Lurleen Hilliard

Sexual Abuse - PTSD & Mental Health Expert

Lurleen Hilliard has lived a life of Domestic Violence and relentless abuse with her then-husband, it forced her to exist in a life in Ireland which was kept closely hidden behind closed doors with their four sons, for over 20 years.
Like most victims of abuse, Lurleen was isolated, no independent finances, very few friends, totally controlled by her ex-husband. Constantly living a life where she and her sons were terrified of the next punch, the next rape, the next attempt to strangle her or in particular one of their sons. Wondering if today would be her last, if the headline news tomorrow would be of her death, that was made to look like a suicide but had only one set of hands to blame, her abusers.
Sadly, she knew what he was and still is very capable of and that fear of her impending death was very real for many years.
In 2010 she saw the chance to get protection and to finally be free. The family was to emigrate to Canada for a new life. In Canada both Lurleen and her sons could be free, protected and allowed to live life without fear. However, her husband took her money, set up a new life for himself and his mistress and abandoned his family.
In 2011 he returned to Ireland for a vacation and Raped Lurleen for the last time. In the same year he tricked her into sending two of their sons to Canada, he kept one and returned the other. In 2012 Lurleen decided enough was enough and she began to speak out on the issues of abuse.
Since then Lurleen has worked alongside Law Enforcement around the world, is one of the most reputable advocates on the issues of abuse, PTSD, Male Abuse and is an extremely vocal motivational & Inspirational speaker for all. Her autobiography ‘ Survivors Not Statistics’ will inspire you all.

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Survivors Not Statistics

Lurleen's autobiography on her life of abuse and that of her children is a true story of how determination and the will to survive made them Survivors in our society and not mere statistics. It is inspirational.

No Longer Victims – Directory of Services

"Lurleen has written two more very unique books. The first is for Alaska and the second for Ireland. What makes these books so unique is that they are a detailed directory for every service and resource that can provide support and help for all victims of all forms of abuse. These books provide detailed information for every town, county across both the state of Alaska as well as Ireland, North &South. In providing this information it means that nobody should have to suffer due to lack of information. "

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