Tyler Waye

Leadership & Future of Work Strategist

Tyler Waye works on work… with daring and depth. His acclaimed thought leadership, adventuring research, and expert perspective have propelled him as a leading voice on the future of work. In his day job, he’s a leadership strategist and author who’s spent the last decade investigating patterns of success that shape our lives and organizations. Out of the office, he travels the world to learn, speak and film on the frontier of work’s revolutionary change.  

Tyler’s focus areas include: leadership, change, strategy and the future of work. Active highlights include:  

  • Ground-breaking research on work around the world, living and working in twelve countries over fourteen months 
  • Being a trusted teacher and advisor at all levels of government and all sizes of organizations 
  • Co-founding YoungLeaders.World, a growing multi-national youth leadership organization that has trained over 10,000 students across the globe 
  • Being internationally published on topics related to leadership and work  

As author of the book “I Went to School That Long for This?!” Tyler’s attention is increasingly focused on shifts that redefine modern work and tomorrow’s success. He is a regular contributor in media, featured on TV, radio, and in leading publications. He speaks around the world and consults globally, having worked with numerous private, not-for-profit, and public sector organizations. 

Tyler is host of the docu-series, Working Around the World. He has a Master of Arts degree in Leadership, was named Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue magazine, has teaching videos with over one million YouTube views, and is an instructor with Executive Education at the University of Alberta.

Topic Presentations

Four factors will dominate the coming decades of work, each critical for organizations and individuals to understand. After a year of intensive research across the world of work, living and learning in 12 countries, Tyler's findings on the future of work are compelling, challenging and inspiring.  

We may not be able to predict the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t determine how to prepare. In fact, now’s the time for organizations to build a sustainable foundation for future success. Given a future of unpredictable change, today demands a strategy for navigating the 10,000+ days of our life's work. The future of work is not distant, it’s now. And the conversation is pressing. This topic is equally provoking and motivating. Expect lots to talk about after. 

Takeaways include: 

  • Discovering the four challenges of future work 

  • Frontier and unique insights from an accelerating world of work 

  • Tactical work principles to prepare for what’s coming next 

  • Workshop Addition: Customized interactive content drawing from numerous executive-level topics (reminder, Tyler is a respected and engaging educator) 

What if the biggest factor shaping the future success of organizations and employees is whether we can engage one person at a time? What if unlocking discretionary effort is the key? Numerous studies point to findings just like that. If people fully engage, the future looks bright. If they don't, quite the opposite. The challenge is, employee satisfaction levels have declined for decades. 

Join Tyler Waye in his journey around the world, researching and exploring the human relationship with work. What are the conditions for deeply satisfying work? How do we declare and develop our life’s work? What are the human-centred rules to unlock work’s greater meaning? 

Tyler’s ground-breaking insights are both inspiring and actionable. Discover how to lead your team (and yourself) to deeper levels of satisfaction, performance, and success.  

Takeaways include: 

  • Discoveries in human-centered work, and why they matter 

  • Data and details on work’s greatest barrier to success 

  • One principle and three actionable rules to unlock greater meaning at work 

  • Workshop Addition: Customized interactive content drawing from numerous executive-level topics (reminder, Tyler is a respected and engaging educator) 


Leadership is a powerful tool and one of humankind's most powerful abilities. Even before we knew what to call it, leadership was how we envisioned and built a better tomorrow for ourselves and others. When you zoom out to recognize this potential, few things are as clear and compelling. But here’s the new twist. In a world of work - defined by the unpredictable - how does that vision appear? 

Join Tyler Waye’s exploration around the world to take on this leadership challenge. Uncover the modern principles and ancient laws anchoring a simple truth: that when leadership shifts from a status to a mindset, everything changes. It’s how we embrace a future that flips from being done to us, to being done by us. Change becomes what we lead. Expect to leave this presentation with a deep recognition that’s tangible, memorable... and often, transformational.   

Takeaways include: 

  • A ground-breaking leadership model  

  • Strategically sound principles that inspire action and change 

  • Leadership insights that encourage individual and organizational alignment   

  • Workshop Addition: Customized interactive content drawing from numerous executive-level topics (reminder, Tyler is a respected and engaging educator)

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I Went to School That Long for This?!: The Real Career Story... And How to Change It

The game is up. Old, useless career advice needs to be exposed for what it is and a new approach to career entry needs to be championed. The pursuit is called Career Design; the doors it’s opening are irresistible. The emerging workforce is waiting; they are becoming aware the path they are on is not leading where they hope. The timing for this message is now. I Went to School that Long for This?! The Real Career Story… And How to Change It is the first to tell students, new graduates and young professionals what they absolutely need to know, providing essential knowledge for effectively transitioning from school to work in today’s world

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