Neel Singh

Neel Singh

Vancouver, British Columbia
Strategic Advisor - Artificial Intelligence, Leadership, Innovation, Branding & Marketing Expert
Neel Singh is a brand strategy consultant helping organizations innovate and grow through strategic marketing, technology and business transformation. He provides a roadmap for major initiatives such as corporate rebrands, investor positioning and new market entry, and then operationalizes the path to making it happen. Neel works with high-growth companies looking to scale, and large-scale organizations needing to innovate.
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Neel Singh is a Vancouver-based entrepreneur, business leader and creative with over 20 years of experience in the intersection of brand strategy, change management and design thinking. Neel consults organizations helping them become a driving innovator in their industries and he regularly mentors entrepreneurs and professionals on their growth.

Neel Singh is a serial entrepreneur who has run several businesses and has been involved with many startups. He recently co-founded Tropoly, a brand transformation and strategy firm focused on advancing humanity through innovation and business transformation. Tropoly’s comprehensive approach integrates data science research, competitive analysis, AI integration, customer experience, and more, reflecting a commitment to unique, forward-thinking solutions.

For nearly a decade, Neel Singh served on the leadership team at BBTV (BBTV: TSX) – a global leader in the digital video space – and helped the company build and scale through start-up and hyper-growth to its eventual public listing on the TSX in 2020. During this tenure, he developed and led several functions across marketing, customer experience, shared services, and creativity. He helped position the company for strategic development, oversaw multinational programs, led change management and restructuring initiatives and mentored several staff into key senior positions. Neel also led over 80 brand and positioning projects, registered 15+ trademarks, and collaborated with the likes of the NBA, HuffPost and G20 on the development & launch of specialized brands.

Neel Singh also served as fractional Chief Operating Officer in a high-growth electric vehicle charging company, partnering with the CEO on growth initiatives and overseeing the company’s operations. In this role, Neel developed the strategic goals and KPIs of the company, provided leadership to the business units and led marketing and brand strategy efforts to set up the organization for scale and fundraising.

Today Neel provides strategic consulting and advisory to high-growth and innovative organizations. Through his firm Tropoly, he and his partners collaborate with a collective of experts on large-scale branding, marketing, and business transformation initiatives. Neel Singh has overseen projects ranging from positioning highly innovative start-ups for funding to re-branding multi-billion dollar public companies. Neel’s unique approach is guided by Metropolis Thinking, his organizing principle that embodies how humanity and connectivity, growth, and innovation collide to create something bigger than itself. Neel also serves as an advisor to YELL Canada – a charitable organization bringing entrepreneurial learning to the education system.

Neel is a purveyor of the multipotentiality trait and has given talks on becoming a ‘master of many’ (as opposed to a ‘master of none’). He believes the overbearing narrative of “hyper-specialization equals success” is no longer relevant in a world that has transformed significantly since the industrial revolution – a time when ‘division of labour’ was deeply integrated into how people worked, learned and thought. Given today’s rapidly shifting world, Neel Singh attributes the pitfalls of specialization as one of the key reasons why many people will struggle to adapt to a rapidly changing job market – and a broken education system as the other closely-related factor.

Born to accomplished writers, Neel Singh started doodling at the age of 5 and quickly became obsessed with drawing and creating stories. In his teens and early adulthood, he would dive deep into design, music, writing, illustration, photography, video and animation. Neel attributes his multidisciplinary approach (and excessive time spent on a whiteboard) to his life-long creative exploration.




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Neel Singh Topic Presentations

multipotentiality and the masters of many: thriving in a changing world through versatility and non-specialization

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  • Neel Singh introduces the concept of being a “Master of Many” as a response to the ever-changing landscapes of work, careers, and entrepreneurship. Rejecting the outdated notion of hyper-specialization, he highlights the advantages of versatility and adaptability, emphasizing that these are vital skills for thriving in today’s fluid and multifaceted environment. Neel’s approach acknowledges that non-specialists, equipped with a diverse set of master skills, are often better positioned to innovate, adapt to change, and seize emerging opportunities. In his entrepreneurial initiatives and mentoring, he fosters a mindset that celebrates continuous learning and the integration of various disciplines. Neel argues that in the future of work, it will be those who embrace multipotentiality, or the ability to excel in many areas, who will lead the way in creativity, innovation, and resilience, setting new paradigms for personal and professional success.

design thinking a catalyst for innovation and empathy

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  • Neel Singh emphasizes the critical importance of integrating design thinking at the executive level to foster innovation, empathy, and strategic alignment. In his view, design thinking is not merely an approach to problem-solving; it’s a mindset that encourages executives to view challenges through the lenses of creativity, user-centricity, and holistic thinking. By incorporating design thinking into executive decision-making, organizations can create more relevant solutions, enhance customer experiences, and drive transformative growth. Neel’s insights on this subject reflect a deep understanding of how design thinking at the top levels can be a catalyst for positive organizational change, bridging the gap between business strategy and human-centered design.

resilient organization during times of change

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  • With vast experience in change management and organizational resilience, Neel Singh explores the essential principles and practices that empower organizations to thrive in times of uncertainty and upheaval. He advocates for a proactive approach, focusing on adaptability, continuous learning, and fostering a culture of resilience. Drawing on real-world examples and insights from his entrepreneurial ventures and leadership roles, Neel provides a roadmap for building resilient organizations that are not only capable of weathering storms but also emerging stronger and more aligned. His perspective on resilience is holistic, encompassing not just processes and strategies, but also the human elements of empathy, collaboration, and shared purpose, ensuring a robust foundation for enduring success.

integrating ai with the workforce and culture

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  • Neel Singh emphasizes the importance of blending AI with human intelligence for optimizing business processes and organizational culture. He illustrates how AI can augment human capabilities and drive efficiency without dehumanizing the workplace. By creating a balanced ecosystem where AI supports human creativity and decision-making, organizations can enhance productivity and foster a collaborative and innovative culture. Neel’s approach to integration revolves around empowering the workforce, nurturing creativity, and aligning AI with ethical and cultural values.

type of people who will thrive with ai, and those who will be left behind

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  • With his keen insights into human behavior and technology, Neel Singh explores the characteristics of individuals who will excel in an AI-driven world versus those who might face challenges. The individuals thriving are those who embrace continuous learning, adaptability, and collaboration with AI. Conversely, those resistant to change, or lacking the skills and mindset to adapt to new technology, may find themselves struggling. Neel’s approach focuses on encouraging organizations to invest in upskilling and reskilling to prevent disparities and promote inclusive growth in the age of AI.

what general artificial intelligence is, and whether it is a threat or not

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  • General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) refers to machines possessing intelligence that can perform any intellectual task that a human being can. Neel Singh explores AGI’s potential to revolutionize industries but also stresses the need for responsible development. While AGI offers vast opportunities for growth and innovation, it poses risks if not aligned with ethical considerations and human-centric principles. Neel’s perspective on AGI is holistic, acknowledging both its transformative potential and the importance of governance, ethical considerations, and societal alignment.

what the future of ai will look like

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  • According to Neel Singh, the future of AI is a landscape of boundless innovation coupled with human empathy and ethical integrity. He foresees AI reshaping industries, driving personalized experiences, and even redefining human interaction. At the same time, Neel emphasizes that this future must be underpinned by a commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and ethical alignment. The integration of AI into every aspect of life presents opportunities for growth, but it also demands a considered approach that prioritizes human well-being and societal values.

how ai is disruptive to education - and why that's a good thing

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  • In the context of education, Neel Singh outlines how AI can disrupt traditional learning models for the better. Through personalized learning, adaptive assessment, and data-driven insights, AI can provide more tailored and engaging educational experiences. Neel emphasizes the positive impact of AI on education, promoting inclusivity, adaptability, and continuous growth. However, he also stresses the need for responsible implementation, ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the vital human elements of education.

ai use-cases: enhance business, analytics, creativity and growth

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  • Neel Singh provides real-world examples and insights into how AI is currently enhancing business processes, analytics, creativity, and overall growth. Whether it’s through automation, predictive analytics, creative design, or strategic planning, AI is being used to drive efficiency and innovation across industries. Neel’s in-depth understanding of current AI applications emphasizes the practical and transformative impact of AI, reflecting a balanced view of technological advancement and human-centric design.

how to integrate ai as an entrepreneur

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  • In his entrepreneurial ventures, Neel Singh incorporates AI to enhance decision-making, provide insights, and drive innovation. He details how AI can be used to analyze complex data, predict trends, and develop customized strategies for businesses. Integrating AI into entrepreneurship offers opportunities for more informed and agile strategies, enabling entrepreneurs to provide more value to their customers and stakeholders. Neel’s approach focuses on aligning AI with the specific needs and goals of each venture, ensuring that technology is a catalyst for growth rather than a mere tool.




how to use generative ai and nlp in your marketing, branding and customer experience

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  • Neel Singh’s expertise extends to leveraging Generative AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transform marketing, branding, and customer experiences. Generative AI can create tailored content and solutions, while NLP enhances understanding and engagement with customers. Neel illustrates how these technologies can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns, foster brand loyalty, and deliver seamless customer experiences. His approach is grounded in combining technological prowess with human intuition and creativity, ensuring that AI enhances rather than replaces the human touch.


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The Convergence Of Many Paths - Meet Brand Strategy Expert Neel Singh


Neel Singh is an entrepreneur, business leader and creative with over 20 years of experience in the intersection of brand strategy, change management and design thinking. Neel consults organizations helping them become a driving innovator in their industries and he regularly mentors entrepreneurs...


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