Raz Chan

Martial Arts Champion, Performance and Productivity, Resiliency and Stress Management Expert

Raz Chan is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, bestselling author and speaker on mental mastery. As a child he experienced the power of the martial arts spirit in overcoming adversity when his father lost the family savings to bankruptcy. Instead of giving up on his dream, his father started his tiny bean sprout business in the basement of their home. In the daytime his father tended to the business and at nights he worked as a delivery driver for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Young Raz Chan went to work at the age of 10 to help with the family finances. The family’s struggles drifted from barely paying the bills to having almost no money for necessities. Regardless of the circumstances they remained resilient, doing whatever it took to succeed.

One of the lessons he learned from this difficult time was his father continuing to practice martial arts everyday at 5:30am in the parking lot of K-mart near their tiny home. His father credits this daily practice in helping him clear his mind to focus on transforming failure into success. Consequently, the road to success was a long one taking over 12 years to help build his family business to become profitable and major player in the food industry. Furthermore Raz discovered the power of a strong mind and how it relates to success. He continues to use his experience to overcome  adversity and achieve his goals.

Recalling this life lesson, Raz Chan began to take an active interest in the area of mental mastery at the age of 26. Inspired by the works of Bruce Lee, Brian Tracy, and inspirational movies, he delved into studying how successful people in business and martial arts went from struggle to success. From the foods they ate, exercise habits, self-education, and the way they used adversity to build the life they dreamed of. Raz therefore took it upon himself to implement these philosophies for his own success. He brings these strategies forward throughout his presentations.

The positive shift and new found knowledge transformed his life from a sickly underweight kid lacking confidence to a martial arts master with a life purpose. Since 2005, Chan has passionately transformed the lives of thousands of individuals through his martial arts teachings. As a result, he has written two books related to personal development, the bestselling “Power Principles for Success” with Brain Tracy, and “The Human Excellence Project.” Furthermore, Raz’s passion to help and inspire others through is story leaves audiences with practical insights on how they can become their own champion in life and work.

Above all, he uses practical insights from his story to identify how one persons struggles can help them become better a better person and leader. Because of his will for a better life for himself and his family, Raz’s hard work and self determination has led him to become the man he is today. As a result of his presentations, audiences are inspired to keep focused on self improvement, their goals and to overcome all obstacles to get themselves to where they want to be.

Raz Chan’s Credentials

  • Recognized by Shaw Communications as one of Canada’s extraordinary people for making Canada a better place for underprivileged children through education and sports.
  • Qilly Award for Bestselling Author “Power Principles for Success”
  • Editors Choice Award for contributions to the field of personal development.
  • Author of two books on achieving personal excellence in sports and life.
  • Black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu & certified Defendo self-defense instructor.
  • Over 40 years training and coaching in various martial arts (kickboxing, kung fu, Sikaran).
  • Media appearances in The New York Times, CTV, Vancouver Magazine, Business Mag, Gracie Magazine,
  • Canada’s Fashion Magazine, Canada’s Fight Network.
  • Spoken at major conferences, schools, and corporations on mental toughness and racial tolerance.
  • Certified mixed martial arts conditioning coach
  • Diploma in Manual Osteopathic Practice

Topic Presentations

This keynote teaches audience members to reach deep within the themselves to step out of their everyday comfort by learning something new to make a difference in their life and the world around them, while encouraging audience members to make their life a masterpiece worth remembering.

Known as a great storyteller, Raz draws from his childhood experience struggling with poverty and fitting in with Canadian culture. Heading down a destructive road, the mixed martial arts provided him with internal guidance to strive to be not a martial arts champion but a life champion. One does not have to be a black belt in martial arts to take advantage of the success principles it teaches. Anyone struggling to reach the next level of success will surely benefit from his speech. They will gain focus, courage, and discipline to achieve higher levels of success.

This workshop session is based on his book The Human Excellence Project. Using the martial arts principles based on both western and eastern culture, Raz helps transform individuals and teams to harness their hidden potential through improving the mindset, focus, discipline, health and wellness. Following a plan to optimize human performance both in and outside of the organization.

Key benefits & takeaways from the sessions:

  • reduced stress

  • healthier energetic workplace

  • reduction in absenteeism, insurance claims, and turnover

  • increased productivity and focus

  • overcoming the limitations of the human mind

  • improved confidence and personal presence

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The Human Excellence Project

The Human Excellence Project: Lessons Even Awesome Parents Never Teach In The Human Excellence Project, success coach and martial arts expert Raz Chan shows you simple techniques for obtaining success in your business, health and personal life. These techniques are founded in the martial arts, the principles of which have transformed the lives of individuals for many centuries. Raz draws on his personal stories, both inside and outside of the dojo, along with success stories of some of the most influential people in the world, to share the transformation power of these martial art lessons.

Power Principles for Success

Power Principles for Success: Volume 2 The second edition of Power Principles for Success is a compilation of the thoughts of several business leaders who are recognized as America’s Premier Experts. This book is loaded with practical, proven success principles you can use immediately to move ahead faster and achieve a life of greatness.

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