Corey Hirsch

Silver Medalist - Mental Wellness Advocate and Mental Health Expert

It was the spring of 1994. Corey Hirsch was just 21 years old and had just backstopped Canada to a silver medal at the Olympics and was now a roster member of the New York Rangers on the way to the Stanley Cup Final. It should have been the time of his life. Should have been, but it wasn’t. Corey’s brain was on fire, wracked with deep, dark, intrusive thoughts. He +called his mother and begged her to come to New York to help. His Mom had never been to New York, but rather than looking forward to the sights of the city, she was terrified of what was waiting for her. He took her to see the city from the top of the Empire State Building.

They stood on the observation deck 102 floors above the streets and looked out at New York for a few moments. While his Mother was looking out at the horizon, Corey Hirsch turned and looked directly at his mother. He said… “I wish I could jump.” A few weeks later, the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup, their first in 54 years. Corey would fulfill a childhood dream by drinking champagne from the Stanley Cup. A few weeks after that, he would try to take his own life. Corey Hirsch is a former NHL Goaltender, NHL Goaltending Coach, and Olympic Silver Medalist. He is an engaging speaker and host, that educates, motivates, and inspires his audience. He gives hope to those struggling with their mental health as he makes it ok to not be ok.

Corey Hirsch was drafted by the New York Rangers in 1991 and was an active roster member of the 1994 New York Rangers Stanley Cup Championship team. Traded to Vancouver in 1995, he played in over 100 NHL games, making stops in Nashville, Washington and Dallas. During his early years in the NHL, Corey suffered with severe panic attacks and depression. Due to the stigma, Corey hid his struggles in the NHL for more than 3 years, and once made an attempt on his own life. He finally reached out to a team trainer, was diagnosed with OCD, and got the help he needed. Today Corey is thriving. He has 3 children, and is the NHL broadcaster for the Vancouver Canucks. Corey Hirsch has since dedicated his life to mental health and advocating to end the stigma.

Topic Presentations

Starting the conversation on Mental health

Men's Mental Health

Toxic Masculinity

Mental Health and Parenting

Breaking Down the Stigma

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health self-care

Suicide Prevention and Self-harm

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