Jeff A.D. Martin

Diversity & Inclusion Speaker DISC/ATTRIBUTES/ VALUES Certified Consultant

Jeff A.D Martin is a soul-stirring, thought-provoking, highly requested transformational speaker, who has been using his platform to inspire people from around the world. Much of Jeff’s love for people can be attributed to his years of involvement as a community advocate, a mentor and also to his 15+ years of experience in Law Enforcement. Jeff A.D. Martin has worked as a police officer and in various investigative roles. He is a youth communication specialist, with over 1000 forensic interviews with children. 

 Jeff A.D. Martin is also an author of two critically acclaimed books. A City of Toronto best-selling children’s book, “Brothers from the 6/ Sisters from the 6: Role Models in my Community”, and an Amazon best selling personal development book, “KNew Me: 10 Men, 10 Stories of Perseverance”. Jeff A.D. Martin is an award-winning professional speaker, a certified coach, University of Guelph certified leadership professional, Harvard University certificate recipient for public speaking and the curator of Inspire Legacy Company Online Academy, where he teaches the art of public speaking and student character development. With his career and life experiences, coupled with his benevolence and passion to inspire, Jeff A.D. Martin shares his gift of purpose in efforts to help others find their true potential. 

Topic Presentations

In this presentation, Jeff discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion within our society. He speaks on the importance of feeling as if we belong to something bigger than ourselves and the social responsibility, we have towards each other. Jeff goes into bias, where they come from and how we hold on to them. Finally, Jeff teaches on how we can recognize our own biases and what we can do to you counteract our bias thinking.  

This presentation speaks on self value and self worth. Many people suffer from self doubt, imposture syndrome and other self-deprecating thinking. In this talk, Jeff speaks on raising your self esteem and recognizing your value in the world. Jeff also speaks on resiliency and showing up even when its tough to do so.  

In this talk Jeff discusses not only the traditional definition of leadership but teaches how to redefine it to include others who typically don’t see themselves as leaders. Jeff shows how our strength and resilience can drive us into leadership even when we aren’t expecting it.  

Aristotle once said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. To be an inclusive leader, an effective member of any team or even to identify and shift your own internal biases, all personal growth begins with an open and honest assessment of yourself.

Jeff A.D. Martin is a certified Innermetrix consultant who provides individuals and companies with constructive introspection using the analytical tools:


An assessment used to measure your personality and behavioural style.


An evaluation that helps you understand what truly motivates you.


This measures how you think and make decisions.

Through Jeff’s training, he has been able to help companies and individuals make surmountable improvement in areas that include:

- Leadership Effective

- Communication

- Team Development

- Organizational Transformation

- Diversity & Inclusion

- Self Actualization 

With Jeff’s presentation and these indexes, you will be able to answer the questions WHAT, WHY and HOW:

What natural talents do you have? (Attributes index)

Why are you motivated to use them? (Values Index)

How do you prefer to use them? (DISC Index)


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Brampton, Ontario

Me:10 Men 10 Stories of Perseverance

In life, we often face many challenges and hardships. From relationship mistakes, identity issues, not fitting society’s mold of who they believe we should be, or simply not knowing what our next step is in life. On some days, it feels as if everything is absolutely great! Other days it appears we’ve stumbled and fallen and no matter how much we try, it is so difficult to get back up. Please know that while you fail, while you stumble, while you are trying to navigate through what’s happening in your life, understand that you are not alone in your journey! In this book, you will read open and honest stories about the everyday man, who has had his share of struggles but found his way to become the best version of himself that he could ever be. This book is not about 10 men who fell down along their journey of life. This book is about 10 individuals who after falling, through resiliency, tenacity and discipline, found it within themselves to stand back up!

Brothers from the 6/ Sister from the 6: Role models in my Community

2 in 1 Children's book, was created to inspire children at a younger age to strive for greatness. To recognize that there are people who are from similar neighborhoods, upbringings and backgrounds who had found success and to show a representation of role models; a mirrored reflection of what they can look like when they grow up. Its important for our children to know that they can be doctors, lawyers, judges, veterinarians and everything else in between. And also to recognize that we have role models from the Greater Toronto.

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