"Discover the art, science, and alchemy of public speaking and communication" - Lauren Sergy

Lauren Sergy

Public Communications, Performance and Master of Ceremonies Expert

Lauren Sergy is a public speaking and presentation wizard and communication catalyst for professionals, businesses, and beyond. Lauren busts myths and unlocks the skills of master speakers and communicators using a variety of lenses, including rhetoric, politics, business, and performance art. Her hugely practical talks empower audiences to become more persuasive, compelling, and savvy speakers and communicators, whether in the corporate boardroom, on the conference stage, or during those other moments in life that require us to stand and deliver!

Lauren Sergy has worked with a wide variety of audiences to help them improve and turbocharge the power and clarity of their communication. Her clients, trainees, and audiences have ranged from students to CEOs, from bankers to teachers. She has given talks and workshops in Canada and the United States for organizations such as the Government of Alberta, Alberta Blue Cross, Northern Trust Corporation, and more.

Lauren Sergy has a Masters of Library and Information Studies (with special emphasis on Information), a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Certificate in Management Development. She spent many years as a radio announcer with CORUS Entertainment, has training and experience in acting, and experience in dance and performance arts. She also have a black belt in Wado style karate. Her book, The Handy Communication Answer Book, made the Best Reference 2017 list by Library Journal.

Lauren’s unique, multi-disciplinary approach to public speaking and communication stems from her broad experience and education. She is the author of The Handy Communications Answer Book (Visible Ink Press, 2017), holds a Masters of Library and Information Studies and a degree in English Studies. Lauren Sergy also has a background in performance arts including acting, radio, and dance, and has extensive experience with staff training and instruction. She believes that everyone has the potential to be an exceptional communicator with their own distinct style. Our companies, workplaces, and working lives can be vastly improved by developing honest and truthful communication skills. And it’s that dedication and conviction that she bring to her clients, audiences and her work every day.

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Have you ever seen a speaker persuade an audience to do anything from switching opinions to joining movements to changing their life? Were you left wondering “how did they do that?” That kind of persuasive skill is not only desirable but necessary to reach peak effectiveness in your life. You might not be swaying an audience of hundreds, but you still need to persuade – whether presenting a controversial budget to your board, advocating for your stakeholders to government, or trying to get your co-workers on side with a new initiative.

You too can learn proven techniques to persuade people and do it with honesty and integrity.  Join public speaking and communication expert Lauren Sergy as she reveals secrets of persuasion and shows you how to wield some of its most powerful techniques. Get ready to become more persuasive, convincing, and compelling everywhere from the boardroom table to the dinner table!

"I don't want to give that talk, I just don't have the confidence to get up in front of so many people." "I can't tell them what I think, what if they shoot me down?" "As soon as the director walks into the room, I want to sink into my chair and disappear." These thoughts – and those like them – are common among many competent, capable professionals. Despite all our aptitude, we still feel anxious or even embarrassed about our thoughts, ideas, or skills, and worry excessively about potential negative outcomes. This leads many brilliant people to hold back their words, hedge their idea, and even silence themselves. The result: stress, anxiety, lost opportunities, and even a slowdown in our careers and our lives. And let's be honest – the old advice of "fake it 'till you make it" just doesn't cut it anymore.

In this powerful keynote, professional speaker Lauren Sergy reveals the real-life strategies and tactics she has learned as a speaker, trainer, and performer to build up confidence in a very real way. She will explore what confidence really is, examine its building blocks, and teach you practical steps that create a strong, internal, realistic web of personal confidence – steps she has taught to clients on all levels of the career ladder. Get ready to think differently about confidence so you can unleash your voice and share your brilliance.

Description: Words can be slippery things, especially when used on the political campaign trail. How is it that time and again we listen to both promises and mud-slinging in speeches and debates, swearing that we will remain objective and rational, only to become frothing partisans ourselves? Why, when we know that speeches are spun to push out buttons and manipulate facts, do we still unwillingly and unwittingly buy into them? Get ready to dive into the fascinating, frustrating, sometimes frivolous, and often infuriating world of rhetoric through the lens of political campaigning. We’ll look at tactics that befuddle and bewitch us into taking sides even against our own better judgement.

Lauren can help you create an outstanding event by energizing the audience and keeping things running smoothly. Keeping an audience energized through long functions or multi-day meetings is no mean feat, and it's tough to juggle that while also keeping a sharp eye on the clock to ensure everyone gets their coffee break on time. And let's face it - your staff and directors really don't want to take on the dreaded role of MC themselves!

Let me take away this stress and make your more engaging and exciting through my skilled MC services. I work with you to craft original programs with the right blend of humor and professionalism, while taking into accounts variables like timing, agendas, VIP introductions, and more. Through careful research, skilled writing, and a performer's flare, I will connect personally and meaningfully with your delegates, lending an energetic elegance to your event.

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The Handy Communication Answer Book - Lauren Sergy

Powerful oratory. Persuasive arguments. Succinct business pitches. Speeches and emails. From cave walls to the printing press, and from Cicero to TED talks, The Handy Communication Answer Book traces the history, explains the concepts, and examines the skills needed to master effective and efficient communication for every occasion. Providing insights and advice, this useful primer looks at how to improve verbal, nonverbal, and written communications.

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