Jessica Correa

Climate Action Engagement Expert

Since 2015, Jessica Correa and her team have been inspiring individuals and organizations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions through behavioural change. Her focus is to bring awareness to climeate change being everyone’s problem and responsibility, while being able to deliver practical insights on how to contribute to a greener planet. Originally from Oakville, Ontario, Jessica moved to Peterborough to begin her educational journey in Environmental Sciences/Studies and she then completed her Masters Degree in Sustainability Studies.

While attending university, Jessica Correa worked for Algonquin Provincial Park, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and the County of Peterborough Waste Management Department. These summer employment opportunities deepened her understanding of environmental issues and inspired her to search for and develop creative solutions.

Her app, Random Acts of Green® (RAOG) is a part of a Canadian social enterprise with a mission to educate and empower people to participate in sustainable behaviours that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. They provide tools and incentives to help individuals and organizations perform and celebrate green actions for change.

Jessica Correa is a highly self-motivated individual with strong communication skills, powerful insights and on a mission to create awareness and actions to reduce climate change any way possible. Her mission is to disprove thinking that one person cannot make a difference for the planet and that small changes to add up. She considers herself an eternally optimistic, goal-oriented, and bubbly extroverted individual, proud half marathoner, talented public speaker, and ‘enviropreneur’.

Topic Presentations

The daily choices of Canadians will influence decision-makers in government and corporations on a global level. Encouraging sustainable habits within major consumption groups, such as energy, waste, water, energy, transportation, and food, will be essential to achieving a sustainable future. This course examines some key areas in growing sustainable habits and how to encourage individuals to shift their production and consumption habits that meet basic needs that provide a better quality of life and minimize the use of natural resources and emissions.

The overall objective of this workshop will be to discuss some ways to successfully influence collectively acceptable behaviours and shape, reconstruct, challenge, and change perceptions and associated social norms to discourage unsustainable behavior and introduce, as well as encourage, more sustainable lifestyles through various research-drive behaviour change methods.

Learning Outcomes Depth and breadth of knowledge

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the opportunities and barriers to sustainable lifestyles 

  • Exhibit an understanding of sustainable communication - specifically within the social media realm 

  • Be able to place this understanding in the context of how various institutions, such as government, corporations, and the general public can participate in more sustainable choices 

  • Be able to apply the understanding of habits and their importance in contemporary sustainability and related environmental and resource issues 

Rather than focusing on problems, Random Acts of Green focuses on solutions. The doom and gloom about climate change can’t be ignored, but negativity simply doesn’t motivate us - the conversation must be changed to hope and action. 

This event begins with an interactive and informative overview of climate change in Canada, creative and out- of-the box ideas about what individuals can do to reduce their emissions; and it will end providing an understanding of how collective action can make a big difference. This event will leave you feeling there is hope for change - and it will be the reason you either start, restart or continue your sustainability journey with more ambition than ever before.

Key messages of urgency, action, hope and community: 

  • Develop with attendants a narrative to create a sense of belonging to a climate action tribe 

  • Collective Action Activity: attendants will understand what it means to take action collectively 

  • Rally support with attendants for our mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through behaviour changes 

  • Share story online of visit. 

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