upstarts and SMEs to 500-level companies.

His roots span over 25 years of senior positions in the advertising industry including being Executive VP, Creative Director for the global ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi. Since then Henry Wong has bought and sold boutique ad agencies and continues to counsel and advise brands and organizations as well as individuals. His industry recognition includes awards from Creativity, Clio, and Marketing among others.

Henry Wong first began his career as a business writer contributing to such publications as the Toronto Star, Financial Post, and financial publications before migrating to the mad world of advertising. His thought leadership has included writing for and been interviewed in such publications as The Toronto Star, National Post, Financial Post, Globe & Mail and Ad Age.

In addition to applying his award-winning mind to such clients as CTV, Toyota, J&J and Procter & Gamble, Henry Wong has assisted start-ups and mid-tier companies build their brand. Among non-profits, he has helped guided such organizations as The Canadian Mental Health Association, the Institute of Medical Sciences, and The Ontario Brain Institute. Notably, Henry is as a personal brand guru who has advised politicians, professional athletes as well as company leaders.

Henry Wong is the author of the recently published book, Telling Your Story, Building Your Brand, by Business Expert Press, a book on personal branding for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and people looking to advance their careers.

As a recognized expert in entrepreneurship and entrepreneur investor, Henry Wong sits on boards as of family foundations and has taken positions and advisory roles in mid-growth start-ups including consumer food products, tech and wellness companies. With his other book, What Would Harold Do, he has interviewed over 100 business owners on success.

And when Henry Wong is not dispensing advice, he can be found on anything with wheels, enjoying everything from his car restoration hobby through to motorbiking and cycling. Though middle-life, he maintains a youthful exuberance and remains in the higher percentile of fitness and health, Henry is practitioner of numerous martial arts and is a certified fitness trainer as well as a cross fit champion.




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Henry Wong Topic Presentations

you’re one story away from reaching the top (being ceo of your own brand) - how to tell your personal brand story

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Today, everything and everyone is a brand. People in business and careers recognize they have to work on their brand but seldom know how to achieve it. Just becoming known or gathering social media followers is not enough. Standing for something is everything. And a personal brand not only provides a competitive advantage but adds a premium to your value.

    How to build a personal brand through the use of story. It’s an overview of Henry’s best practices and allows the audience to work through the steps together.

    Henry Wong’s talk will help unlock each attendee’s desired brand and unique position using his process to work through assessing oneself, determining key personal brand elements and expressing one’s brand through the use of story. Henry will help identify their superpower, unlock their brand personality, shape a brand narrative, and provide thoughts on rebranding and the power of making emotional connections. Taking it further, he shows how to apply the brand in all parts of one’s business career from networking to social media.

    Ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, founders, and sales organizations but this has resonated with groups and conferences that focus on personal development.

    This keynote centres on the principles of storytelling that are used in creating successful product campaigns. With 30 seconds to 60 seconds to get an idea across in a compelling way, and a call to action, it’s the perfect structure that entrepreneurs and business leaders can use.

    Your brand vs. your company brand

    A variation of this keynote is available for employee groups. What happens when your brand doesn’t align with your company’s brand? Henry shares his unique approach and methods in forming a personal brand against the backdrop of the organization’s brand. We may be the company we keep but for many, there is a disconnect of who we are authentically versus who we become for the company we work. Henry Wong’s talk will help team members reconcile the two in forming their personal brands, discuss how organizations need to rethink how they hire, answer what to do when personal beliefs and public (online) presence affects an organization’s reputation.

think like a start-up - bringing innovation and creativity to the workplace.

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Good for larger legacy organizations, government bodies or companies in which the culture is non-existent or needs renewal.

    With his experience of shaping scores of start-ups across financial, food, tech and manufacturing, Henry shares his insights into the creative thinking and innovation that has made start-up companies a success. As a creative director, his business is one of being innovative and fresh. Drawing from the elements that have made for creative thinking, Henry shares how to bring that into any type of organization.

    Henry Wong touches on how to create the right culture for fresh thinking, understanding the power of failure, rethinking the hierarchy, how to invert problems to get to ideas and solutions, and how wrong thinking can actually be good for an organization. Through it, he shares his perspective on why mission statements should be retired when thinking like a start-up doesn’t work, how to hire the right people and bringing all the elements together that managers and leaders can apply successfully.

be a mentor. be a better leader

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • It seems, being a Yoda makes one a better leader. Studies show that mentors are six times more likely to be promoted than managers and employees who don’t mentor.

    This is just the beginning. While people tend to view mentorship as a way to help and guide the less experienced, the benefits to those in a leadership role are more profound.

    This keynote offers insights from Henry’s 30 years of being on both sides of the mentoring fence. In his talk, he covers how mentoring can improve one’s own practical skills and create a sure-footedness in one’s leadership. Henry outlines how reverse mentoring can be used to a leader’s own benefit and why it’s important to mentor for the benefit of the greater good.

    In addition to inspiring leaders, Henry Wong delves into practical points to maximize the mentor/mentee relationship with guidelines on how to be a proper mentor, understanding active listening and being present, why a suitable environment is important, and how being ego-free is not a weakness.

    This talk has benefited a broad range of personnel from leadership and entrepreneurial groups, and managers in both government and corporate sectors.

mindfulness for leadership and creativity

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • These days, mindfulness is very on trend with living a more fulfilling, stress-reduced life. What happens when it’s applied to actual corporate life and job performance?

    While it may be easy for yogis and mindfulness leaders who live outside a stress-filled job, Henry has been applying practical meditation skills longer than he has had a career. Having spent time in the stress-induced environment of the advertising industry and business leadership, Henry shares his perspective on enhancing performance both physically and mentally (drawing from his notches as a CrossFit champion and an award-winning creative director and writer). He has studied and taught Chinese martial arts for over 40 years, employing the ancient practice of qi gong, breathing and meditation practice to calm the mind and spirit.

    Henry Wong shares his views on first identifying the type of leader you are, the neuroscience of mindfulness, and how decluttering the mind can improve leadership skills. Rather than the belief of removing yourself from workplace challenges, this talk promotes jumping into chaos while being able to withstand the forces that work against you. It’s not just taking a mindful break, it’s being able to manage it fully in the 9 to 5.

    Finally, he outlines how to build a mindfulness practice in the workplace, understanding the strength in yielding, gaining clarity and inspiring one’s team. By using it to create focus, decisive decision-making and problem-solving, and gaining a better EQ, for many, this practice has led to broader benefits in life. The practical part of this keynote includes leading participants through actual practice and demonstration.

    Mindfulness for better creativity

    A variation of this would be adapted for creative groups and creative thinkers like design firms, ad agencies, and artistic groups. With improvements in brain performance, maximizing attention and concentration, the decluttering of the mind can lead to better, more lateral thinking and creativity.

what 60 million wongs can teach you about community-building

  • Virtual PresentationKeynote PresentationWorkshop SessionHalf Day TrainingFull Day Training
  • Did you know there are over 60 million Wongs in the world? But it’s more than a surname run amok. It’s a family clan united by a common ancestry and experience that has led to the creation of “clubhouses” throughout North America. What started as a solution to assisting new immigrants facing impossible odds in a country during a challenging and racist period of history (Chinese Head Tax and Exclusion Act) also lead to compassionate mandates of kindness, benevolence and charity. Through a common bond, Wongs created family associations. Within organized collectives, they provided refuge, guidance, translation as well loans to those who came to a new world with little other than a desire for a better life. The contributions to society have led to recognition by the Canadian Heraldic Authority through the creation of an official coat of arms, and by Heritage Toronto with a historic plaque acknowledging the milestones and contributions of the Wongs.

    The organization, the Wong Association, is today a family foundation of which Henry Wong sits as director. Drawing from stories from the history of Wongs in North America, he shares insights into how commitment and selflessness can help companies and organizations improve their purpose and mission, how a community is more a state of mind, what’s needed to create a group bond, and the importance of honouring those who came before us. It’s an inspiring talk on perseverance, forgiveness and charity.


During the last few days, content reviewed in Henry Wong’s session was talked about by team members during our meetings. Henry Wong had an impact

Karine Jacquesen

Telus Health

THANK YOU Henry Wong, for being our retreat guest speaker.  Everyone was totally inspired by your presentation. Great work Henry!!

Kismet Baun

Financial Accountability Office

Thank you Henry Wong for your fantastic presentation. There was a lot of buzz in the room following after which was great

Adriana Suyck

Business Analyst
Office of the Chief Planner, City of Toronto

Thank you Henry Wong for today. Lots of positive feedback!

Gregg Lintern

Chief City Planner

Personal branding can either feel murky or dismissed as simplistic. But in the middle lays the magic. Henry Wong is your sherpa through that magical middle earth.

Terry O’Reilly

Host of Under The Influence
CBC Radio One

If you’re on a journey to create a winning, memorable, and impactful brand, Henry Wong’s book is the framework you need to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Amber Mac

TV Host
Author of Power Friending

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Metro Morning Wong Association

Entrepreneur 101


Why Your Personal Story Is Key To Your Success!


Telling Your Story, Building Your Brand: A Personal and Professional Playbook
Telling Your Story, Building Your Brand: A Personal and Professional Playbook
Today, everything and everyone is a brand. If you want to develop your personal brand, but can’t afford the fees of a branding firm, this book provides access and insights into a thought-leading mind. For entrepreneurs and professionals looking to manage their business career, it’s more than...
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