Jermaine Aranha

Jermaine Aranha

Toronto, Ontario
The Artistry and Activism of Canada's Drag Race Luminar, Resilience, and a Trailblazing LGBTQ+ Voice
Jermaine Aranha, known professionally as Anastarzia Anaquway, is a renowned Bahamian/Canadian drag queen, performer, advocate, and television personality. With a career spanning decades, Anastarzia Anaquway has not only dazzled audiences with captivating performances but has also become a powerful advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, diversity, and inclusion. Jermaine's journey is marked by incredible resilience, having overcome early life challenges and a horrifying hate crime. Anastarzia's rise to prominence in the world of drag includes winning over 20 prestigious pageants, making her a trailblazer in the field. Her groundbreaking appearance as the first Bahamian contestant on Canada's Drag Race captured the hearts of viewers and further solidified her status as an LGBTQ+ icon. Beyond the stage, Jermaine's commitment to advocacy has led to important dialogues on crucial issues, making him a beacon of strength, persistence, and hope in both the drag world and the fight for human rights and individuality.
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Jermaine Aranha, widely recognized by the stage name Anastarzia Anaquway, is a Bahamian/Canadian drag queen, performer, advocate, and television personality. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Jermaine has become a symbol of resilience, overcoming adversity, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality.

Jermaine’s life story is marked by a series of challenges that began at a young age. After losing both parents, Jermaine lived with his grandmother, only to face her loss shortly after. These early losses shaped a tough and persevering spirit that has come to define Jermaine’s character.

Driven by the need to fight for everything in life, Jermaine’s introduction to drag was inspired by a local queen, Victoria Diamond, in 2002. Under the stage name Anastarzia Anaquway, Jermaine made his pageant debut later that year and quickly rose to prominence, winning over 20 prestigious pageants.

Anastarzia’s success on stage provided a platform to speak openly about personal experiences with hate crimes and homophobia in the Bahamas. In a horrifying incident in 2013, Jermaine was shot by two men. This attack led Jermaine to move to Canada, where he claimed asylum and continues his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

Jermaine’s commitment to social causes extends to the themes of diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality. By sharing personal experiences and leveraging his public profile, Jermaine has played a vital role in opening dialogues about these important issues, both within the LGBTQ+ community and society at large.

Anastarzia made a significant impact as the first Bahamian contestant on Canada’s Drag Race, capturing hearts with her story of resilience. Jermaine’s subsequent participation in The Amazing Race Canada further expanded his platform.

In a career filled with glamour and triumph, Jermaine’s journey is also a testament to his ability to overcome life’s hardships. From the trauma of loss at a young age to the harrowing experience of a hate crime, Jermaine has emerged as a beacon of strength, persistence, and hope.

In addition to television appearances, Jermaine, as Anastarzia, regularly performs at events and has become an influential figure in the Canadian drag scene and as an advocate for racial, gender and sexuality inclusion. As Anastarzia continues to entertain and inspire, Jermaine’s voice resonates as a powerful advocate for human rights, individuality, and the courage to embrace oneself.

Currently based in East York, Toronto, Jermaine (Anastarzia Anaquway) continues to forge a path that celebrates uniqueness and fosters empathy and understanding. Their story, both on and off the stage, is a compelling narrative of triumph over adversity and a vivid illustration of the human spirit’s indomitable will.



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