Chief Tony Alexis

Chief Tony Alexis

Edmonton, Alberta
Award Winning Business and Community Leadership Coach
Chief Tony Alexis serves as an esteemed leader of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Treaty 6 Territory. He fosters a sense of empowerment among family and community members, encouraging them to embrace their own leadership potential. Chief Tony staunchly protects and advocates for the Inherent and Treaty Rights of his community and People. He places immense value on strong leadership and shared responsibility in safeguarding and preserving their rich community, culture, customs, history, and language. Chief Tony Alexis is an award-winning business and community leader. His leadership approach is centered on collaboration, emphasizing the significance of sharing stories, teachings, responsibilities, and expertise. Endowed with a lifetime of profound cultural wisdom bestowed upon him by his parents, Chief Tony fosters a comprehensive understanding of diverse leadership pathways, finding meaningful intersections and commonalities that unite communities, cultures, and Peoples.
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Chief Tony Alexis is a highly motivated and dynamic individual widely recognized as influential in business and cultural realms. Driven by a strong desire to effect positive change, he has garnered numerous accolades throughout his career, owing to his exceptional leadership abilities.

At the age of 25, Chief Tony Alexis was elected to the council of his native community, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation. His outstanding capabilities caught the attention of former AFN National Chief Phil Fontaine, who appointed him to the National Youth Council. Additionally, he received the prestigious Alberta Aboriginal Leadership Award and collaborated with Alberta Chiefs through the First Nation Resource Council.

Chief Tony Alexis is the current leader of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Treaty 6 Territory, modelling good governance and strong leadership in business and community. He lives on-reserve with his wife, Stephanie, and inspires family and community members alike to nurture the leader within. He brings his traditional perspectives and business expertise to protect and advocate for the Inherent and Treaty Rights of his community and his People. Chief Tony values strong leadership and shared responsibility to protect and maintain his community, culture, customs, history and language.

Chief Tony Alexis is an award-winning business and community leader with a leadership style that centers on collaboration and sharing — stories, teachings, responsibility and expertise. With a lifetime of cultural wisdom and understanding given to him by his parents, Chief Tony helps create a broader understanding of the many ways to achieve your leadership goals, finding intersections and commonalities across all communities, cultures and Peoples

Chief Tony is internationally renowned as a skilled public speaker with a unique ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life. Naturally gifted in communication, he finds joy in engaging others through storytelling, sharing valuable insights, and delivering inspirational messages. Drawing from the wisdom imparted by his father, he developed The Alexis Principles, which serve as a foundation for life skills teachings.

Ancestral knowledge forms the bedrock of Chief Tony’s leadership style. He remains deeply rooted in his culture by adhering to traditional practices and passionately endeavours to preserve his heritage while upholding the sanctity of ceremonial rituals. As Chief, he upholds this knowledge and integrates principles of respect, honor, discipline, and humility into his daily life, setting a shining example for community members. He firmly believes that consistent focus, faith in the Creator, and hard work are the fundamental keys to achieving success.



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Tony Alexis Is A Honorable, Humble, Very Knowledgeable Man. His Kindness and Understanding Goes A Long Way. He Is Very Dedicated To His People And Goes The Extra Mile For The Youth, It Is A Privilege To Know Him And Admire His Devotion To His Traditional Ways…He is A Round Wonderful Man You Can Trust.

Sandi cardinal-york

City of Edmonton

Tony is a leader in many ways, today he is Chief of Alexis First Nation. He is also spiritual leader and a fastball coach. I admire Tony for being a role model for young people. He made big changes in his personal life by following cultural ways and attending the Native Cursillo as well as attending an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. As the Chief where there are overwhelming needs with few resources, Tony inspires his people and instills hope with prayer.

Judy Alexis

Religious Education Coordinator
Diocese of Mackenzie Fort Smith

Chief Tony is respectful and respected at both levels of his professional and personal life. Chief Tony is a very compassionate and caring person who goes the extra mile to success.

Elaine Letendre

Development Specialist
Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation

Articles & Media

Current and former Alexis Nakota Sioux chiefs reflect on papal visit

CBC News

Alexis said there are those in the community who are still deeply wounded. "The apology, what it's going to do, it's going to validate that it really happened," he said. "We hope that it releases them, it will release them then to start healing. And that's the goal and the hope."

Chief Tony Alexis criticizes Alberta’s vaccine roll out

Toronto Star

Alexis Nakota Sioux Chief Tony Alexis is criticizing the vaccine roll out in Alberta. In November 2020, The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) released preliminary guidance on the key populations for early COVID-19 vaccinations, “for the efficient, effective, and equitable...

'No jurisdiction': Assembly of First Nations chiefs call for sovereignty act to be withdrawn

Calgary Herald

Chief Tony Alexis of Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Treaty 6 said he has been reviewing the bill and that all Treaty 6 chiefs remain in unanimous opposition to it. He said the bill is a national and treaty issue, and that it must be withdrawn, not amended.

Pope acknowledges need for 'concrete action' in mending relationship with Indigenous people

CBC News

Pope Francis met briefly with the local parish priest Father Les Kwiatkowski, along with Treaty 6 Grand Chief George Arcand, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation Chief Tony Alexis and Métis Nation of Alberta President Audrey Poitras.


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